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Topic Subject: Idea: Let's start a "Better AI project"
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posted 09-22-12 06:52 AM EDT (US)   

Here are links to The Beginner's Guide to AI Modification, written by me:

Part 1:,38878,,10

Part 2:,38885,30,100


Original Post (9-22-2012, 06:52 AM)

I have an idea that we can significantly improve the AOE3 AI. This will of course build from the Drauger AI. I have made a decent AI in my mod N3O Fan Patch, but it currently uses some techs that I have added to the game, so it won't work yet for an unmodified Age of Empires III. Yet I can easily remove those techs with some testing (to make sure it works) so that it can be played on an unmodified AOE3 and furthermore be a base rubric for further AI improvement.

Mandorex also has an improved version of the Drauger AI:

I also noticed another Drauger AI improvement uploaded for Vanilla AOE3 which makes the computer build forward bases. This would be interesting to look into, but I do say that this is quite a job for one coder. However, what I suggest is that we make it a community project to sort of build off an already improved AI and (for those who have time) fix various issues. I myself am pressed for time otherwise.

Anyone for an idea such as this!

Feel free to discuss and share your ideas! Its best if we discuss before we actually decide anything big.

best of regards to all here,


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posted 12-25-20 09:18 AM EDT (US)     401 / 406  
The Horsemaster AI gets 700-800 points on Hard in NR30 and 1000 points on Expert difficulty. In the most recent update, I created always-use of villager shipments and aggressive tactics as well as some new cards.

AI builds army in Colonial and Fortress, Industrial and Imperial. One day it would be good to keep in Treaty period a delayed military setup. This could interfere with treasure gathering, but it would make the AI boom better and focus just on economics. Some things are hard-coded, and I believe that it would benefit treaty games in the long run. In custom maps, the AI gets about 60-70 villagers before the treaty ends, with a larger army. After the treaty period it gets about 90-99 villagers depending on whether it is a Native civilization or European. Asians also boom well, with India sending cards and getting villagers during the treaty, Japan needing less villagers and using shrines, and China having 20 villager age up politician.

Good Gaming!
posted 03-29-21 03:29 PM EDT (US)     402 / 406  
I have now added extra Town Centers to be queued up during Fortress Age, and added special Treaty Bonus Handicaps to Natives and to Easy and Moderate Difficulties. I have also added 95 villager population for Treaty, albeit lower for French (85), Dutch (75), Japanese (85), but still enough for them to build fishing boats in Treaty Games.

On Age Maps, the Hard gets anywhere from 1050-1400 Score in a 30 Minute Treaty. On Crimson Maps the Hard AI gets anywhere from 1050-1350 score in a 20 Minute Treaty.

I have added various Infinite Shipments, such as 10 Musketeers, 8 Halberdiers, 4 Cuirassiers, 7 Cavalry Archers, 1000 Coin and so on. These are handled as medium priority shipments, meaning that the AI will send them on condition that there are few military units of that type on the field.

The maps that I have made recently all work well with the AI, and are made for playing with AI allies/opponents. I recommend that if you want a game vs AI, do a custom map.

I have also worked with Wonder Placement, such that Wonders can be placed right next to other buildings with this AI (meaning that they always get to Industrial Age and almost always to Imperial Age on every map).

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posted 04-20-21 04:27 AM EDT (US)     403 / 406  
I have found that the AI now can be played online on Expert difficulty with only the Host needing to have the AI installed. Not any other difficulty will work online in Comp Stomps, only Expert, because I changed handicap bonuses for Hard, Moderate and Easy away from the original in AImain.xs, while I have reverted Handicap bonus of Expert back to 1.5.

I recommend NR20 on a custom map against 2 or 3 AI opponents, with of course, 1 to 2 Human Allies.

Only Host needs to install for multiplayer games.
posted 06-25-21 05:34 AM EDT (US)     404 / 406  
The Hard gets 800-1000 score by the end of 30 minutes treaty, with half of them reaching Imperial Age by that time.

I recommend 20 minute treaty on Custom Maps, or 30 minute treaty on Age Maps (+1 TC Wagon). Either way you get a game and the AI gets to have a good contribution, or you get to have a reenactment of real players in-game with ai. Age Maps can also work for 40 minute treaty.

Recommended: 2v2, 3v3.

Suggested: 1v1 Can also work for 20 or 40 minute treaty.

All that needs doing with the Computer Player is to advertise it, and I wish to do so by letting other people try it and share it with their friends.

The AI does build extra Town Centers without needing Covered Wagons from the home city.
posted 11-25-22 00:34 AM EDT (US)     405 / 406  

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posted 06-13-23 10:36 AM EDT (US)     406 / 406  

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