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Topic Subject:Ottoman Faster & Crazier FF Strategy Ever
posted 08-15-18 10:46 AM EDT (US)         
The name of this my own strategy is called "2 cannons rush" you guys will know why in just a moment.
With this strategy you can start attack with 2 cannons much earlier, about 1 to 1min 30 sec sooner, so you will make your opponent suffer to deal with 2 cannons and also 15 +janissaries.

Cards order

700 coin,700w, Palace Intrigue (church card), 2 cannons, 8 jan, 6 jan, etc (i know ya very crazy NO 3 villagers)

Build Order:

Make a TP and 1 home (in case of 1 more crate of wood save it to make new TP in transition to colonial age in case you find wood treasure, if not just make mosque, if you don't have extra wood crate just wait and build mosque later)
Start aging with 1 tower 200c around 2:30 min

Transition (I-II):

Collect rest of wood to make new TP if you find wood treasure (and had started with 400w) if you don't find wood treasure just make mosque (case of 400w) and collect only 100 coin and all villagers go to food.
Be carefull to not over collet coin or wood cause you have less villagers since you didn't send 3 villagers shipment but is the only way to make this faster unless you are in team game and collect 2 treasures of 245 xp

AGE 2:

Collect the 200c with 1 vill and keep gathering food until 1200 make a foward tower (as close as you can) with outpost wagon, send 700c and age up with fast option (you start advancing around 5:50) and right away send 700w.
Since you have less villagers you will start advancing a bit later comparing with normal otto FF (but you will reach age3 first cause you advance with fast option 40sec not with 4 hussar or 4 abus options), so you will have time enough to send 700w and also church card in age 2 and cause you didn't send 3 vill shipment, when you reach fortress age you will have another shipment.

Transition (II-III):

Send Palace intrigue
Soon you click to age up start collecting wood with all villagers until get 300 wood to add with 700w and get 15 janissaries from church, also you need population space for 8 jan and other military shipments after 2 falconets.

AGE 3:

Send 2 falconets first and get the Tufanci Corps improvement from mosque next(15 janissaries) and start your first attack around 7 min (is essencial need send all army from the tower fb)
Next thing to do is sending janissaries shipments to support the cannons so you need unfortunately collect more wood from trees.

Why it works well ?
Because even with bad economy you make a rush basicaly but with cannons as well so you have good bonus here.

It works pretty well vs Normals FF (Otto slow FF option and Spain FF) or 5 units Semi FF cause you will have about 1 minute and some useful seconds to make good damage with falconets, meaning siege houses, military bases or probably siege TC to avoid opponent's 2 falconets or other age 3 shipments.

I just need advices and opinions about how to make this faster or maybe make this in this time (6:50 to 7 min the 2 cannons arrived) but sending 3 vills shipment as well, don't come say it doesn't work or normal slow FF options is better cause i tested it and works very well, just imagine how powerful is 2 falcs shipment and more powerful when you have it sooner without 1 culverin or big cav mass or opponent's 2 falconets to counter it so easy.

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