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New Features

With the announcement of The WarChiefs, Ensemble Studios promised some exciting new features and gameplay additions. Below is what information we have gathered on we think are the most notable of the new units, gameplay concepts, modes and ideas.

» Trade Monopoly | Campaign

Trade Monopoly

Trade Monopoly will be a new victory condition available in The WarChiefs, similar to the 'Wonder' style victory condition from previous Age games. If a player or team control more than half of the trade posts on trade routes on the map, they can play to start a Trade Monopoly timer. If the opposing player or team does not destroy or regain enough trade posts and the player who initiated trade monopoly still has more than half the trade routes when the timer finishes, that player will win.


With The WarChiefs brings an addition to the Black family saga campaign. The campaign has two acts and fifteen scenarios. The first act features Nathienal Black, father of Amelia Black of the Third Act in Age of Empires III. The timing takes place in between the second and third act of the original Age of Empires III in which Nathienal Black begins by being attacked by Seneca warriors and Tomahawks. Nathaniel must then control the Onedia town to defeat them. He arrived at the village because he was accompanied by his uncle, Kanyenke, to see how loyal the natives are.

The new "fire pit" for The WarChiefs will be necessary in "The Rescue" mission to continue assaults, so one must use it wisely. Be prepared to use a lot of new features in the campaign.