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Topic Subject: Can all civs have a good Cav box?
posted 08-08-11 06:57 PM EDT (US)   
Sorry, but I am a big noob to all this Age of Empires military formations thing. I learned recently about "cav boxing" from this player I was playing against in FFA. The person I was playing against had used 39 imperial cuiraissers and 1 imperial dragoon to attack my base Apparently, it was to help siege buildings faster... So I tried out some cav boxing in scenarios and found that some were really good like the 49 Imperial Oprichniks and 1 Imperial Tartar Loyalist, 49 Imperial Life Guards (Advanced arsenal upgraded) and 1 Imperial Dragoon, and 49 Exalted Steppe Riders (fu) and 1 Exalted Keshik. I figured I like the Chinese one since Steppe Riders only take one pop and have 64 siege attack so you could have two cav boxes. I also heard about the dreaded dog boxing. So I was wondering, does each civ have a great cav box? (Sorry if this is a bit long...)
posted 08-08-11 08:56 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2  
AFAIK yes. 39 melee and 1 ranged cav or 49 melee and 1 ranged cav make a box and a box is good. so yes.

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posted 08-25-11 09:27 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2  
IMO no. Hussar boxes, uhlan boxes, flail boxes, meteor boxes, axe rider boxes... etc... all inadequate as far as I'm concerned.

They lack seige power and HP to do any real damage. A few goons will destroy that easily before it does any real damage.
So in the end you'd jsut be wasting the precious resources you spent on making high cost huss type units :P

The only real viable horse boxes are the Gendarme box, oprichnik box, and the dog soldier box.

Gend box has enough HP and decent seige to do soeme damage. Oprichnik has great seige damage to cut through bases fast, but fairly bad HP.

and dog soldiers are THE best cav box in game. GREAT HP, and GREAT seige, and GREAT speed.

granted av boxes are virtually useless once you reach, oh, major level? Everyone can defend vs them fairly simply.

And I personally suggest not using them as a general rule. They're fun to do sometimes, but if yo uwant to get better at the game, dont lame cav boxes a lot. not much skill involved, and its not terribly practical.

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