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Preview: Battle for the underworld is your basic RTS game where you can play as four different races. Each race has it's own bonuses. The story is set in the near future of the 2030s when modern man finally discovered certain fantastical creatures that harassed them for so long existed, now the humans were ready to fight back with modern military might.

Humans: the human race has been the dominant race for years. The only thing that had protected other creatures from man was their masquerade, but when mankind discovered them, the creatures were going to learn that their food (humans) were going to take revenge.
Strengths: powerful modern and advanced technology like tanks and attack helicopters.
Have large dominance in open warfare and shown good adaptability in shadow warfare.
Weakness: Expensive powerful units
Rely on electricity to work their buildings and defences.
Their infantry are weaker in melee.

The Fair folk: Actually quite good willed and fiercely loyal to Mother Nature, the faeries are a secretive but powerful faction. The faeries could often summon dragons and sea serpents into battle to support them. The faeries are notorious for stealing children from humans, something the humans don't take kindly. However they vowed to Mother Nature to keep the world safe from the devil's army.
Strengths: Powerful magic
Easy to play as
Decently balanced army

The Undead: Death has been man's deepest fear. And now he has risen with armies of the undead. The Undead are very skeletal in nature but have hoards of zombies as well.
Strengths: Large numbers of infantry
Units are very cheap and can be built in larger numbers than others.
Weaknesses: infantry are very weak and are vulnerable to ranged combat.

tech tree:
Mobile headquaters (Trains construction cranes and veterans)
Police station (trains policemen, swat vans and police helicopters)
Boot camp (trains heavy infantry like marines, rocklaunchers,snipers and exosuit infantry)
Drop zone (trains heavy vehicles like Bradely APCs, MLRS systems and tanks)
Helipad(trains non-fixed winged aircraft like blackhawks, comanches and Apaches)
Strike command center (calls in heavy air units like skyships (massive four propelled helicopters with immense hp and attack), air strikes and orbital bombardment from Satellites)
Power centre (provides power, can be upgraded with a fusion core to increase power production)
Bank (provides credits)

Fair folk:
Tree of life (trains Will O'Wisps)
Haven tree (trains infantry such as elven warriors, elven archers and dryads)
Embassy tree (Creatures from other races like goblin spies, centaur warriors (ranged cavalry) and huldras)
Sanctuary (trains unicorn warriors, basilisks and Ents)
Dragon's nest (trains dragons)
Dryad's tree (Summons magical powers like earth dragons,the roots of trees and other nature orientated trees)

Crypt (trains acolytes)
Graveyard (trains zombies, skeletal warriors and skeletal knights)
Pyramid (trains Anubis warriors and mummified chariot warriors)
Hellgate (trains demons, hellhounds and black dragons)
Lich king's citadel (summons various powers like meteor strikes, a demonic lord and forest fires)

Hero system: Each faction will have different kinds of heroes. The humans train veterans. Veterans could range from being in the army where they appear as elderly and powerful foot soldiers to being mechanized (appear in tanks) being in the air force (they come in enhanced helicopters) to being in the navy, the navy veteran will appear in a smart uniform and peaked cap. he is weak in combat but can call in bombardments from destroyers and missiles from submarines. The fair folk start off with a faery queen. She will have various kinds of powers. The Undead have the grim reaper, the most powerful undead unit, he gets stronger by harvasting corpses and killing units.

Resource system: The resource system is unique for each race. The humans need credits and electricity. Credits is used to gain units while electricity is used to power buildings. A human building is useless without power, it requires a power generator to be built near it.
The fair folk: The fair folk use mana and seeds. Mana is gathered automatically by trees and so are seeds. Mana is used to gain units while seeds are used to grow trees.
The Undead: The Undead need souls. Souls can be gathered from any corpse. Normally you gain souls by having your acolytes harvest from graves but you get more souls from killing units.

Gameplay: The battles mainly take place in cities at night time. The humans can built their buildings freely but the fairies require trees to shape their buildings. The Undead start off with all their buildings ready for them. There will be human civilians on the map who walk around and drive cars. Their attitude towards depends on your race. Civilians may take up arms and fight for a human army, and are normally quite comfortable in the presence of their own kinds. The civilians may not react to the presence of faeries but would run from them if attacked. The undead can kill civilians for souls.

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