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Topic Subject: treaty strategy for russian
posted 06-14-07 07:01 PM EDT (US)   
ok im average at aoe3 the wc but here are some strategies that can possibly help u if u r just starting out playing russians on treaty for the first timethese work well with well mixed 3v3 teams on nr40 games.this is my first post so plz correct me and i know it is bery vauge and sucks i am sttressed for time

step one make sure that u task villies on food to get ur block villies going and have some villies rolling and then age up and task half gathering and half gold, well obviously a few on wood anyways get to age 3 as fast as u can build 3 tcs u know ur average stuff obviously get 99 villies.

send milling and plantationing cards sch as food silos to help u.

now build ur walls and block houses and start off by making a whole bnch of cossaks to imobolize any enemy LI and medium infantry.

keep making cossaks cheap and low pop bu when they try to stop u with halbs get ur team to ake skirmis or make a lot of sterlets.

and if the enemy has cav make cav archers.

now say ur team has completly dominated the battlefield and u have set up late game bases near there bases build a lot of orpinchiks and destroy there eco it is a good way to end the game.

this might not work for u because it dosent work for some of my friends but it works very well with me i would greatly appreciate tips to add and i know there will be much to add for it is very vauge and incomplete
posted 06-14-07 08:45 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3  
Hilarious! rotglmao...

But the line out is ok, though you might want to add a bo, age times, deck suggestions...
posted 06-14-07 09:34 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3  
Why would you make Cav Archers to counter Calvary???ROFL!!!!!

Just make Halbs/Musks, send both train speed cards, and the church upgrade! Unless you're playing french who spam Grendarmes, you will do what ruusia is designed to do-decimate the enemy with numbers. But make sure you max villies and purchase all the market upgrades.

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posted 06-14-07 09:49 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3  
This is one really long way to say: Turtle like hell and try to build an adequate counter army.
and if the enemy has cav make cav archers.
Hahahahaha! Good one! Cav archers suck!

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