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Topic Subject:Questions from an AoE II player
posted 08-19-19 01:01 PM EDT (US)         
I have never owned (but I have played a bit though) AoE3. I know that there are a Japanese and a Chinese campaign, set in the latest timeframe of AoE 2. Now, I have two questions, because I have never looked into the file system of AoE3.

1. Are campaign scenarios extractable? There were tools for that in AoE and AoE2
2. Can you raw edit the data of scenarios? You can do that in AoE2 with Trigger Studio and agescx. You can do that too in Rise of Rome, but there aren't tools for that.
See this

My intentions is two fold. Translate those campaigns from AoE3 to AoE2 and try to translate Lepanto and Kyoto scenarios from AoE2 to AoE3, unless someone has already done that
Mister SCP
Scenario Reviewer
posted 08-22-19 09:54 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
well there is a ingame editor, where you can edit all these scenarios. But you cant extract them and put them in another game.

also notice there are major differences between AOE3 and AOE2. The trigger system is different and one of these games is 2D and the other one is 3D.

It would be a lot easier between AOM and AOE3 because at least the trigger system is almost taken from AOM (the triggers are written automaticly in a text file, when the scenario is executed and this process makes it possible as it is also doable to load them back into the game from the textfile)

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posted 08-24-19 12:13 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Well, I could rework the triggers again. I mean, I'd have to do all cinematics again. The absolutely basics I'd need would be unit positions and tiles characteristics, like elevation and type. All else I can do it by myself. I'd have to rework settlements, for example, and trade routes. But the first thing I would need would be units and tiles.
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