posted 09-04-07 11:32 PM EDT (US)   
A whole pack of 2v2s with me as sioux and my mate Sad_but_true_ playing as russian or french.
Things to note: I believe the BOs i use are as follows:

15 vill age up for 4 axe and build five, conversion card used/not used

15 vill age up with a mix of axe and bow riders,to counter LI + cav

standard age with Pure bow and shipped axe

Standard age with Shipped Commanche and build Bow riders

Standard age with shipped cheyenne and built axe (not featured)

Possibly a cetan+ teepee in there

15 vill age up with shipping 5 cougars on aracuina, with axe

I cant say that all the games are against people the same rank as I (captain-major) but the strategies are my basic build order. Thanks for Dl'ing!
it seems that the file uploader doesnt accept .rar files.. oh well. changed to .zip file.

link to pack

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