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In his newest edition of his blog, Bruce Shelley gives his thoughts on the latest patch, the banning of ESO accounts, and even a little bit about Halo Wars.

Here's a sample of what he had to say about the recent update to TAD Patch 1.01:
TAD Patch Update: It didn’t take long for the community to find and exploit a bug uncovered by Patch 1.01. The bug allows players using the French Home City team Church card to obtain an unfair wood advantage at the start of a game. Basically we intended that the card drop the cost of team Churches by 80% from their original cost of 250 wood. Instead of an 80% drop we mistakenly set the card in the original Age III to drop the wood cost by 200. Then, when Patch 1.01 reduced the cost of the Church to 100 wood, the door was opened to create a ploy where players could get 100 free wood for every Church they built, destroying game balance...
Be sure to check it out!

Thanks to forumer Maffia for the heads-up!

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