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Topic Subject: AoE3 AI Editing Questions
posted 08-31-23 09:08 AM EDT (US)   
Hello everyone!

I am working on an AI and while I have made a lot of progress, there are a few things I am stuck on.

One is that my AI doesn't seem to use its whole military population; it continues to act like the default AI and make smaller armies. I have successfully increased the population space and behavior for setting the limits between villagers and military, but it keeps making smaller armies.

I have tried build plans and various types of rules to overcome this, and nothing seems to be working. I would appreciate input from experienced AI modders.
posted 09-10-23 03:03 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
Age 2 dealt with raw defend number, is but logics shadow to what are now scenario scripts standard file, CVRules is clean operation of the AI file. Stay away from raw villager counts, get jiggy w/CVmax rule, or use ,>for<, on the picker ai, go nuts. Moshelevi (mod)had a loader that made 'madmobs' of soldier.

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