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New World Tournament

Age of Empires III Heaven is proud to announce it's first big cash tournament, New World Tournament. With $1000 in cash prizes to be given out to the top 4 players plus HG Caps and t-shirts, the tournament will award even those who do not finish on top.


Game Type: Supremacy
Map: Chosen by Round
Record Game: On

In this 1 vs 1 Single Elimination tournament, brackets will be seeded according to the players' CueTech rating, not their Power Rating. After the brackets are seeded and the tournament starts, each round will last one week; enough time for you to arrange a game with your opponent. The exact number of rounds will determined once Heaven Games knows number of participants.

All games must be recorded and posted in the AoE3H Tournament Recorded Games Section. (NB, a new recorded games section will be created for the start of the tournament.) This is not only for resolving disputes, but also after the tournament AoE3H visitors have loads of competitive new recorded games to watch, to see how the top players use effective strategies. Replays will not be available in the downloads until after the tournament has finished. This is to prevent players from giving away others' strats. Replays from this tournament may not be posted on other websites throughout the duration the contest.


As stated before, AoE3H is spreading out the 1,000 dollars to award the top players either with money or a HG cap/t-shirt. However, there are a couple technicalities that must be addressed concerning awarding the winners their cash prizes. Players can recieve their prizes in one way, and that is Paypal. Paypal is available to all entrants. Here is how the prize money will be distributed:


# Players


1st Place 1 $750
2nd Place 1 $150
3rd Place 1 $70
4th Place 1 $30
5-8th Place 4 HG Shirt/Hat


Though the later dates of each round and the end of the tournament have yet to be determined, the signups start today from this thread. Keep your eye on the news for anything concerning the dates of the start of the tournament; a reminder news post will be made each round, so people remember to get their games in and know what's going on overall.

To Enter

Post in the AoE3H New World Tournament signup thread (this requires a free forum account at AoE3H, you can get it here), and include this information:
  • ESO2 Name
  • Current Cuetech Rank
That information must be submitted in this format: "rank - forumname/esoname". For example, "1814 - Flammifer/Flammifer". Please make sure it is in that format, it will save everyone a lot of time in seeding the brackets.

If you are unsure what your Cuetech rating is you can find it here.

You may NOT have more then one account in the tournament.


Rounds in this tournament will be a week long, one match per round, with the exception of some of the later rounds being slightly shorter. Single elimination; if you lose a game, you're out. The exact number of rounds and thus length of the tournament will be determined once signups end and everyone is set up in the brackets. However, the last 16 players will have three games per round instead of one; best out of three will determine who advances. This way the top players (and prize winners) get a chance to make up for a bad game.

Finding Opponents, Arranging Games, Reporting Results

  • Look for a thread already posted by your opponent. Use the search feature located at the bottom of the forums under the current threads listing.
  • To arrange a game post a new topic in the Tournament Forum titled (for example): [Round 1] Player A vs Player B
  • Post times that you are available and contact info if you choose.

Disconnections: In the event that one player disconnects the game must be replayed. If one player is suffering from repeated disconnections he will have to forfit but not before both players have tried at least three times to replay the game. Also if both players agree you may restart the game within 2 minutes, e.g. poorly located food.

Reporting Games

Post the result of your game in the format Player A defeats Player B in the thread for the current round.

In the event that no game is played:

1) Neither Player A or Player B posted. Both are dropped from the tourney
2) Player A posted, Player B did not. Player A advances.
3) Player A and Player B posted. Follow flow chart:

A) Was a SPECIFIC time agreed and arranged for the game?
Yes: player who didn’t show given loss.
No: see next
Don’t know who did what: Both D/Qed

B) Did one player give times of availability?
Yes: player who did awarded win
No: Both D/Qed

It is strongly recommended that you state available hours when you can play your match on the tournament forum within 24 hours of the latest brackets being posted.

Conflicts will be resolved with recorded games so be sure you do not save over your game!