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Topic Subject:Recover old ESO Account without E-Mail
posted 06-12-17 06:16 AM EDT (US)         
Hello my fellow AoE fans,

so after 4 years pause, I decided to play AoE 3 again, now that I'm through the campaign again, I want to play some Multiplayer, the problem is, I forgot my username and my password.

Ok, no problem, I got my username back from the recover help, I just gave my Product ID and CD Key that I have here.

Now the real problem is the password. I forgot it and can't remember in years what it was. So I knew the security question to reset my password and now they send me an E-Mail where I can reset it. But I don't know what E-Mail it was, and even when I don't have access anymore to it.

Then I tried to write an e-mail to
where I described my problem and asked if they could reset my password or change my e-mail but I think the e-mail is down or doesn't work because I only get a message back where it says it can't send the e-mail because the remote servers are configured wrong.

Now I don't know what to do, I know my username but not my password or e-mail, and I don't want to buy it again just to play online.

Maybe you guys can help me, thanks for any reading.

Also I'm thankful for any answer,
AoE3H Seraph
(id: fred_ernie)
posted 06-12-17 06:30 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1       

From the stickied FAQ at the top try the following:

Q: I lost my ESO password, what can I do?
A: Try first to use the “forgot password” button on the login screen. If you are unable to properly reset your password then:
1) E-mail put “password help” in the subject line
2) Answer the auto response e-mail with the appropriate information
3) Be sure to include the e-mail you registered with and your PID.

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