posted 06-18-07 08:29 PM EDT (US)   
I haven't played too much with the Portugese, but this was a very fun game to play with plenty of action, and I think it will make a good watch as well!

My homecity is at level 23 and I'm a Captain. I get matched with some Dutch Major with a level 121 HC. With that in mind, I feel free to have a little fun and explore some interesting options (it's not like I would lose any PR if I lost). I decide on a Carib Blowgunner harrass while booming in colonial. Surprisingly enough, I'm able to slow the Dutchy down enough gain a pretty big eco advantage. Then I go to fortress too and we have some pretty fun fights.

GG enjoy

PS This should put an end to the myth that spies are in any way a legitmate counter to minor natives--don't let this stop you from seeing their potential for your self!

PSS I should also recognize the sacrifices of the brave Hot Air Balloon men who gave their lives for my victory. Without them, the outcome of this might have been different.

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