posted 10-19-17 08:36 AM EDT (US)   
Are among the most underrated units in the game!

Second to these are Heavy Cannons and Rockets and Falconets.

What I wanted to mention this time was how Dragoons and Grenadiers are available for Britain, France (Old Guard), Americans (United States), and how this would affect players if they could begin with the units on-map.

Dutch could use Dragoons, Spanish Grenadiers (have Heavy Cannon audio), and America's Dragoons have (British Lancer audio), as well as Halberdiers have British audio for Nathianiel Black's family (Black Family Estate).

Americans can train Skirmishers with upgrades, and Black Family Estate can train Halberdiers with upgrades.

I find that this would contribute greatly if these two civilizations could lend their hand to Great Britain and Spain and France for additional unit support.

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