posted 05-11-08 06:24 AM EDT (US)   
LoSt clan are hosting a 1v1 tournament for players ranked 1950+ on ELO rating.
What is it
A 1v1 knock-out tournament consisting of all civs, except Japan and India! This will test players skill without the use of imbalances and show the true champions among us!

When is it
Signups close - 21st May
Tournament Starts - 24th May
To check your elo rating, simply visit the ELO Rating website and Enter your ESO account name.

To sign up for this tournament Click Here

To discuss the tournament visit the topic!

You'll remember that four (!) hour game against that crazy Russian that wouldn't give up, not realizing he was playing someone who in real life actually is a crazy Russian, that won't give up either. - Ender_Ward