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Topic Subject: War Stories Thread
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posted 02-01-08 10:45 PM EDT (US)   
Yep, here I go again.

Well, this one I lost, but it was fun. It was 1v1 on Ozarks, I was Russia opponent was Sioux. We both aged to Colonial around same time. Ironically, we eneded up trying to build fbs int the same spot, and he destroyed mine. Pretty soon he attacked me, the same time I attacked him. I killed of a few villys, but my army was small since my initial fb had been stopped. The Sioux player didn't take down my TC yet. But soon, his next wave took it down. My CM bought me time for my villys to run away.

So I start rebuilding to the south. I get up 3 blockhouses and begin spamming strelets. It was hilarious, you shoulda seen it. This guy goes back to his base after taking my TC. I get strelets coming in at him from all sides, and he never knows where I am going to strike next. Its all hit an run. I constrict his villys into his town, weakening his eco. I snipe at a few villys, then retreat. And the funny thing is I'm attacking from 3 places at once, so he hardly ever caches me. I do this for at least 20 minutes after he took down my TC. He says to me, "You are the most annoying person I have ever played." I just laugh.

Eventually he masses and army large enough to defend and attack my weak rebuild at the same time. I may have lost, but it was great fun, and it was excellent micro practice.

I WANT YOU to post your stories now!! Participate, people!

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posted 08-10-14 09:48 AM EDT (US)     801 / 805  
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posted 01-29-15 01:28 AM EDT (US)     802 / 805  
Enjoy this wall of text:

So basically, I won a 3v1. Didn't think I could pull it off :P

So, It wasn't meant to be a 3v1. I joined a 3v3 game and got paired with 2 guys who put their Tc's right next to each-other (nomad start) and for some unknown reason, both promptly resign. (I'm pretty sure they were friends) Anyway, I consider resigning, but I didn't want to lose rank without a fight, so i decided to have a go at it.

I was playing Japan (with what was basically a full-daimyo/shogun treaty deck) against A French, British and Portuguese player. My 2 resigned allies were Sioux and Aztec, if it matters. The map was large Siberia.

I considered rushing, but given that I suck at it and I'd already chosen my treaty-ish deck, I went for a turtle-boomy playstyle.

They didnt attack me until about 15 minutes in. I had a decent yumi mass at my base, and the attack was the Portuguese player only with musks and xbows, I won pretty easily. In the meantime the french player was booming hard.

As my eco continued to grow as the game progressed, the Portuguese player continued to attack me, my army almost died to a bunch of rabaulds, but a clutch Portuguese consulate shipment with culverins in it saved me.

The Port was eventually joined by the Brit who decided the best strategy was to attack me in 100+ waves of veteran musks. Even when they attacked me both at once, my buffed-up yumis pretty quickly dealt with the musks as they tried to get through my 2 wall layers. I also had a lot of castles at the point where the Port decided to continuously attacked, which tanked a lot of damage (the port managed to break through my wall several times, but i always beat him before he could go for my eco)

By this point, i had full villie max, all daimyos and Tokugawa. I was in imperial and had all the upgrades for ashi and yumi, which i was using most. And it was about now that the French player decided to join. He had a WAY better eco than me and insta-gendarmes, which luckily he didn't exploit too much. he attacked me on my side, but my daimyos trained incredibly quickly and my fully-buffed ashi and flaming arrows were able to deal with his first assauly. Keep in mind i was more or less surrounded by forward bases - i was in the corner of the map on siberia and the French player has a huge fb to my left and the Port also had a very large one to the north of me. (The Brit just built units at his base; he wasnt that good).

Eventually, after defending from the Port and in the north and going after the French forward base with a daimyo and a handful of troops, (As well as dealing with the British waves of musketeers) I trained 10 hatamoto at sent them straight towards the side wall protecting the French eco. This killed at least 40 cdb and destroyed both his factories. He was so caught up in defending and then rebuilding, I could muster a large enough army to go after the Port player's fb. At that point, he said something along the lines of 'screw this, its taking forever', and resigned.

It was all downhill for the Brit and French player from there. The french player had just got his full eco back up (minus the factories, obviously), but i got a daimyo right at the back of his base, before he could repair his wall. So, while I defended from what would be the last wave of musks from the Brit, I began training Samurai (now fully upgraded) in the back of the French base.

I completely destroyed his eco, but he had a small fb still to the far left of me, so he rebuilt his houses there and made near-200 pop army to attack my base. This almost ruined me, but since he didnt go straight for the eco, and instead focused more on castles and my more forward town centres, i eventually destroyed his army, as he wasnt replenishing his casualties.

At this point, he resigned, which left the Brit. i still had my daimyo that destroyed the French base, which was right next to his. All i had to do was spam samurai into the back of his base, which easily and quickly wiped out his army and eco. He didn't resign, I bought spies and went straight for his last surviving unit (a villager chopping wood backmap).

The game lasted for over 2 hours. Also, side note: I tried talking to the French and British player throughout the game, but neither said a word.

TL;DR: 3v3, both my allies resigned, won 1v3 vs Brit, French and Port. Took about 2 hours.
posted 02-12-15 06:35 AM EDT (US)     803 / 805  
So it starts off in a 1v1, Portuguese vs Russian (me Russian - as i was trying to level up my HC). This is in 'nilla.

Malyuta Skuratov the explorer, war leader of the Russian colony looked warily at the support his Nation had sent him on his voyage to the new world. 5 villagers & a whole lot of food & wood was all he was going to get establish his colony in Carolina.

The news was that the Portuguese court had also sent their emissary to Carolina to conquer it! If the news was true this could turn into a 1v1 war!

as the villagers worked hard to unpack their crates & recruit more villagers to man their civilization, Skuratov, moved around the map collecting treasures that he could find,to suppport his cause. Nothing could stop the determined explorer, wolves, bears & bandits all were defeated by Skuratov, as he searched for more treasures to give his colony an upper hand!

Back in the TC the colony was rapidly growing, houses & markets were built, and soon they were on their way to moving to the Colonial age!

As they were nearing the Colonial Age, Skuratov, scouted the portuguese TC, who themselves were looking like they were in a race to age before the mighty Russian's TC. Villagers moved forwards to make a Blockhouse very near the Portuguese base. Skuratov had decided, there was going to be WAR!

The Tsar demanded Skuratov to return victorius!


As the Russian community reahced the 2nd age Skuratov demanded the training of musketeers to wage war with the Portuguese who, for now seemed to not bother Russians..... Were the moving to fortress? Skuratov was worried whether his decision to fight in Colonial Age was a mistake. Still with the steely will that he posessed the daring Explorer led the first batches of musketeers into the outskirts of the Portuguese town. On reaching the outskirts Malyuta's men encountered Portuguese musketeers, who fought bravely to defen their Barracks. Skuratov beat a hasty retreat! back at the block house more musketeers had been trained, the Tsar had personally sent some Strelets & Cossacks to add to Skuratov's army.

The Russian TC was also constantly pumping out villagers trying to keep up to the portuguese economy. markets researched newer tech, villagers built more houses as
population of the Russian settlement increased.

Skuratov remembered that in his inital raids on the Portuguese town he had seen towers being constructed to defend the city! He cleverly asked his forward villagers to construct an artillery foundry & train Grenadiers.

So with a huge army of musketeers + strelets Skuratov advanced towards the Portuguese City, as his men engaged the enemy the Cossack rounded up villagers & the Grenadiers blew up the Portuguese Barracks! The artillery foundry pumped out more Grenadiers as Skuratov looked to take the Portuguese TC!
soon with an overwhelming force of Musketeers, Strelets & Grenadiers, Skuratov took down the 2 Portuguese TCs placed next to each other along with the buildings
surrounding them!


leaving his men to finish the job Skuratov returend to the Blockhouse to send a message to the Tsar, when suddenly he saw smoke from HIS TC!
Bozhe moy! WHAT WAS THAT? as he came out of the blockhouse (which was nearly an army town by now with artillery fondry, stables & houses) he met a fleeing villager.

атака ! she screamed! as she ran past him! As more villagers moved across the watchtower at the block house saw a sail....... they Portuguese had taken to the waters!
The Cossacks rushed forwards to wards the TC to realise that it had been seiged! halberdiers took to the Cossacks ! cassadores & organ guns blazed away as the cut thro'
the ranks of strelets! Cassadores? Organ Guuns? Skuratov looked surprised as he was sure his grenadiers had razed the Portuguese TCs!

More villagers fled the TC as the minutemen battled to the last man to defend the settlement! The last few villagers told Skuratov that when he was out razing the Portuguese
TC they sent ship full of people behind the Russian base, & rebuilt just behind the Russians! then they aged to Age 3 there...!

The Russian TC fell as did the city around it! The halberdiers protected the blazing organ guns which made short work of the houses & markets in the Russian City!

нет ! Screamed Skuratov! The Tsar would hav ehis head for that! (if he reached all the way back!)

accompanying a large group of villagers Skuratov led them inwards towards a native village on the inside of the Carolina, Here he decided to build another TC!

The Portuguese having nearly razed most of the initial Russian settlements, looked relaxed and built a fort & made troops.

Skuratov now moved towards the site where he had razed the portuguese TC, & rebuilt a second TC. Soon with all population of villagers maxed, the russian ecnomy was
up again! soon the new TC was to update the Russian Colony to Fortress Age!

As the Russians upgraded their Civ to Fortress Age, the battle was far from over! The russian blockhouse was more or less a frontier town town now! Barrack & Stables dotted the landscape, & a fortress was made!

The Second Russian TC sent it's villagers to make a few docks, & make a few ships to take on the opponent's sea vessles!

Russian strelets & musketeers fought bravely till The Organ guns came and rained their fury on the poor soldiers.


Skuratov did not know what to do. The Russians took ALL the Trade posts & allied with the native tribes. The Natives provided soldiers who vowed to protect the Russian villagers
till the very end!


In the fortress age Skuratov instructed his blockhouses, to train a mixture of strelets & musketeers. the stables trained Cossacks & Oprichnikis, one batch of 5 at a time!
The foundry was instructed to make Culverins to counter the Organ guns! With 60% + of the map under Russian control, Skuratov in a daring move instructed his TC to Age to
Industrial Age! Skirmishes continued in the meanwhile costing both civilizations equally! The Russians, managed to wrest control of the waters from the Portuguese, their Galleons
blasted the Portuguese ships out of the water! Soon the Russian fleet was in charge of the waters!


In a short burst of pace, the Russians, again regained the superiority. The upgraded Musketeers guarded their Culverins which slowly took out the Organ Guns!
Cossacks attacked the Cassadores, Oprichnikis raided the Villagers & builings! In an agressive Push the forces Skuratov, broke thro the Portuguese line of defence. The Fort crumbled as
did walls from the Portuguese Houses. Overwhelmed by the sheer Force & Aggression of the Russian's under Skuratov, the Portuguese panicked! rápido rápido rápido! soldiers are needed!
-screamed the portuguese explorer! not to be outdone ыстро! быстро! атака!" Bellowed Skuratov! as he motivated his men to charge at the retreating Portuguese. Trapped between
the Russian ships patrolling the waters & the marching Russian Army the Portuguese called it a day, it wad GG! победа! Screamed Skuratov, raising his gun, победа! screamed his men!

possibly one of my first few posts :P
i may have got the russian bit wrong tho'.. do correct me if u spot anything....
posted 02-26-18 05:13 PM EDT (US)     804 / 805  
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posted 02-15-21 06:39 AM EDT (US)     805 / 805  
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