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Topic Subject: Age of Empires IV
posted 07-19-11 10:51 PM EDT (US)   
Here's My Take one what an AOE IV would look like

Age of Empires IV

I: Victorian Age (Early 1900s)
II: Age of Flight (WWI)
III: Atomic Age (WWII/Early Cold War)
IV: Age of Jets (Korea/Vietnam)
V: Digital Age (90s through present day)
Units, Structures, and Upgrades
(Italics indicate building, bold indicates unit, and underline indicates upgrade)
Town Center: Same as from previous games, makes workers, and can rally a town defense. (I)
Worker(I): Gatherer, Builder, and Repairer
Town Defense(I): A group of 10 militia come in aid of your city. Fast, cheap, but very weak. Intended for defense purposes only. (unlike AOE III, they do not lose health over time)
Barracks: Same as previous games. Builds all infantry types, and has basic upgrades for them.
Soldier(II): Basic Foot Soldier, armed with rifle. Can fire ten shots before Reload.
Machine Gun(II): Primitive Machine Gun. Requires set up before use, and must reload every thirty shots.
Anti-Tank Infantry(III): Man armed with rocket capable of penetrating Tank Armor. One shot before reload.
Sniper (III): Stealthy unit, one shot one kill to all age III infantry, with very long range. Once ambushed it does little good, but if kept out of sight or behind men, it does very good. Two shots before reload.
Rocket Men(III): Man armed with bazooka, good for knocking out buildings, and does splash damage. One shot before reload.
Flame Thrower(III): Does large area of affect, and does not require reload. Weak against tanks and aircraft.
Mortar Team(III): Two men with a mortar. Good against infantry and buildings.
Modern Marine(IV): Armed with sub machine assault rifle, thirty shots before reload. Upgrade of Soldier.
Assault Soldier(IV): Armed with tripod machine gun. Requires set up, and can let off a hundred rounds without reloading.
Veteran Anti-Tank(IV): Upgrade of Anti-Tank. (Couldn’t come with better name. Any ideas?)
Bazooka (IV): Upgrade of Rocket Men, and capable of taking down helicopters.
Commando (IV): Upgrade of Sniper. Has stealth, and capable taking out any infantry units in one shot. Also can call down a Nuclear Missile if you have one, automating the missile to hit where you tell it to, and giving you line of sight into enemy territory.

Market: Upgrades worker’s gathering efficiency, armor and attack, as well as allows trade.
Wheel Barrel(II): Faster Food Gathering (not including farms)
Electric Saws(II): Faster Wood Gathering
Jackhammers(II): Faster Mining
Oil Well(II): Required for gathering Oil
Logging(III): Faster Logging
Hunting Scopes(III): Faster Hunting
Semi-trucks(III): Faster Berry Gathering
Water Drilling(III): Required for Drilling in the water
Right to Bear Arms(IV): Gives Workers weapons strong enough to fend for themselves in a fight
Citizen Protection(IV): Give workers stronger armor against attack.

Tower: Detects Stealthy Snipers, and Commandos, and will alert you when seen.
Guard Tower(II): Detects Stealth units, alerts, and fires.
Sniper Tower(III): Detects, alerts, fires, with range and attack increase.
Radar Tower(III): Requires Radar. Detects, alerts, LOS increased, and automatically sends out defense from nearest town center.

Factory: Builds vehicles, such as tanks, with basic upgrades.
Tank(II): Basic “Calvary” of the game. High armor, with splash damage. Good against buildings and infantry. Trample damage as well.
Jeep(III): Light, but fast vehicle. Can transport five men. Armed with two men with sub machine guns, good for scouting and worker harassing.
Artillery(II): Long range cannons. Good against buildings and infantry. Can shoot farther than line of sight if another unit reveals the land. Beware, large area of effect and friendly fire is on for this unit.
Explosive Specialists(III): Can set mines, and sabotage vehicles and buildings. Has stealth ability. Attacks with only pistols, and very weak.
Missile Artillery(IV): Mobile Missile launch platform. Has unlimited range, but missile has chance of interception, so it is advised to get as close as possible without being seen.
Computerized Artillery(IV): Artillery with longer range, and very good accuracy.
Modern Armor(V): Very good unit, but very expensive. Armed with a heavy machine gun on top, with heavy armor, and long range main gun.
Anti-Air Truck(III): Mobile AA gun
Anti-Air Missile Truck(IV): Mobile AA truck with small tracking missiles.
Machine-Gun Trucks (IV): Can transport 10 men, armed with heavy machine gun. Very quick and agile.

Airport: Where all aircraft is made, with basic upgrades. Planes can be repaired by landing in hanger.
Biplane(II): Earliest of all planes. Short ranged attack, poor speed. Best use is for scouting, or rushing, since no anti air can be made until age III.
Fighter (III): Basic mono-plane, decent speed and attack.
Bomber(III): Drops five bombs consecutively, with large area of effect. Slow and poor air-to-air attack.
Jet Fighter(IV): High Speeds, with high attack. Can easily intercept missiles.
Jet Bomber(IV): Faster than normal bomber, and drops eight bombs. Has rear and forward machine guns for air-to-air attack.
Missile Plane(IV): A plane that shoots missiles, but not other weaponry. If landed in hanger, each plane can individually be equipped with nuclear missiles, if you have one made, and upgrade is completed. Missile planes are fast, and good way to get a Nuke off quickly.
Stealth Bomber(V): Bomber with eight bombs, lacking air-to-air, but is stealthy and avoids radar.
Stealth Fighter(V): No more than a fighter with stealth. Expensive to make.
Predator (V): Computerized, unmanned plane with huge speed, and avoids most Anti Air and even fighters. No attack whatsoever.
Helicopter(III): Basic hover aircraft, mounted with a single machine gun
Chopper Transport(III): Basic air transport
Gunship(IV): Merges Chopper Transport and Helicopter, holding ten men, armed with four machine guns.
Missile Chopper(IV): Chopper with missile capabilities. Missiles are tracking with upgrade, and can take bombers out of the sky easily.
Atomic Bomber(III): Drops Atomic Bombs, but is easily killed. If plane it shot down, bomb will not detonate. Requires Fission.

Nuclear Missile Silo: Capable of building Nuclear Missiles. Must research Fission first.
Nuclear Missile(IV): Weapon capable of mass destruction. Does very large area of affect, kills everything within area of affect, no matter how much armor or hit points.
Space Flight: Allows Nukes to be shot up into the air, allowing to them to reach great distances quickly, and less time that it can be intercepted.

Bunker: Secure underground haven for workers or men, that is safe from bombings and nuclear explosions. Holds 20 people each. Vulnerable to normal land to land attack though.

Dock: Constructs all naval vessels, economic and war, along with basic naval upgrades.
Fishing Ship(I): Fishing Boat that gathers food. No attack.
Ironclads(I): Old, obsolete cruisers, but used during the early ages for quick defense.
Dreadnought(II): Primary Battleship used during WWI. Nice range and attack, but nothing like the great Battleships of WWII and onward.
Cruiser(III): Light frigate, not too expensive, and pretty fast. Has a couple guns and an AA gun. Upgrades from Ironclads.
Battleship(III): Upgrades from Dreadnought, and has considerable more firepower and range. Equipped with five heavy guns, and three heavy machine AA guns. Very expensive. Warning: Only unit in the game that is an upgrade from a previous ship, but price changes and does not change existing units to modern type.
Destroyer(III): Light frigate with torpedoes, and Sonar with upgrades. No Anti-Air, and has one surface to surface gun. Main purpose is Anti-Sub.
Submarine(III): Invisible to all units without Sonar. Equipped with torpedoes.
Air-Craft Carrier(III): A large, expensive vessel, with a few anti air and a few surface to surface guns. Acts as portable Airport, with the ability to construct Fighter-Bombers. Any planes that are not bomber class can land and heal. With planes, it is a force to be reckoned with.
Fighter-Bomber(III): Made within the Air-Craft Carrier. Can be repaired within carrier, and has machine guns just as a fighter, but has a single bomb to be dropped on nearby ships or buildings.
Missile Cruiser(IV): Launches Missiles, including Nuclear Missiles, from a single platform on the ship. It is not strong against oncoming ships, but acts as sea artillery.
Modern BattleshipsIV): Heavy Warships, equipped with heavy armored hull, ten heavy guns, and eight anti-air guns. Can also be equipped with Tomahawk Missiles after upgrade
Modern Carrier(IV): Upgrades range and attack, heals planes quicker, and can make Missile Planes as well as Fight Bombers
Nuclear Cruiser(V): Cruiser that is Nuclear power based. Very expensive in other recourses, but requires no Oil.
Nuclear Submarine(V): Attack, range, and armor much more than normal Submarine, and cost no Oil.

Research Center (II): This is where all your research takes place. These upgrades are not necessarily attack, range, and defense upgrades, but upgrades that allow you to access different features in the game.
Flight(II): Allows the construction of airports, and all aircraft.
Radar(III): All town centers have Radar, which can show approximate locations of units outside of your line of vision.
Sonar(III): Allows you to see ships coming that are outside of your line of vision, and can detect submarines.
Fission(III): Expensive but powerful upgrade. Allows all production of Nuclear Weaponry.
Computers(IV): Allows production of computerized units such as Predators, or Computerized Artillery.
Rockets(IV): Allows missile development.
Fusion(V): Allows production of nuclear powered units.
Stealth(V): Allows production of Stealth aircraft, and commandoes and snipers to avoid radar detection.
Spy Satellites(V): Allows One spot on the map to be revealed during the whole game. You may move this spot, but the area of revelation cannot be any larger, and there may not be more than one.

Weapons Manufacturer(II): Upgrades of war are found here.
Machine Guns(II): Allows production of Machine Gun based units.
Weapons Upgrade I (II): Upgrades all weapons.
Armor Upgrade I (II): Upgrades all armor
Weapons Upgrade II (III): Upgrades all weapons.
Armor Upgrade II (III): Upgrades all armor
Weapons Upgrade III (IV): Upgrades all weapons.
Armor Upgrade III (IV): Upgrades all armor
Weapons Upgrade IV (V): Upgrades all weapons.
Armor Upgrade IV (V): Upgrades all armor


The United States of America: Formed by a revolution against her mother country, Britain, America has risen to world power, and, after they emerged victorious from the Second World War, they were considered one of if not the most Powerful Nation in the world.
America is a well-rounded civ, with good ground, good navy, and good air force (in the later ages). They lack a good air-force in the early ages, as the fighter is replaced with a cheaper “Wildcat”, but this pays off as it upgrades into the superior F-15 in the later ages.
Navy Seal(IV): Replaces marine. Can take more hits than an average soldier, and slightly faster.
Wildcat(III): A slower, but cheaper plane that replaces the Fighter.
F-15(IV): Replaces Jet Fighter, and has more speed than a normal Jet.

The United Kingdom: Once the most powerful nation in the world, the UK has lost many of its colonies over the past century, and has lost much of its power. The world wars took its toll on Britain, arguably making it through only because of the United States help. They remain a world power, but nowhere near the status they held a century ago.
The United Kingdom, being an island nation, has a strong navy. Each of their boats has a stronger hull, and is 1/3 the price.
Unique Units: I couldn’t think of any modern units. Feel free to post ideas.

Germany: The Germans posed one of the greatest threats in history to all of Europe, during the two great world wars. Although they lost both wars, they won many victories, mainly in the second world war with Hitler and Nazi-ism.
The one who controls the air controls the war. Germany was the first to realize this, and therefore has a great air advantage in the early ages, and all Jet units are available to them in the Atomic Age, instead of the Age of Jets.
Panzer(III): Replaces Tank, and is considerably faster and has slightly more attack.

USSR: Once a great empire ruled by Czars, now a poverty stricken communist nation, Russia’s power is in its numbers, not in technology. Most of its units cheaper, but most late game units are denied to Russia. Your best bet with Russia is to win in the early game, because any other nation can easily outlast you in the late game.
Armed Peasant(I): Replaces the soldier, and is very cheap, and can be trained in great numbers. They are very weak though.






I had the idea of an Expansion for it being the “Rise of the Terrorists”, and adding a Terrorist like Civ in the mix.

If you have any ideas please let me know!
posted 07-20-11 08:48 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
Isn't going to work for a game as detailed as one of that "Age of Empires" games traditionally are. My advice would be to split it at 1918, Make AoE 4 from 1876-1918 and AoE 5 from 1918-2000.

As for the actual proposal:
- Snipers and Machine Guns existed in the early 1900s.
- Infantry Mortars existed in WW1.
- Marines only exist as a separate force in the US.
- Bazooka were WW2 anti-tank missiles, you may be thinking of Stingers.
- Commandos existed in WW2.

- Towers were no longer in common use by this point, except as reconnaissance posts.

- Artillery (of the sort you describe) was around in 1900.
- Machine gun trucks were around in WW2.
- You really need to add 'Armoured Cars'.
- More Tank varieties.

- Aircraft were first used by the military for reconnaissance purposes in 1911.
- Both fighters and bombers were around in WW1, though they were not hugely fast or powerful, but were still dangerous.
- Jet fighters were in service in late WW2, and jet bombers followed up in the early 50s.
- Missile planes would have been equipped with only bombs (missile only fighters proved to be a huge flop).
- Only the US currently has stealth bombers.
- The Predator drones are slower than most if not all contemporary trainers.

- The term "Ironclad" was well past by 1900 as most if not all warships were built more-or-less entirely of steel. The terms were now battleship (before Dreadnought), and later Pre-Dreadnought/Dreadnought Battleship.
- Cruisers were around in the 1900s, as scout ships for the navies, and as general-purpose warships.
- Submarines were around in WW1.
- Fighter-Bombers (AKA light bombers) were used as much on land as on the sea.
- Ballistic missiles were not generally carried aboard surface vessels.
- Battleships went out of fashion after WW2.
- Cruisers are not separate ships these days, merely differently-armed destroyers, and destroyers are generally not nuclear powered.
- Nuclear submarines were in service in the mid-1950s, with ballistic missile submarines were around by the late 1950s.

- Make the unique units of the United States the Marine (ages 3-5, better Soldier), A-10 Thunderbolt (ages 4-5, heavy ground-attack aircraft) and Harrier (ages 4-5, with Britain, slower but more manouverable than conventional fighter, capable of dodging some anti-air missiles)

- Give Britain the Mosquito (age 3, advanced Fighter-Bomber, faster than most fighters), Harrier (ages 4-5, with United States) and Gurkha (ages 1-5, Soldier who can move easily through forest/jungle).

- Give Germany the Stormtrooper (age 3, basically An Early Assault Soldier) and Stug (ages 3-4, a better self-propelled gun).

- Give Russia/USSR the Tachanka (ages 2-3, a machine gun in a horse-drawn cart, it can move and deploy quicker than regular machine-guns), T-34 (age 3, a better-armoured medium tank) and Kirov Battlecruiser (a heavy cruiser with excellent air-defence).

- Give France the Legionnaire (ages 1-5, a soldier who only takes up half a population space) and Char B1 (age 3, a slow, but extremely well-armoured medium tank).

I don't know about any of the others.

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