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Topic Subject:Chinese fast industrial
posted 06-17-16 04:05 AM EDT (US)         
Hello guys.. Here is a strategy that i use for china fi but i need some help.
Card order nd BO is same as china ff mostly till age3 then it has some new stuff for age4.

Cards- important- Migration nd refugee cards, 700gold nd wood, 8 CKN, 9 Qiang Pikes, 1000gold, Repelling volley, 5 war hammer, 10arqs, 11 changandos, 7 mortars, 1000 wood, 4 Iron flails, 17 arqs, 18 chagando, 2 unlimited flying crows.

Optional cards- 13CKN, 21 CKN, Mongolian Scourge, Double faced armor, Manchu mercenary, Iron troop mercenary, 1600 wood, 8 iron flails, 8war hammer.


3vil to hunts.. rest on crates then 2 on food one on wood tc wayppint to wood. One village to be made nd 100 wood chopped will help to build one more. Remember to start herding. Monk gathers xp treasures nd gold treasures.
17 vil age up around 3:30-3:35 with summer is palace. 4 vil on wonder.
During transition 5vil on gold rest on food.
Keep herding. Keep making vil.

II Age

Send 700 gold asap nd scout enemy. Produce old han army from Summer Palace. Keep making vil. Mine exactly 300 gold then all vil on food. Collect shipment gold nd 1200 food nd age with Confucius Academy at 5:50.


If enemy is pressuring send military shipment else 700 wood. Build market ,rax , village nd a trade post. Use irregulars. wonder army nd shipped army to defend against any kinda rush. Make every market upgrade you can. Focus on food nd wood upgrades. Mine coin with 5-6 vil wood wid 5 nd rest on food. Keep making vil. Tc waypoint to food.


Your population is going to explode now. Build as many villages as you can nd try to get a consulate up amd choose british allies. Ship 10 arqs if u think he has only infantry or ship 11 chagando swordman. Pressurise him with this army but dont go into his base. If he is trying to pressure back send 7mortars if he has cannons.. iron flails for light inf. If he is being defensive send 1000 gold. By now u must be having enough food. If not get all ur vil on food collect 2000food nd gold crates.. nd age up with white pagoda or temple of heaven. Ship 1000 wood if you have another shipment.


Keep making changandos nd arqs... keep constant pressure. Send ur army nd some vil forward nd get castle nd rax up as a forward base. Try to make another tp.

Age IV

If your opponent has not atckd you or has been suppressed by your pressure, its time to type "gg". Send in 17arqs or 18 chagandos nd apply pressure. Keep extracting army nd now you have 2 tp who will give u insane shipments nd ur fights too will provide much xp. Ship 2 flying crows nd try to keep 3-4 of them in your army constantly. Siege his base by crows while keeping swordmans for defending it. Be sure to upgrade ur army asa u reach age IV. Your enemy would try to overwhelm you by cav but most likely he wud be suppressed nd wont be able to make enough cav to fight ur honoured chagandos. So gg.

Pls guys send some advices nd tell me what do i have to rectify in it... I havent tried it in human vs human games but yeah have been defeated by this strategy. Any kind of help or rectification will be appreciated.

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