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Topic Subject:How to beat the Dutch as Japan
posted 09-30-16 11:04 AM EDT (US)         
Hey guys I need some serious help... I play as the Japanese and my friend plays the Dutch. No matter what I do I can't seem to beat him. His pikeman eat my Sammies for lunch. His horses destroy my yumis. And his cannon just demolishes my buildings. I'm losing sleep over the humiliation of losing to him every match. I just don't know what to do anymore. I see my army perishing in my dreams. And I'm reminded of him constantly. His name... Do I dare utter the name of the master.. His name.. His name is... KingTrump.. Oh god.. Please help me.. For my sanity...
posted 10-01-16 09:46 AM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
Actually, it should be "pikemen destroy Sammies and horseshorses *eat* the yumis*, because yummies, are, well, yummi. Huehue, I'm sure your friend walls up a lot huehue

I stalked you and it doesn't look like you're super high rank, so basically what you gotta do is get better generally. Pikes shouldn't beat samurai, but you also shouldn't be making that many samurai early on as Japan (as far as I know). But what you really need, I'd have to watch the games to know >.< Don't really know how you're playing so far, do I? XP
posted 12-13-16 09:42 AM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
Samurai are not really cost effective, train Ashigaru and yumi. Then in age 3, add some yabusami(ranged cav), they absolutely wreck artillery. Also send your daiymo and yumi and ashigaru upgrades. Also train some clubmen from your japenese consulate to help deal with the cav. Japan shouldn't have that much trouble vs dutch really.

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The Lost Elixir
posted 02-13-17 04:56 AM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
Wait.....pikemen eats samurai???.....No matter how much you look at it, it is virtually impossible, unless you're an utter moron who doesn't upgrade his units. I hope you're atleast average.

Or may be he's out numbering you as pikemen are dirt cheap when compared to samurai, so it is easy to spam them.

First, tell me what type of game you're playing? Supremacy or deathmatch? Usually it is former, so in that what are you playing? Ordinary game or no rush or treaty? If you mention any link for your recorded game, it'd be useful to give exact tips, where you're doing wrong.


If it is ordinary game, instead of creating samurais create ashigaru+yumi+naginata/yabusame combo. Samurais are too expensive to use in early game.

Ashigaru will destroy any cavalry, yumi will destroy any of his halberdiers or ryuters. You can use naginata to flank his artillery. Yabusame are bit frail, but have excellent multipliers vs artillery.

Put daiymos/shogun in stand ground mode, behind your army. Daimyo boost your units attack and shogun boosts your units HP. Daimyo also acts as mobile barracks/stable. You can create artillery and consulate(isolation) units with shogun, although they are bit weaker than their consulate counterparts.

You have a better army than his, I can't think how you would lose. Maybe you have to improve your play.

If you're playing treaty, which is my speciality by the way, all I can say is max out villagers, reach imperial as fast as possible and you need micromanagement and strategy along with speed to win treaty game.

If possible, scout your enemy and create units based on what he created. But rather than risking, I say just create balanced army, it works everytime!!!

Spam a hell lot of yumis and ashigarus along with 20-25 naginatas, for the first army. Flank his artillery with naginatas. Your yumis and ashigarus with right cards have very good attack. But stay the hell away from urumi or mahouts(if your enemy is India). Be careful of Jaguar stealth traps(if your enemy is Aztec). Destroy sioux tepees with morutarus before you deal with them. But vs. dutch, you'll usually have no problems.
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