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Strategy Submissions Page


Welcome! I am glad you have expressed an interest in submitting a guide to Age of Empires III Heaven's Strategy Central. Before you do so please read below so you know how you can submit the guide.

First, as we all know, you must write your guide. It is best to do a topic that has not been covered by others but feel free to write on whatever you would like to. Nevertheless, make sure in doing so you are not plagiarizing any of your work. In order to submit it to HeavenGames, you must have written the work. I suggest you click this link to read up on what plagiarism is. GameFAQs has a great section discussing plagiarism at that link.

Once you are done writing your guide spice it up a bit. Add pictures, tables, charts, and of course recorded games. You may then e-mail your article to CookieCrisp or LordKivlov, CookieCrisp13 and LordKivlov . We will accept just about any form: text, html, word, etc. I do, however, prefer a word document since you can format your text easily in word so that I have an idea how you would like it to look. Please note, HeavenGames reserves the right to edit your work so that it conforms to our standards. We also do not guarantee all works that are submitted will be posted. While I realize sometimes novice players put a lot of work into a guide, if that guide will not be helpful it will not be posted.

To make the lives of both the author of the work and Heavengames staff much easier, do the following: if you send a word document, please put the images inside the document and send the pictures along with it separately. If this is not possible include a link from which we can download the pictures that are part of the guide. This will make the formatting process much faster. Recorded games should be uploaded to our recorded game database, with a link provided in your submission e-mail. If you would like include a short, sentence or two, description of your guide for the listing page, along with your cuetech rating. Finally, please proof read your guide extensively! These MUST be professional pieces so treat them just as you would a school paper. I will proof read and spell check them but if I load them up in word and see many errors, in all likelihood, I will just reject the submission. Take your time on these and make them look your best. Try not to use abbreviations or acronyms.

Click Here to Submit

Just a word of encouragement to any would-be guide writers: no matter what your skill level is do not be frightened away from submitting. Even if your guide will be rejected, you will have a good time writing it, and may learn something yourself in the process. Start with topics that are statistical in nature and as your skill increases move on to the more complicated topics. Even a simple reference guide is of great help to the community. So now, get to work writing those guides! I am looking forward to seeing them.