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Topic Subject: Age Of Empires III: The Ancient Age
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posted 10-03-07 02:45 PM EDT (US)   
The Ancient Age is a Total Conversion Mod for Age Of Empires III TAD about the Ancient Times, which will be made by Tilanus Commodor & Ca Putt. Almost everyone of us started just with a minor basic knowledge, but we are developing ourselves. The Ancient Age is not an Age Of Mythology or Age Of Empires I Remake. Nevertheless the Age Of Empires Series is among other RTS-Games a true inspiration for us.

It is our aim to include five new civilisations: The Carthaginians, Celts, Hellenes, Persians and Romans. Besides we are willed to develop an unique gameplay, which will be a good contrast to other mods and the original game. This includes for example a new building & unit system. Since the modification's setting takes place in a completely different age you can expect a lot of new material. More details will be revealed when the time is better.

» Media «

The Romans

Bonus: Cheaper fortifications, 1 Hastatus/Barrack
Archaic Unit: Spearman 'Voluntarius'
Campaign: Legio VI Ferrata
Infantry & Siege equipment and versatility
Good Commanders
Medium Cavalry & Fleet
Expensive Archer support

Eques, Age II - Roman Lancer, good against light units, suitable for raids
Princeps, Age III 1st Upgrade of the Hastatus; Heavy Melee Infantry with ranged attack

The Hellenes

Bonus: Free Villagers & Scholars by Age Up
Archaic Unit: Slinger 'Sphendonotes'
Campaign: Macedonians
Balanced Army
Economy & Technology
Slow Core Army
Average Military Improvements
Realization of 'The Ancient Age'
To realize a huge project like The Ancient Age an active team is absolutely needed. Even if there is already a new active team, we'd like to extent the amount of workers to speed up the process of production. Therefore we are looking for new ambitious members, who want to learn fast and work practically.

We appreciate every new interested request, even if we have to refuse some people, they tried it and had the good intention to help us.
The more people work for our project, the faster will we finish it, simpliest logic, isn't it? So take your chance and prevent stagnation or a long periods of waiting. We support everyone who »really« wants to help us and is not just taking a look for two weeks. Thanks.

Free Jobs:
Texturers [no limit]
Coders [max.2]
Graphic Artists [no limit]
Concept Artists [no limit]
Co-Balancers [max.2]

Terms of Admission
Will to improve your abilities/will to work alone and with the Team
Appropriate expenditure of time for this project
Communicative availability (do not ignore PMs, MSN messages or emails)
some background knowledge

We do that mod alone.

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posted 12-05-07 10:15 AM EDT (US)     51 / 332  
Just go online in MSN and I'll show you everything.

» The Ancient Age | Napoleonic Era «

» Modding is art! «
posted 12-05-07 06:05 PM EDT (US)     52 / 332  
Do you have a msn group? If so, what is it? I will only be online 3:45
posted 12-07-07 00:45 AM EDT (US)     53 / 332  
rather than persians i'd use Carthaginians but thats just me...
posted 12-09-07 05:58 AM EDT (US)     54 / 332  
I like the idea of Carthage, however the Persians played a vutal part in Ancient history so i see no need to replace them.

Plus Carthage could use a lot of units we would have already created, as in both the first and second punic wars they focused on hiring mercenaries, but when it came to the third they were a make shift army of civilians and lost the war.

So in actual fact we could do both.

==Jacobite Joe==
  • Ancient Mod
  • posted 12-09-07 11:02 AM EDT (US)     55 / 332  
    Nevertheless we could include them as Natives.
    posted 12-11-07 06:31 AM EDT (US)     56 / 332  
    The Carthaginian "Sacred Band" were their Elite "Phoeni" units and included both Heavy Cavalry and Heavy Infantry.

    They (Phoenician Colonists) also ruled the seas for several hundred years and ran a trade consortium in the western Mediterranean. They used Mercenaries from North Africa, Spain Gaul and Italy. Their Navy and Marines were the best.

    Their use of War Elephants followed the Invasion of Phyrus of Eprius when he terrorized Rome and Sicily.

    Fort Ligionier Key to the West in 1758-1766
    French and Indian War and Pontiac's War
    posted 12-11-07 12:59 PM EDT (US)     57 / 332  
    Persians need to be in the mod as a major civ. They basically formed the eastern border of Rome's influence, serve as an excellent foil to Greece in the game, had access to perhaps the widest variety of mercenaries and elite corps in history, and contributed a lot to the world in religion and economics.

    Also, they're one of the only civs to bridge the entire likely time span of the game. From early Greek written record down to the end of the Roman empire, they were there. In fact, if you're thinking of including the Scythians, they too were an Iranic people and could very well enter the game as a native ally of Susa AND of Ionian Greece.

    As for Carthage, the entirety of North Africa will have to be treated somewhat differently for the purposes of the timespan of this game, which I'm assuming stretches from about the Doric conquest to about the fall of the Roman Empire.

    In the earliest days, North Africa was 3 parts: Egypt, Egypt's vassal states, and their rancorous neighbors. Then Phoenicians settled North Africa and initially adopted much of the culture of Egypt to the east and the Berbers and Numidians to the west and south. The entire realm of North Africa was then divided into mainly Egyptian influence and mainly Carthaginian influence. Egypt let its military go and focused on the unique economic boon of being trade neighbors with Carthage, but also friendly to Greek and later Roman interests. In this way North Africa was a;lmost entirely Romanized and demilitarized. Carthage could be represented as having a strong early and midgame military, and a good - to - robust economy with many fishing upgrades and warship upgrades later in the game. One of its royal guard units could be a warship. The other could be an elephant unit, which would make up for its relatively weak infantry. (I'd think it would be most fair to make the rest of the cavalry weak instead, but in fact historically North Africa was the horse country of the Roman Empire, and their light cav were exemplary.)

    I like to think of the Mediterranean world as a hexagon. In the center of the hexagon you have Greece, Rome, and Etruria; the hexagon can be viewed each of two ways.

    If the hexagon is drawn so that it rests on a vertex, the sides are in clockwise order from top right: Germanic peoples to the northeast, Persians and Arab or Syrian groups to the east, Egypt to the southeast, Carthage to the southwest, Iberians to the west, and Celtic tribes to the northwest.

    If the hexagon is drawn so that it rests on a flat side, the sides are in clockwise order from the top: Germanic peoples to the north, Persian and Scythian and other Indo-Aryan mounted tribes to the distant northeast; Syrians and Arabs to the southeast; Egyptians to the south; Carthage/Numidia to the southwest, and Celtic tribes to the northwest.

    This framework is very simplified but should give you 8 or 9 civs to begin with, and their relations; minor native allies should be drawn from within or between these groups. For instance, between the Germans and Persians you could have the Scythians, Huns, etc, between Arabia and Egypt you could have the kingdom of Judea, between Carthage and Gaul you could have Iberian groups, between Gaul and Germania you could have Thule (which could be early Vikings or even Laplanders or Inuit) etc.

    as for Etruscans, I'd like to see someone make them into a major civ, but they are less well-known historically and could probably be set up as a minor ally.

    Crunkatog on ESO
    Bart331 balance suggestion: aztec: remove civ
    Voltiguer: Ender, Sioux in 1.04 will be a top civ, no matter how many layers of Sioux goggles you put on
    schildpad on Elephants: ...their mansabdar unit sucks so hard it looks like a black hole
    Crunkatog on Steam.
    posted 12-19-07 06:05 AM EDT (US)     58 / 332  
    The Persians were replaced by the Parthians during Roman Era.

    The Scythians and their successors (the Huns and Sarmatians) were the best cavalry and ruled the steppes. Predated the Mongols and Turks but very similar.

    Roman scenarios should include both the Etruscans and Samnites.

    Eprius and Syracuse played a role in the Punic Wars as well.

    Macedonians of Alexander are a must.

    Fort Ligionier Key to the West in 1758-1766
    French and Indian War and Pontiac's War

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    posted 12-19-07 02:28 PM EDT (US)     59 / 332  
    sorry for not answering earlyer to your (very good) advises.

    first of all i would like to state something very general about this mod:
    we will start of with a rather small number of civs, knowing that this could frustrate the community, but imo it would be far more frustrateing to get this mod out after aoe V.
    if we can finish these few fast enouth we will continue with other important civs.
    were still not shure wether to include carthage or not, as you said there realy were very important in those times.
    If it would be possible i would love to make a mod showing more civs.
    I also am aware of all the civs that were colonised/pillaged/destroyed/overwhelmed by the roman empire, who mostly were far more advanced(at least in cultural aspects) than the romans before they conquered them, the Etruscans are the best example for that! that all in mind i still think that these civs are some of the most influential, important or well known(this tragically includes that history is written always by the victors)troughout the timeline, maybe do something with carthage or phonicians... we'll see.
    most of the "featured" civs had conflicts with each other or at least had considerable contact. celts may apear a bit off that but please take into account, that they were very wide spread and are the best choice for a "barbarian" civ( they won't be too "barbaric" imho they were less barbaric than the romans -> colosseum)

    @Cherusci : most of the civs you mentioned will certainly be included as either minor civs or auxillaries of the main civs(tho they would probably have diserved much more)

    (this is just my subjective opinoin it is not to be taken as the opinion of the whole team)
    posted 12-23-07 00:36 AM EDT (US)     60 / 332  
    Wow. This Mod looks great! I was wondering if I could give a very small hand. I'm pretty amature at modding but I see this as an opportunity to improve my skills. If I'm too horrible at modding, I could do some reaserch and stuff because I know a bit about this period of time.
    posted 12-23-07 10:11 AM EDT (US)     61 / 332  
    Hey Dudely, thanks for your offer. Actually there's no problem with your 'low-skill'-handicap, because this is of course a mod which staffs people like you. The point is we already have enough of them. We're now in a phase of improving our current horizon of expectation. Nevertheless, thanks for your offer.
    posted 12-27-07 07:32 AM EDT (US)     62 / 332  
    looks very good,you can take idea for units from roma:total war.
    posted 12-28-07 08:32 PM EDT (US)     63 / 332  
    Sure, RTW is a really cool game with some pros and cons. It's sometimes inaccurate, but some features are quite interesting. The Mods for RTW are way more accurate than the original game.
    posted 01-03-08 09:43 PM EDT (US)     64 / 332  
    are your guys going to have a roman HC, if so, do you think i could get a copy of it, more specicaly the temple?

    i want to make a Roman civ for my game (not publication) that would be like pagan rome didnt fall... all i really need would be an in game and HC temple, can you guys help plz?
    posted 01-03-08 11:33 PM EDT (US)     65 / 332  
    Most probably there won't be the normal HC with buildings since we have a lack of them. We didn't get into HC modding yet.

    We have two alternatives/ideas in reserve.
    posted 01-04-08 01:49 AM EDT (US)     66 / 332  
    so do you have an ingame temple? can i use it? if not i can always use the italian church that I inexplicably have.
    posted 01-04-08 05:45 AM EDT (US)     67 / 332  
    Try the Ossuarium. For a HC, it should work. We don't have a finished version of it right now.
    posted 01-04-08 10:44 AM EDT (US)     68 / 332  
    thanks ill try it
    posted 02-02-08 02:11 PM EDT (US)     69 / 332  
    Ave populi,
    in nomine illorum qui opera faciunt vos saluto!

    If you're able to read latin, you'll notice that we are still working and not dead, HeavenGames is a lie! ^^
    Many of us are busy with school and exams, this means often are just two people working. Nevertheless we still make progress.

    After we almost finished the basic civilisation structure, we're working out the details for Romans & Hellenes, which will be our Alpha civs. Their flags are almost done, when I've finished them I'll add them to the main post with some extra information. We are still looking for every kind of support, especially Unit Texturers, since I'm busy with managing and making overviews and outlines, I unfortunately haven't found the time to start texturing. So guys, we have the most interesting texture jobs! Or have you ever seen aesthetic textures of ancient warriors? Hoplitai in heroic breastplates? Versatile Legionarii led by a centurion? Take your chance to be first one who made them.

    Even if I'm very tolerant concerning personal breakes due to real life issues, there's still something like a pensum.
    I want you guys working, not to be lam0ring around. See this as a chance to prove your ability to work and to create in a team and on your own. Helping hands are welcome. =)


    The Ancient Age takes use oft the Age of Empires III engine and structure, but concerning units TAA is almost completely different.

    Ancient Warware was brutal hand-to-hand combat. Armament and physical strength and skill was decisive for every man who had to fight. We are willed to offer a bigger bandwith of unit improvements than Age of Empires III.
    These men will frighten, these men will kill, these men will not go down after some bloody hits!

    Our Balancer egel is working on a new counter-sytem, trying to avoid confusion ('Why is this fragile moron able to kill three horsemen?!') and to let shine in more realism. Since it's not finished yet I won't spend any superflous word on it anymore. If he finds the time, he'll probably tell you some details.

    When someone's talking about units there's also the question of the status of realism. We spend a lot of time on research and have some members with very useful background knowledge concerning every aspect of a culture. We'll use native names, but always give an english explanation too. This is not a realism simulation, but still a game. We won't choose the hardest words to shock you and ruin probably the game.

    Compared to the original Age Of Empires and most of its mods we don't have many standard units which all civilisations share in the relation 1:1. Nevertheless you'll of course recognize clear lines of standards such as Melee Infantry, Ranged Infantry, Light Cavalry and so on ...

    You can expect a lot of Tactical Units in siege combat, economy and Battlefield Support. Since AoE3 has a lack of modells for ancient siege engines, there'll be Human Siege Units (HSU) such as Diggers and Manuballistae. Scholars are civil units that do not completely replace factories, but supplement special areas of economy. You can train them in the Academy, there are at the moment 4 different types of scholars. Either they're studying Philosophy or Architecture, go out trading or are practicing their religion (Priests are also scholars). Not every scholar is available for each nation.
    Since Age Of Empires III had no drummers, officers or flag carriers, TAA will have a lot of different Battlefield Supporters. From the creepy assassin to the glorious general. However, their use will be limited, either due to a strict build limit, expensive costs, high pop or a long training time.

    There'll be of course Mercenaries: 3-civ-related, several map-related. They'll be available in the Government Building. The civ-related Mercenaries contain two types: Special and Guard. The Special Unit has upgrades, the Guard counters other Mercs. Guard and Special Unit can be the same.
    Some mercenaries will only be available via HC or techs.

    What happened to the real basic units like villagers? Still there of course, but they turned their faces away from Age Of Empires 3. They're sick of getting abused. Sick of stupid unit spamming, we'll try to make economy more attractive and pay more attention to these industriously columns of economy. In many strategy games you see them mostly as the weakest units, that's just wrong. Sure, they're not made for the battlefield, but the true power lies in the civil population. Riots, revolts, political murders! All that has its origins by simple workers. Especially in the first two ages will the civil population play also an important military role.
    Since we are proloning the ages, we are also increasing the possibilities. Slaves will be in, you buy them at the market.

    Every civ will have access to at least one Archaic Unit. They are strong villagers, available in the Town Center, having small boni against Treasure Guards and standard units, mostly equipped with slings and spears. In Age II you can indirectly upgrade all existing Militia into their successor unit. You still have the possibility to train them, even in later ages they'll be able to bear up against raids.

    Minutemen will be trained in groups in Watchtowers and are not anymore affected by decreasing hitpoints. They're too weak to raid, but a good multiplier of archaic units since they're affected by more improvements and have upgrades. They're not completely done yet, but we think about including villagers in our plans.

    [The TAA Team

    [This message has been edited by Tilanus Commodor (edited 02-02-2008 @ 10:49 PM).]

    posted 02-02-08 02:57 PM EDT (US)     70 / 332  
    Nice. May we have screenshots?
    posted 02-02-08 03:21 PM EDT (US)     71 / 332  
    I'm 100% sure Tilanus knew I was going to say that, but...

    Don't use my graphics without permission. This is the second time I warn you about that.

    I'll let you use my in-progress icon, anyway. But don't be confused, just because it's pinned it's not free for everyone.

    Also, very nice logo and bars. I can't wait to see in-game screenshots.

    Lord Tahattus - Register yourselves at the WotTA forum!
    War of the Triple Alliance Beta!
    Flags for new Civilizations, The Asian Dynasties, Knights and Barbarians and Napoleonic Era
    TWC Tutorials: Basics of Modding - The List of Modding No-nos - Adding a Nation - Music and Sounds - Initilization Failed

    WotTA back to active!
    posted 02-02-08 04:10 PM EDT (US)     72 / 332  
    I like the idea of Carthage, however the Persians played a vutal part in Ancient history so i see no need to replace them.
    What do you worry about? You've got 14, yes: F O U R T E E N free AI places, and you think about replacing with 5 civs??? Add the Carthaginians, so you have 6 civs!


    PS: Isn't it time to show something off to the public?

    |> Robert Faber (aka peugeot407)
    |> Humble Creator of: Knights and Barbarians, Danish Civ Mod, Several Tutorials and the Tutorial Database
    |> November 2007 Modding Contest: 2nd place (me: 360 pts, Captain_Soanso: 365 pts!)
    |> January 2008 Modding Contest: first place!

    When in doubt, flat out! (Colin McRae)
    posted 02-02-08 04:50 PM EDT (US)     73 / 332  
    the Ai limit is not the problem the problen is that 6 civs take more time to make than 5.
    we know that it sux to wait ages for a mod to come out, so we chose a small number of civs to get them finished within a reasonable timespan, we don't want to promise anything we cant accomplish. after were finished with these 5 we'll see whos next.
    i'm shure i already said that :P
    posted 02-02-08 05:03 PM EDT (US)     74 / 332  
    So you expect to be earlier done than Knights and Barbarians without a texturer?


    |> Robert Faber (aka peugeot407)
    |> Humble Creator of: Knights and Barbarians, Danish Civ Mod, Several Tutorials and the Tutorial Database
    |> November 2007 Modding Contest: 2nd place (me: 360 pts, Captain_Soanso: 365 pts!)
    |> January 2008 Modding Contest: first place!

    When in doubt, flat out! (Colin McRae)
    posted 02-02-08 06:01 PM EDT (US)     75 / 332  
    Haha, no man. Who said that?

    Honestly, I don't give a ... (you know the word) about timeplans. We don't have to produce ourselves.
    PS: Isn't it time to show something off to the public?
    No, if we don't feel like it, it's probably never 'time' for it, who knows? ^^

    See, we - the team - expect something from us. Most of us are new to modding, we wanna try out if we're capable to do this and it's all about fun, if we don't like it anymore, we may stop it? ^^

    Who do you think you are that you can claim anything from us? All you can do is hope that we release it! Let's come down to the basics man, it's our free time we spend on it, not yours. So we decide when it's 'time' to do anything. We're not advertising in this extent as other mods here, I think this is message enough. At odd times we'll present what we have done so far. Figure out that you all are just watching and commenting, but not claiming.
    I know it was just a simple question, but I thought - since we're not often posting here - it would be useful to emphasize our and your position for the future discussions.

    We've our own ambitions, but I don't think we are really competing with any mod here since there is no mod with a similar theme. I'm pretty sure we'll reach an acceptable status of quality with our mod. Everything moreover the quality is about taste.

    As Ca Putt already said, the amount of 5 civs are just a better motivation. We all would like to do more, but maybe not all will get the 5 civs done and we didn't want to look like one of these 'Vladislava mods' (I'm sorry dude, but it's true), which praise their amount of maps and civs to Heaven. To HeavenGames! And almost every bigmouth failed, so - just in case that we fail too - we fail with dignity ;P

    @Tahattus - I'm sorry. I didn't know you feel like that. ^^ I'll make a similar one, I thought everyone knew that you made them. If this mod becomes great, I'll say: "Tahattus bitched about the use of his icon!" D'mn, I liked it, actually it was a compliment!
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