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Topic Subject:Extending the Population Cap Problem
posted 01-05-20 05:50 PM EDT (US)         

Onde thing that I want to do is make units like the Strelet use less than one population (half pop, like the AoE2 Karambit Warrior). But just changing de PopulationCount don't work, it seems that the game can't handle a fractional pop.

I worked with some partial solutions, but the only that seems right to me is making everything Russian takes and gives double population. It's quite easy to double the PopulationCount and PopulationCapAddition, but I found out that the population is capped at 250, even changing PopulationCapExtra and PopulationCapBonus.

I found this topic:, but the program is not working to me, and the non modders version is out. And even if that worked, I still want to use Iroquois Mother Earth Dance sometime...

Can someone help me with that?
posted 01-22-20 06:17 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
You could add 0 population space and add build limit, say 50, for the Strelets unit, just as native warriors have build limit, of say, 13, 15 or 10. This way you give Russia a very nice option, but not too many units. If you want 100 Strelets then do 100 build limit.

That is what I suggest, since the game is limited in the capacities you afore mentioned.
posted 02-19-20 11:20 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
I had the same issue with Russia. I have modded the game to 1 population cost for all cavalry except War Wagons. But Cossacks are too weak. So I was wondering about halfing their pop cost. But there is no way. I had the same idea about the 0 population and limit number. I have tested and it kind of does it. This is what I did:

Cossacks pop cost= 0
Cossacks build limit: 100

I tried the same for Strelets, but the training at the Blockhouse got broke. So I let the Strelets with normal 1 pop cost.

I've seen this way it makes sense. Russians should have 2x Cossacks for 1 Hussar. And x2 Strelets for 1 Musketeer. So at the end I get 1xStrelet + 1xCossack at 1 pop cost, since Cossack pop cost is 0. I set the limit to 100 so the AI doesn't go crazy.

I'm thinking about Chinese. Cause their armies are kind of weak too. But they come in bloks too.
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