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we can use aura benefits from trading route for resource collection non stackable with the number of trading posts. but stackable with karni mata.

trains and ships for transport. (further explaination available- railroad companies and sea merchants guild as ai neutral players- discussed it with murdilator and misterscp says possible)

fast transport wagon for foot civilian and military units, trainable from town centre or stable limited numbers and population 2, can carry upto 6 foot units military/civilian and when deleted yields a villager.

a fish spawning tech(not fish farms like mills etc) (i am temporarily calling it breading interval) - (source of food not coin)- i'll describe it - fishes of the same species dissappear abruptly together in water bodies they just spawn new flocks of the same species at different but fixed spots but after a short interval of time like 6 months but you dont have to wait just find another species of food fish. which will be readily available no gaps different fishes have different seasons of breeding.

also there will be hurricane season - fishes will be there but but boats smaller than caravel loose hit points. no change for larger boats not even gathering penalty- (havent you seen the deadliest catch on dicovery channel? you should garrison your smaller canoes and small boats, in the dock.i dont think thse effects are hard for the modders i just dont know - what ai will do.i think it simply should be programmed to just garrison boats at the announcement of hurricane. hurricane season will be very short but devastating one. but luckily inland seas and lakes will not be effected. some animation changes like taking away bloom effect completely of the map and addind eldorado like mist on coasts with local storm sounds ( the maxed out version of sounds of sonora and with raining animation(rain speed sounds also rapid and a bit louder.

economy seasons explained in the end-

6. whales not scattered but all together and will exhaust at the same spot after some time and spawn just out side the line of sight of the whaler ships (that's why they take population and have villager tag- so when they are idle you will be notified. you may find yourself whaling in enemy waters, if it becomes too risky to chase the whales you can order your whalers to simply fish (same rate as caravel no added bonus),the group will come back to finish the cycle of migration u dont need to get moby dick syndrome- since there will be other flocks too which were previously in other areas but might be crossing near you at the time. every flock has to migrate through the same route if they are in the same water body

7. yes i said whalers- i am suggestng a new boat type for whaling
- slightly larger and broader than caravel, high hit points high resistance, number less than caravels, more bonus for whales and beluga- and takes 2 populations spots, 3 times better at whaling than caravel and fishing boat. As Murdilator was asking about new ships dont know if he will like the idea. i dont know where are the modders going to find such boats. smaller and rusty version of fluyts may be?
8. also not allowing any'boats' smaller than caravel (a ship) to do whaling. and if they fish giant food fishes like giant squid and smaller coin fish beluga they will have low coin and food collectionfrom them compared to caravels and whalers.i dont know if the game can differentiate fishing and whaling.
5.owning a port trading post shoud give a small fishing bonus 10% the number of ports you own will add that bonus not more than 2 ports in large maps and increase in boat production speed5% each.

add anchor mode to all ships.
and non attack mode.

6.yes i said ports- beach trading posts for trade ships.
7. i also suggest crop intervals for farm and mills(extremely slow food gather for very short period) the villagers will have to do hunting in that season or herding.make berry bushes and cherry orchard non exhaustible- name the season as seasonal fruits- the berry bushes will grow back in the same spot during the farming season, dont allow the buildings to be constructed in the spot. instead replace the berry bush with a bush animation without berries. same with the cerry orchard, let it look like an empty plot with its boundaries still intact.infact after 3rd age up give those wil berries those wooden planks- like a fruit plantation- like in clearing the road - japanese campaign. and of course they have shrines they can also start making coins from rice paddies for just not to sit idle- make india and british non farming season last longer they dont have a poor alternative food eco- there is a history chronic famines in india. indian player should be more care ful with his food reserves. make most of it in the good season. there;s always fishing. and british also have their pens. one problem with herding is this-
unlike aoe2 (awesome ai) aoe3 villagers dont massacare a fattened animals , they do massacare crates nicely. may be programmers think the villager will kill a fattened animal in an unsecure territory. but i feel the villagers should get a button in action pannels that says not to do so,
when deactivated, an idle villader should slaughter any fattened animals in the line of sight if yhe animal belongs to his civ just like the way they immediately go for the crates. villagers should also get follow the sheep button- so that sheep remains in line of sight . its really unrealistic to make an explorer do herding. herding will suffer from disease outbreak sometimes it will happen in storm season- when herding will suffer.

7.also make hunting in nonexhaustible the depleted groups will replete during off hunting and first 3/4th of hunting season. off season hunting wont be allowed all will turn japanese. off seasons will be announced with a sound and written message like in pergatory and draw maps - excellent maps by the way.i wonder if spawn has to be like pergatory so many animals at the same time- or just constant one by one spawn in the grouping areas and routes( like whales herds will come and go) the spawn will stop at the peak towards last one fourth of the hunting season. and start after the first quadrant of farming season.

9. mines to be made richer & numerous but not scattered so they can be fought for control as an area not more than two to three groupings.mines should remain exhaustible as they are in real life also. with extemely slow mineralization - the mines will reappear(enabled by murdilator' university tech- green mining and mineral chemistry.)

10. plantation will not have a low season but a high crash crop season. poor slaves and colonial villagers didnt get salary with benefits and labour laws those days, only broken backs. they worked worry hard to avoid bad seasons. because bad bussiness meant the plantation owner will find some other way of making a profit out of his employees-u know what i mean.

yes make a mill and forget about food , make a plantation and dont worry about coin, and we have factory these days. find a whale and start crancking mercenaries. avoid this attitude. feel the game- the eye candy historicness. the beautiful cracks in your colonial buildings. take your time - (i am talking about against ai here not human player) making improvments and leaving them there is very civ5 not aoe series - i still think mills and plantations being permanent without maintenance cost was a mistake of aoe3. all buildings will have yearly wood cost for maintenance not repair (single button in capitol- not in individual buildings), also make mass repair possible for selected buildings and walls.

11.give outlaws and naive scouts ability to convert trading posts and banks after age 2 cards- dancehalls, atonement and advanced scouts are sent.(more explaination available), i have discussed this with murdilator - outlaws and pirates as universal natives/neutral ai player), also outlaws and natives will have bonus against each other and the villies

13. mines, whale routes, ports and railwaystations are supposed to be the cause of conflict and the ai should be designed to try and capture them-
14. like americans and europeans have three embassies, 2 embassies for asians too, they should have an attack.consulate should have a slightly greater attack.(it bears the flag of a major nation and is double the cost (wood).

15.banks should also have an atack, every banker employs the best private security he can buy.
and same is the thinking of every plantation owner and farmers are not weaklings either farm owner will do any thing to protect his produce.mills but not nativefarms. but native plantation will. out law will have the ability to convert cattle if no military units is nearer to the cattle compared to them.

16.barracks should have an attack, and so do stables.
.every civilisation has royal guards and one is infantry and other is cavalry so - these should act as military police of the colony one foot and one mounted police division and both should have a 2.5xmultiplier against out laws and 1.5x against stealth unit(but not the ability to see stealth- they are millitary police not cia- ie reserved with chief and explorer) every barracks and stable should also get an attack not huge, just the same as the tradesite attack because they are basically police posts(give trade sites a week attack since the beginibg and card inproved trade sites will just boost it, ,the special mercenaries unlocked from atonement cards will have this anti outlaw action also(same bonus)
it will be like those movies when plagued by outlaws - the poor villagers of the newly established town hire the most reliable mercenary/peacekeeping posse they know back in homeland to come to their colony and help them out with the outlaw menace. the pets of all the warchiefs will have this anti outlaw and anti scout action. all the cards that enable them are also in the same age. who better than their specially trained warrior beasts to unleash on these tresspassers.

asian barracks and stables will have an equal attack to europeans.each of these wonders should have an attack worth a fully upgraded fort- no active wonder( mostly a seat of king or mosoleum of one) is without a strong guard. this will also satisfy the some friends like murdilator who want to see multiple shots being fired up on unwelcome visitors and which is definitely more realistic and genuine too- why attack on the raiders from a single building-? were all buildings bloody vacant?. remember those wild west and indian chambal movies- when the dacoits come how every body runs to the nearest door available. thus the number of villagers garrissoned should find a way too boost all these attacks because in a way it reflects the active population of the town. may be the number of villager garrisoned will determine the number of buildings closest to the towncenter will gain this temporary ability, triggered by town bell. thus higher the counter attack on the raiders.for each outlaw entering the city. there will be loss of 20 of each resourse if the town center bell was rung. factory (bloody heaviest artillery of your civilization is made here) should have a fully upgraded fort attack. and wonders factories. wonders in 3rd age should have attacks similar to highest upgraded agra fort possible in that age.

aztecs and iroquois have too many defensive buildings, give tepe atack too for sioux. make the town center of native americans other than iroquois fire a thick volley of close packed burning arrow volleys on ships as only iroqous have cannons.

number of villagers garrisoned multiply all the buildings attack independent of the building garrissoned) and as i have said before - the list of buildings that can attack after townbell trigger- if in the town bell radius - centre
2.stable/coral/caravan serai (build limit- the same as Aztec noblehuts after all the cards)
3.barracks/ (built limit same as the Aztec warhuts after all the cards ) native warhuts has permanent attack
4.wonders(fully upgraded fort attack) agra wonder already has its attack, wonders rebuildable with advanced wonder. and factory (fully upgraded fort attack), factories rebuildable like any other buildings
6.consulate (attack upgrades with the castles), native embassy same as barracks.
11.Dojo (buildable after the second dojo card) same as the consulate.
Buildings affected by number of total villagers garrisoned (not dependent on type or number of buildings and also making the town center bell effect radius thrice range)
1.barracks type (except war huts)
2.mills/plantations type
3.stable type center

17. i also dont like the the rampant deforrestation in the games - give trees an aura that increases villager hitpoints like 3.5% (stackable upto 10 trees ), aura will also effect infantry and even cavalry speed (not attack speed only marching not when they are in attack mode. make some trees in the forrest endestructible structure and dont come down with cannom attack (like those fallen trees in some maps except they will stand upright)(which dont give wood) . and natural reforrestation at low speed but slower when a villager is around. give special ability of planting trees to villagers and explorers priests not surgeons these wont help in wood production because planting a tree wood cost 400 wood (its for villager hip points and army marching speed benefits to be planted along the road - but once finished the trees wont belong to any one player but to mother nature and will also help the opposite army and villagers. give tree grooves cards to all civs in fact an unlimited shipment- give it to indians with that big wood crate 2 in one shipment. we all know indians and europeans dont need extra wood- its useless for them- but it will help the the native americans and make aoe3 more eco friendly ( thats why those so many agricultural and and fishery animal husbandry seasons too) - i oppose un checked non scientific whaling. but get creative with the grove shipment.
style them as trees of homelands and in the names of whatever prized woods in the native country. japanese will have those mixed red and purple tree and honsho terrain pattern, chinese can have those mixed green yellow and bamboo sticks. groves will reflect the native country but planted trees will reflect local map based flora(call this ability king's woods, shahi gulistan, i dont nkow jap and chinese and natives , but they will also have some appropiate name.
give war tents to all civilizations (varrying styling according to civilization) indians and europeans that bear and tent treasure buildings (without the bear of course), those japan campaign tents to japs and chinese, and make the big tepies(as seen in comanche villages) the real tepies and the small tepies (present ones) the substitute for war tents. iroqouis can make those (carib type huts)
and aztecs those stony maya village huts. these can only be built within the radius of your most forward town center to your cammand post and max limit of 10 non stackable auras. same does not apply to the trees you can build any number of them any where ecxcept that first town center penalty and during treaty time they will also have non stalkable auras and same effect but will cost more wood. you can not build any town centers outside the radius of your first town center to your command post of the same land mass. thus the battle for your command post is the main battle. there can be made bridges over near by land masses i.e with in 20 range- we have two types in aoe3- hanging(honshu terrain feature) and floating- same as wooden planks on dock. can handle one mahout, 5 cavalry,10 infantry, 1 bombard, 2 falconets, 3 culverins at the time- once built it will be gaia, - the hanging ones will not handle any elephants- only cavalry2,and 5 in fantry at a time.

19. make colony seiging and villager killing irrelevant - give every civilization a command post while its standing victory condition will be the same as now but if it has fallen the destroying any three town centres of enemy will make you victorious (if you have atleast 15 alive non explorer non artillery and naval units in attack range of all 3 town centres to be destroyed - command post will be allotted in the begining in specific slots like trade posts.
and will be towards your enemy side in team games and will not be available in free for all.

the area between the command posts is the real battle field and role of cavalry will also come to play in seige as it can reach the enemy town centres faster than infantry, hopefully before the enemy is building his commandpost again. cavalry doesnt have to seige the town centres them selves just reach there alive while howitzers and monitres are doing their job.

give howitzer one more action to try to hit units also but you can lock this ability in action pannel( actions available dont attack, attack buildings, ships if no building, units in no building or ships.

i know aoe3 ai makes artillery target buildings in range before it targets units - it should get this priority- infantry, cavalry, other artillery then buildings.

culverins priority- artillery, ships, infantry and cavalry.
you dont have to seige extra towncentres of portuguese- just three are enough.

of course you can actively make any unit attack what you want. i love mayhem( which aoe3 is) but give tactics and decision making more priority than micro. add depth atleast make it as good as aoe2 (way more deeper than aoe3)

add friendly fire-
artillery and similar boats- friendly splash damage and obstruction
howitwere type and similar boats - splash no obstruction.
fire arm infantry - obstruction
firearm cavalry - obstruction from cavalry not infantry
archer unit or boat no obstruction,
buildings - splash no obstruction.
any unit standing higher than head of friendly no obstruction.
firearm cavalry standing hifher than horse back no obstruction.
(any firearm and artillery against elephant and camel no obstruction. might make india extremely weak, more over there are smaller animals too)

18. make wild animals who attack(africa) according to the map and give the attacking and give animals a repulsion from civilian buildings (opposite of shrines). make elephants and bisons and that yukon bison (yak, i dont know), if elephants manages to attack a villager he should loose half his hitpoints- second attack should be fatal. so that a single villager cant hunt big animals. on bison attack villager should lose 1/3rd hitpoints.

like king of the hill and regicide and trade monopoly, some newer matches amd gaming modes-
triggers might not be easy for them.

opinion of the modders anticipated.

Details about seasons-
i believe we can use a hurricane season -it should effect inland till 15 range and somehow slow (may be that mist can have slow down aura or the rain itself) all movements, but i would like it's damage to have dangerous multipliers against villagers and small boats - fishing boats and canoe (small one there number (i am sure might have seen what hurricanes do to coastal areas on news), murdilator has an idea the rain animation itself should have splash damage.
And like hurricane on the sea on lands (only on lands) storm season- same - eldorado mist, wind sound and splash damage rain. So it is advisable all plantations and mills hunting fields woods (forests) mines where your villagers are working - have a defensive buildings (which dont lose hitpoints at all in any seasons). like defensive buildings warships will not be affected in hurricane calamity.
Storms and hurricanes canít happen together. (You can shift your economy from arricultural to maritime. of course the train animation of rail roads (storms) and cargo ship animation (hurricane) of ports will be disabled.
Let me describe the seasons for you- one hour of game is an year. 5minutes=one month, if you (murdilator)have a evening and night animation in your mod like you have for seasons- i woluld like it to mean something- both military(reduced LOS) wise and economically (reduced gathere rate). and i would like to see mills and plantations empty at the time. may be (make auto garrisson a trigger effect and night animation(you have seasons animation- so probably have night,evening, day, morning) a trigger or just link auto garrison with timer) but make collection rate 150% more - so when it is worked during the day it gives good production) you will have to make plantations and mills garrisonable of course but then i want ll the buildings garrisonable.

Hurricane season 3 months you can give it (according to the geography)
Storm 2 months -according to geography just after hurricane season.
10 good months on land and out of these 3 will be for hunting and cherries (winter).
The game will start in the beginning of these 10 months.
Buildings canít be made near hunting spawn spots fixed and like a route 7 spawn spots and at any given time only 3 alternate spots are active. forest areas defined and the core of forests are (reservations, will have two to three indestructible shrubs and trees not real actually just a terrain feature type natural reforestation not very fast but not slow either, buildings not allowed in reservations.
one more thing i would like is tornado - to be a (advanced but invisible )hot air balloon but with a very big animation of the hot steam natural springs of great plains- those Yosemite things) which spins but (but with range area effect and dust animation effect at ground the same as - has the same area effect but it has high damage constant type like a flame thrower ) kills units and houses huntables herdables trees, no other buildings, it will be mother nature unit and travel through every bit of land in cycles. Speed 6 In storm season.
Whirlpool in oceans but not within 15 range of land and islands. It will effect only ships of course, anime wise the same yosemite springs/fountains just in water without dirt). the whirlpool will travel over every bit of ocean but not with in 15 range of the coast(analogous to the tornado on land which will not come near 10 range of coast). 2x multiplier against civilian boats(fishermen and whalers) and 1.5x military boats, damage against fishes. in hurricane season.
Tech cartography ( x marks the spot effect)(branches hydrology and meteorology reveal movement of tornado and whirlpool respectively) from your university.
Eye candy changes- snow on Russia and Germany buildings in map in warm climates
2.Snow skin on minors in colder climates.
3.snow on other civs in snowy maps
If Fort walls made available for all civs, Indian fort walls designed in Agra fort color scheme only bigger, the Japanese ones in the scheme of shogunate wall type with the railing and without the golden effects. Chinese fort walls from New England map type small walls maximized to fit Great Wall of China style.
Cavalry units limited not only limited by their pop but number of stables- same for infantry and srtillery and guns. Limited number of barracks and stables and artillery fountry.(more information available)

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