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Topic Subject: Russia is so lame, i cant believe it (late Game)
posted 06-16-07 08:57 PM EDT (US)   
Now, i played a no rush game with russia. I always seem to loose to russia with my ports in no rush, so i try them out. Im level 35 with russia, and its not my NR civ, so i throw together a quick NR deck and play a level 55 dutch who is a master sarge. I am 45% win percent now, just to give you some context, he is 50%. So the game goes on BLA BLA BLA- at 40 minutes, when treaty time ends i am around 2,000 score he is around 1,800. I really have no strat, but i send like 50 strelets, 5 horseguns and some ops around the back. He builds skirms, cannons and hussars to countter my strelets and halbs to counter my ops, which work well. But to be perfectly honest i just kept massing a unit that counter what he builds (alternating skirms and halbs)and i send mortars to his walls which he'll quickly take down before i get his walls. I try microing my ops faster than his halbs. About 10 minutes of little progress i look at the score and im 2,100 and hes 1,400 somehow! It makes no sence how we are both sending imperial units at eachother, taking turns countering eachother and my econ hold up and his doesnt. So finally i get 5 ops in and get 2 houses down and from there its all over. Like in all honesty, i dont think i could have spend more resources than i was making if i tried! I mean i am sumarizing the battle here, but i would say that neither one of us countered any better than the other, and i certainly was not microing anything but ops.
When i play vs russia in nr i always end up with 7 forts surrounding my bases, my super (port) mortars knocking them down and organs melting his infantry, but i still somehow run out of resources faster than he does! and i would not say i am bad with ports at all in no rush. (i used to be 57% win percent, but i took like a 4 month break and im sucking it up now)
posted 06-16-07 10:17 PM EDT (US)     1 / 6  
Earlier, I played a treaty game against a Russian opponent. I always seem to lose to Russia with my Portuguese in treaty, so I tried playing as a Russian after that treaty game. I'm currently level 35 with Russia and it's not my usual treaty civilisation - so I threw together a quick treaty deck and play against a level 55 Dutch player who was ranked Master Sergeant.

At this point in time, my win percentage is 45, whilst the Dutch player's is 50%. So after the 40 minute treaty time, my score is around 2,000 and his is around 1,800. I really had no strategy in mind, but I decided to send about 50 strelets, 5 horse-drawn artillery as well as some oprichniks around the rear of his town.

My Dutch opponent trains skirmishers, falconets and hussars to counter my streletsy - and he also trains halberdiers to counter my oprichniks, which works well, much to my dismay. To be perfectly honest I just kept massing a unit which counters what he trains (alternating skirmishers and halberdiers).

I sent mortars to bombard his fortifications which he quickly takes down before I can destroy get his walls. I tried microing my oprichniks around my opponent's halberdiers. After about 10 minutes of little progress I check the scores and I'm 2,100 whilst somehow, he has only maintains a mediocre score of 1,400.

To me, this scenario makes no sence as we are both sending Imperial units at each other, taking turns countering each other, although my econ holds up and his doesn't.

Anyway, I finally get 5 oprichniks into his town and destroy 2 houses; and from there its all over. In all honesty, I dont think I could have spent more resources than i was making if I tried!
The above description is merely a summary, however I would say that neither one of us countered any better than the other, the only units I microed were my oprichniks.

When I play against Russia in a treaty game I always end up with 7 forts surrounding my territory. Even with my impressive mortars knocking his defences down and my organ guns melting away his infantry, I still somehow run out of resources faster than he does!

Don't get me wrong, I would not say that I'm unskilled with the Portueguese civilisation at all in treaty matches (My win percentage was once 57%) - but I've just had a 4 month break from Age of Empires 3: The War Chiefs, so I assume my skill level has dropped somewhat.
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posted 06-16-07 11:07 PM EDT (US)     2 / 6  
my guess is that russian units are cheaper on avg, and I don't know what your deck looks like but if you didn't have lvl 40 cards like sevastopol and 2nd fort card or suvorov reforms, you probably had more room for things like strelet combat, cigar roller and sustainable agro.

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posted 06-16-07 11:38 PM EDT (US)     3 / 6  
1. Dutch eco sux lategame, russias is better
2. russia units are cheaper and slightly weaker
3. mortars(especially port ones) pwn fort spam

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posted 06-17-07 06:37 AM EDT (US)     4 / 6  
Hahaha thats so funny. i agree that was typed pretty bad, i dont write very well online when i am in a hurry. But i am laughing because this weekend i got an email from my "comp and comm" (writing) professor telling me he'd recommend me to be a tutor in the writing lab if i wanted! I should show him this post and see if he still thinks so =)

Anyway, i wish i could have taken some pictures of the post game, he had 500 unit kills and i had 280! My point is that short of my econ getting ransacked, i dont know how i could loose with russia even if i tried!

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posted 06-17-07 08:07 AM EDT (US)     5 / 6  
Russia's late game is quite strong, but not really because their economy is strong. Their main strengths are in oprichniks and extremely rapidly training armies.

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posted 06-17-07 08:54 AM EDT (US)     6 / 6  
And instand fort spam, instant building spam.

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