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Long time forummer and scenario designer pftq has updated thier popular Multiplayer Fort Wars scenario for AoE3 Definitive Edition.

Started in December 19 2005, Fort Wars is an AOE3 adaptation of the popular Norse Wars game by Matei, which was originally a mod for Age of Mythology. It features a new genre of gameplay, dubbed "bloodsport" that takes the most exciting parts of RTS combat and blends it with a kills-based upgrade and economy system to keep players constantly in the action. It was a precursor to MOBA-type gameplay seen in later games such as League of Legends.
Download Fort Wars 5.0 for AOE3 DE HERE (or by going to Tools > Mods ingame).

ptfq will also be having a kick-off event Saturday Jan.29 2022 2:00PM PST on live-stream, ad is looking to make Fort Wars livestreams a regular occurrence. Check out and follow @NorseWars on Twitter for updates.

And visit ptfq's post in the Scenario Design forum for more information and discussion.

Fort Wars 4.1 is still available in our downloads section for older versions of AoE3.

UPDATE: pftq has also posted an article on the code and tips and tricks behind Fort Wars

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