Staff Bios


Seraph – News Editor, Site Content, Webmaster, Site Management
ESO: Maffia

About Me:

I started playing Age of Empires when the family inherited a copy along with a computer barely capable of running it from a family friend, the expansion pack arrived in a similar way. When the computer got upgraded, so too did my version of Age of Empires and I moved on to AoK:TC.

I discovered HeavenGames when I heard about Age of Mythology and was searching for information, I joined and mostly lurked but have a few posts from back then, although the account name has been long since forgotten. In 2003 when my family finally moved into the 21st Century and got the internet at home I joined with my current account and have gone through stages of posting and lurking since.

My computer games collection varies from FPS such as Bioshock and BFBC2 though Third Person games like Max Payne to RPGs such as Diablo to RTS’s and the Age of series and recently on to TBS’s and Civilisation 5, plus anything I see on steam that takes my fancy and is on offer.

Away from the internet I live in Oxfordshire, England and am studying part time to be a structural engineer, my hobbies include rock climbing, being a Cub Scout leader and when money allows going to gigs and festivals as well as anything related to gadgetry and technology when I can get my hands on it.

Hope you like the site!


World In Conflict Heaven Seraph – Moderating, Modding, Tech Help
ESO: General_II

About Me:

The first strategy game I played was Age of Kings. Since then, I’ve been a fan of the Age series and strategy games in general. Progressing from Age of Empires III to real-time-tactics games, such as World in Conflict and the later generations of the Total War series, I found that Heaven Games remained a great resource with a helpful community.

I became a different part of that community, starting in the rank and file of HG as a Cherub in February of 2007. Now I work as a Co-Seraph World in Conflict Heaven and moderate a few forums, namely the Tech and Modding forums, at Age of Empires III Heaven. It probably makes sense that my positions at HeavenGames reflect my interests, particularly in the fields of modding; I work with a design team for Age of Empires III on a mod called Knights and Barbarians.

In life, I’m a student in California. If I’m not studying or otherwise occupied by school, I’m either running cross country, playing tennis, or playing games such as World in Conflict, Company of Heroes, Left 4 Dead, or Age of Empires III.


Angel – Site Content, Moderation
ESO: LordKivlov

About Me:

Allo. I’ve been a member of HeavenGames since 2006 but lurked around the forums for a good while before that. I began playing the Age of series in the days of Age of Kings and have been playing them since, through Kings to Asian Dynasties.

In the real world, my name is Casey. I’m attending the University of British Columbia where I’m majoring in Chemistry. When I’m not sitting at a desk writing up labs, studying or getting asked the same questions over and over by 1st year students I can usually be found hanging out with my friends, playing Hockey/Paintball or playing a couple of games of AoE3/L4D/CSS. During the summer to fund my expensive schooling and keep my place powered I work as a Geophysical Field Technician all around Canada.


Cherub – News, Moderation

About Me:

My name is James. I have been playing Age Of Empires since the original game Age of Empires (1). I have been periodically coming to Heavengames since before AoEII was released, but I didn’t really become an active member of the community until Age Of Empires 3.

I am 23 years old and I live in the UK. I work for BSkyB as a Software Tester. This job involves watching a lot of TV 😛