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Topic Subject:ports vs germans
posted 12-31-19 10:41 PM EDT (US)         
hi guys, i have been playing a lot of ports lately and i realy started liking it even though it is difficult i play on land maps. mostly great plains from the original game [ i know the hunts suck]. I wanted to know what to do as ports against early germany, i cant gather enough food safely even herding bc of the uhlans.. plus they mass up so fast that i dont know what to do, any tips? i usually do a huss semi, some times since its germany musk semi. 700g 600g age up, but they age before me..
posted 01-12-20 03:24 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
Although this answer won't be of any help to you, I'm wondering something similar. I've been spamming Ports 1v1 in the Master Seargent/2nd Lt range TAD and they are incredibly underpowered. Which makes them fun to play I think. I think against a player of similar skill to yourself, winning as Ports in a straight 1v1 is an uphill battle because of the reasons you mentioned.

I know Aizamk runs an interesting all out rush with Ports using the forward TC and military shipments that could play as "the best defense is a good offense" sort of thing, but even that I find myself depleted by the time my enemy is ready. Hopefully some higher level players can point us in the right direction though.
posted 03-03-20 10:10 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
@patrickbateman: aiz can probably win most games with just about any strategy
But yea, aiz's ports rush strategy would work well against a fast fortress germany. I haven't played for a long time, so I can't give any other advice.

I no longer play aoe3 actively. In fact, I no longer play any video game. That's how lame I've become.
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