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Check here to read short biographies on selected staff members.

  • Maffia
  • Webmaster, News Editor, Forum Moderator
  • Alexastor
  • Modding and Scenario Design Admin, AoEO Heaven Seraph
  • General_II
  • Tech Support Admin, Forum Moderator, World in Conflict Heaven Seraph
  • LordKivlov
  • Content Contributor, Forum Moderator
  • JimXIX
  • News Editor, Forum Moderator
  • MosheLevi
  • Scenario Design, Forum Moderator

Special thanks to the following for their past contributions (former AoE3H Seraphs in italics): Adder, Aro, Argalius, AS_Saffah, Cheesewiz, CookieCrisp13, Doitzel, Elpea, Flammifer, Jax, Kor, Kumar Shah, Mascherano, Mokon, MosheLevi, Myll_Erik, NAT, Nausicaa, Oliver, OutlandishTeacup, Pecunia, Qazitory, Socvazius, Somme, Stonewall J, Sunny, TheShadowDawn, Silk, Sith, Xiphias, xSephirothx, and Zen.

Thanks again to Aro for the site's layout design and graphics.