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Topic Subject: Super toxic community
posted 05-17-20 03:38 PM EDT (US)   
Hey guys, I just wanted to share the terrible experience I am having as someone who's trying to get back into AoE3 after a long hiatus.

I'm not a bad player by any means, but I'm definitely not great either. I've almost always ranked around 2nd Lt, but whenever I face anyone 2nd Lt and up, I get absolutely demolished. I usually only enjoy games around the master sergeant level. Today I decided to try playing AoE3 again. I haven't played in over a year, so I was curious how I'd hold up online. I played one match - a 1v1 vs a corporal. I was dutch and won quite easily. I felt kind of bad but did go easy on him.

I had a lot of fun! "I'm glad I came back to this!" I thought... until I tried to find a second match.

Having not played any matches in over a year+, the stats on my account had reset long ago. I was a 2nd Lt still, but my wins/losses were back at 0. Well, now that I won 1 match against a corporal, my winrate said it was now 100%.

That was the end of my fun on AoE3. Every game I tried to play, I got kicked out of. Every game I tried to host, everyone left. Rarely did I even have 10 seconds to explain what was going on before I'd get kicked. When I would get a chance to explain that I came back after not playing for years, and won 1 game against a corporal, I started getting tons of whispers from people saying stuff like "Oh cut your bullsh*t, I'm not an idiot. Go scam someone else. I don't play with smurfs. I hope you never find another game and uninstall". It wasn't just one person... I got at least 6-7 in just a half hour of trying to find a match. I'm not overly sensitive by any means, so it's not like it hurt my feelings, but it was rather jarring.

All I wanted to do was play some games and have some fun, and for the crime of winning one game against a corporal, I now am completely unable to find a game, and constantly getting hatemail over whispers. Lot's of people are telling me they are immediately pesting me, which after the 20th time gets frustrating, as it's already a dying game... I don't need a decent portion of the already dwindling playerbase permanently blocking me because they think I'm a smurf.

This doesn't even cover the non-stop waves of Japan players with max level home cities being completely invincible. You're telling me it's perfectly balanced for their musketmen to have 40 attack damage in age 3?

Everyone is just so toxic here, I wasn't expecting it to be this bad. Everyone is either extremely angry and looking for any reason to rage and then pest people, or insanely try-hard Japan players who don't even bother communicating, or having fun. The only thing they care about is winning as many games as fast as they can. They are completely silent except for their "GL;HF" at the beginning and their "GGWP" after absolutely demolishing me with massive amounts of cheese.

I'm not sure I'm going the be playing this anymore. I've played this game since I was a kid, but honestly... screw these guys. This is not nearly as fun as I remembered it to be.
posted 05-20-20 03:24 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3  
Yep, I've had (still kinda have) the same problem because of my winrate.
A few weeks ago I started playing again AOE3, I've always avoided rated games in the past, played like 5 rated games in total since 2009, I was mainly into scenarios and some comp stomps on the side.

That's what I did again when I got back, except scenarios are not so popular anymore, always the same ones getting played, and comp stomps gets quickly boring when you know what you're doing. So I decided to try out rated games, starting from the lower ranks. I only play team games, 3v3 or 4v4.

I managed to get a 100% winrate in 11 matches, reaching 1st lieutenant. It's just a pain. I've been accused of cheating/smurfing/whatever you can think of. I've been instantly kicked out of lobbies so many times it's not even funny. But still I've been able to find a few games, and lose some. I'm now at 80-90% winrate, makes it a bit easier I guess, I haven't really tried again since the last time.

I dont know about 1v1, I guess people are more picky, but maybe you'd have better luck playing something else ? FFA or Team ? The ones I was able to play was when people didn't see/mention my winrate or when I was able to "explain" myself. It's harder to fill lobby of 6/8 people than an 1v1 lobby, so I guess people are more lenient and willing to give it a try considering the already small community.
posted 05-21-20 07:45 AM EDT (US)     2 / 3  
Please try the AI I released:

And the maps:

And more maps:

This should give you a good single player experience.

I find it gives me a good match against the AI and the custom maps cut down on the time it takes for a match between you and the AI. In these corona times it takes a lot from someone to remain in quarantine.

Also I have made some scenarios:


I hope you find a better experience on these than online!
posted 05-21-20 11:23 AM EDT (US)     3 / 3  
Just add me some time on the game, my username is Nithronium. We could set up a match and you could leave after the minute 2. This should bring your win rate down.
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