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The age of the greedy colonisation is over. Africa is free from it's oppressive regime but a new darkness has arisen: the warlords of Africa have set up oppressive regimes in Africa. They go out terrorising the local population and taking their children from them. Government troops try their best but have a difficult time trying to keep the peace. The United Nations has been called upon to enforce peace throughout Africa and protect Third World support groups that are from Europe.

In the game there are three unique playable factions. The Tribes, Warlords and the United Nations. Gameplay is standard RTS gameplay and each faction has it's strengths and weaknesses. The main resources of the game are credits and power. Each faction has it's unique resource as well, for the tribes it's food (you build farms), for the United Nations it's supplies (you build drop zones) and for the warlords it's scrap (you build junkyards).

The Tribes:
The tribes are local people who are suffering and starving as their government is loosing the war. They suffer the most because their villages have been pillaged, their children taken and brainwashed into becoming child soldiers so they decided to make a stand. The clans have armed themselves with modern weaponry to help them in their struggle but where they lack in tanks and air support, they make with in numbers, tactics and courage.
Pros: Plenty of warriors
They can go invisible in the jungles to sneak attacks and can pick off their enemies by surprise.
They are cheap and can amass quickly.
Cons: No tanks or air support
Their buildings being simple hut like buildings can be easily destroyed, they don't require power to work.

The United Nations:
The United Nations are normally a peace keeping faction made up of many different countries. They have the best air force and their units can be off any nationality that is part of the United Nation. However they can all on various unique units, each from a different faction:
This includes the Irish ranger wing, the British chieftain and German lepoard 2, the American apache and the French Rafale. All the units are of various nationalities.
Pros: Best airforce and armoured units
Infantry are extremely efficient in combat
Have auto turrets (robotic turrets that don't have to be manned)
Cons: Very expensive units.
Require a lot of power for their tough and resistant buildings, they build power generators.

For most of the twentieth century, these warriors were once courageous freedom fighters battling the Belgians and British. However when they took power, they turned on the government and became an extremely ruthless group that terrorised tribes with their pickups, machine guns and ultra loud rock music. The government tried to stop them but with very little hopes and eventually got defeated after the fall of freetown.
Pros: Very balanced army
Don't require as much power for their buildings
Can gain credits by destroying local tribes or buildings on the map.
tanks and air units are not as strong
Their main form of gaining credits are slave mines to extract blood diamonds which are not as quick as the other factions. (Tribes people use farms to gain credits while the United Nations build drop zones, a helicopter regularly provides a lot of credits per turn.)

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