posted 06-03-08 11:34 PM EDT (US)   
Myll_Erik, who has been managing our content for quite a while now, has received his marching orders to go off to Iraq. He's done an amazing job for us, and we will all have to step up our efforts while he's away. We've known this was coming for quite a while, but now that it is here we will all be sad to see him go, though we'll be equally happy when he returns in around a year! When that time comes we shall welcome him back with open arms!

Here are a few words from the man himself:
Besides working here at HeavenGames, I am also an Army Reservist and I am scheduled to go to Iraq in the near future. My orders currently say 400 days, but that could be lengthed or shortned at the Army's will/want. I will officially be starting my orders at the end of June - so I'm currently visiting family and friends as well as getting a lot of games in.

So - I will be gone and playing army for over a year. I probably wont have reliable internet access, and when I do I will have better things to do than manage/work here. So, I will be leaving HG, though only until I get back state-side, when I will be able to resume my duties here.
If you'd like to say a few words to Myll_Erik before he leaves, visit his thread in General Discussions!

Lance, we are all proud of your service, respectful of your duty, and eager for your return to Heavengames!

Ex-Seraph Cheesewiz - Former WICH Webmaster, AOE3H Webmaster, & RTWH Staff, HeavenGames LLC
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