posted 01-24-11 12:55 PM EDT (US)   
Hi guys in a few days im buying AOE III original and his expasions, but now im interested in teaching people how to.. like how to for dummies... just kidding.. well if you play TWC III or TAD in Gameranger.. Just search for Leonardo (AOEIIIHeavengames) Room description: Teacher or whatever.. (you can think about what will it say)... well that is all from me.. grettings from argentina.. bye

Name : Leonardo (AOEIIHeavenGames)
Fav Civ: Jap-Otto-France
Fav Game Style: Whatever
Time to Win: 12 min Rush - 5 min treaty - 10 min Deathmatch

PD: My english is mmm bad if you see that :P

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