posted 10-13-22 09:41 PM EDT (US)   
where can i find the file that says -when level up change displayname to -X-, so can just past my custom string IDs to it?
i have descriptions and names all down good, i have used the forums wealth of tutorials to teach myself, I am working from 0 knowledge and right now im about at the point i can safely edit the proto file and make new strings, I would edit the strings but it would require converting xmb to xml and even though i dont have to reconvert it, it still gives me unreliable results when word wrapping or copy pasting, so i like making new ones instead.
I understand that some kind of tech tree thing must be overwriting the name of for example, the Maceman which I have made a build limit 1, 20k gold 10k food cost hero that does area melee damage, at musket range (think sauron) and his name is Manco Capac like the mythical/historical Incan Emperor that was the son of Inti, god of fire.
I am making Inca and Aztec more like mythical warrior oriented, with cheap, sometimes weak starting units, tribute halls that auto gather more resources as they are surrounded by more houses(future project, for now i just rigged the Kancha house to do trickle all) and then super powerful god tier units from the nobles hut and kallanka have huge cost and low build limits. I am using the project as my kind of "school" while i learn new stuff about modding. any help or walkthrough links for "how to keep unique names when unit levels up" would be appreciated.