posted 10-04-21 05:58 AM EDT (US)   
I used to mod AOE3 years ago and just recently got the Definitive Edition, I tried to rekindle my passion on modding.

Anyways, so I want to make an explorer to have aura where it reduces the speed and attack speed of nearby nearby enemies.

I searched if there's an existing aura but I only see auras that only affect player units and parameters only modifies MaxHP and attack here's the example:

kinda change the <> to parenthesis cause it's messing wiht message

(name stringid="48958")DegenAura(/name)
(modelattachment)-effects-chiefpower-chiefpower.xml (/modelattachment)

Is there a list of all scripts for .tactics file? I could be wrong but there used to be a bible or something on modding that it explains most of the scripts from proto, techtree, tactics etc.