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Scenario Design
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Topic Subject: Can you make a custom civilization with just triggers?
posted 05-18-21 02:39 PM EDT (US)   
have just learned some things from the editor of aoe3 and I see that it is very different from that of aoe2.
I wanted to do some things but I do not see a way to do them, I have looked for FAQs, tutorials, custom triggers and others but I do not know what the limits of the editor are. I explain:

- I have tried to make custom unidaqdesaa by changing the names and the only way I have found is with the "Change name protonit" effect and adding a "mod" by loading a stringtabley.xml.xmb file edited with name and IDs to assign a name to it customized to one unit. Unfortunately I cannot rename a unit when it is updated, the editor does not show updated units eg "Imperial Hussar" and neither in triggers.

- I do not know if it is possible or exists a way that a unit can train in another building that does not correspond to it? for example to train "Hussars" in the barracks

- I have seen it possible to make certain technologies accessible, including those that are given by letters. I have tried to create a custom deck with cards from different metropolises by making the technology obtainable but it does not appear in the deck. What should i do to create custom decks in the editor?

- This I think is already a topic for the mods section but there is a trigger that allows me to change the name and the flag of the civilization. I have been able to change the name by adding lines to the stringtabley.xml.xmb file, but in the case of a flag, what file should I modify to add its own flag?

- Would all of the above be easier programming a MOD?

My English is not good I hope you understand what I ask
posted 05-20-21 09:08 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2  
I presume you are on Definitive Edition?

I do not have expert knowledge on what the exact limitations with triggers are, as in what or whatnot you can accomplish with them. If you're looking to create your own civilization though, that's really not within the realm of scenario design.
What you want to do is create a mod.

With triggers you can in general create superficial changes, like changing the name of a player and such things.

You should be looking into modding instead.
posted 05-23-21 07:08 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2  
Hello. If I am talking about the DE and if you have options the triggers to customize more

I have been researching on modding and it is better to make a mod.
I'm already experimenting and I've had several crashes but I'm learning
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