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Topic Subject: AO3 mod copyright
posted 12-30-21 09:00 AM EDT (US)   
Hello everyone, my name is Edoardo. I'm a fan of Age of empires 3 and my favorite mod is Napoleonic Era from the TilaniusCommodor team.
For me it's the best mod of Age 3. I'm "creating" a new mod based on Napoleonic Era, I practically modified some units and added "new" ones (copying already existing units, I only modified them).
My question is this, can I post my Napoleonic Era based mod here or is't prohibited by some copyright?
Of course this in addition to writing it in the file "read me", I can also modify the initial image (when Napoleonic starts) and write under the image of Napoleonic was in brackets the name of my mod.

If the answer is yes, where can I publish it?
In addition to this, I only distribute my mod files, I do not distribute Napoleonic era.
I ask this because I see so many mods created but at the same time I read somewhere that it was necessary to ask the permission of who created the mod to create another modified mod, and this seems strange to me, if this were the case all the creators of the mods have asked Microsoft for permission? O_o
Thanks, sorry for the questions but I'm new.
posted 12-30-21 01:02 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2  
Hi Edo, out of courtacy it may be nice to get in contact with the Napoleon Era mod team and check if that are happy for you to make a mod of their mod, however as long as you are only distributing files that you have created there shouldn't be any issues from that point of view. Although I haven't read the relevant ToS from MS and mod creators.

You can publish your mod here in our Downloads section, and just fill in boxes as best you can. Would suggest including a link to Napoleonic Era mod in the description, and a line making it clear that you need that mod to run yours.

ModDB is also a popular location for uploading mods.

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posted 12-31-21 09:16 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2  
@Maffia Okay, then I contact the team even if, as you said, there should be no problem distributing my mod. Thank you for your help :-) :-) :-)
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