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Topic Subject: Post New Civilization and Game Designs HERE
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posted 04-30-05 05:17 PM EDT (US)   
If you have suggestions for improvement of this thread, post a reply or e-mail me (; subject: AoE3HListCiv).

  • Follow the Code of Conduct!
  • Use the "control+f"-hotkey to explore the page.
  • Only serious civilization/game designs desings, please!
  • You have to provide a link to a thread/site/download on your civilization/game design. This thread is only meant for compilations.
  • You can 'claim' a certain civilization/game design, when you haven't finished it yet, so other people know you are working on it. This in order to prevent 35 threads on the Inuit civilization popping up at the same moment
  • If you are a modding clan or a modder, please contact the creators of the civilizations/game designs before using their work for a modpack: otherwise, it will be called piracy.

    This section is for game designs or civilization plans which are interesting or special in some way. Be sure to check them out! (If you are interested in nominating a design for the Spotlight, post on this thread. Feel free to self-nominate.)

    Back to the Old World (by Jaguar6) A series of AoEIII civilization plans. New and exciting!


    Game designs being designed at the moment

    Meditteranean: First Empires (by Lord Iarune)
    Insight (by Empror)
    Wars of the Prophets (by Empror)
    Twilight (by Empror)
    Kanenas; Rise of a Nation (by Empror)
    Age of War (by Lord Iarune)
    Age of Mythology 2: Warriors and Crowns (by Brocktree101)

    Current game designs
  • Africa (by Empror)
  • Age of Æsir (by skystrider)
  • Age of Antiquity (by Mythos_Ruler and AoE3H Civ Designers)
  • Age of Astarte (by Empror)
  • Age of Criminals (by Digitall)
  • Age of Dictators (by WartyX)
  • Age of Economics (by QwertyUiop_1)
  • Age of Emperors (by jonathan1222)
  • Age of Empires I: Age of Civilization (by Lord Berminator)
  • Age of Empires: Age of Wars (by Smertios)
  • Age of Empires: The Great War (by Awilla_The_Hun)
  • Age of Empires 1 Remake (by Underpants Man)
  • Age of Empires 1 Remake (by Dieneces)
  • Age of Empires II: Age of Kings (by Lord Berminator)
  • Age of Empires 2 Remake (by Novoa20)
  • Age Of Empires IV (by Gunner1)
  • Age of Empires 4 (by Novoa20)
  • Age of Empires 4: The Age of Superpowers (by Merlin MCLXVI)
  • Age of Empires IV: Brave New World (by clashcityrocker)
  • Age of Empires 4: Contemporary Tacts (by Marcus Varro)
  • Age of Empires 4: The Fall of Rome (by Cheruscan)
  • Age of Empires 5 (by SupaCrunk19994)
  • Age of Empires 5: The Fall of Man (by King_Ali_Skahir)
  • Age of Empires: Soldier of Fortune (by lytyrstorm)
  • Age of Epics (by (NotInvolved)
  • Age of Evolution (by Dogbert)
  • Age of Faith: The Holy Warriors (by Empror)
  • Age of Faith II: Path of the Believer (by Empror)
  • Age of Fantasy (by Hailstorm)
  • Age of Heroes (by Servant_ofKronos)
  • Age of Inventors (by skystrider)
  • Age of Legends (by GFGJ)
  • Age of Lost Civilizations (by Empror)
  • Age of Mythology 2 (by Shala and AoE3H AoM Civ Designers)
  • Age of Mythology 2 (by Clownfoot)
  • Age of Mythology 3 (by skystrider)
  • Age of Mythology 2 (by Yamato Take, Shala and AoE3H AoM Civ Designers)
  • Age of Mfecane (by GoForGoldenJarls)
  • Age of Renaissance (by GoForGoldenJarls)
  • Age of the Aegean (by Mythos_Ruler)
  • Age of the Ancestors (by Lord Iarune)
  • Age of The Empire VI (by Orowac Shelikov)
  • Age of Empires 4 (World in War) (by Arcanjo Zero and HeavenGames Forummers)
  • Age of the Far east (by Acamas)
  • Age of the New World (by Acamas)
  • Age of Empires V: Age of Space (by Shala)
  • Age of Time (by tHuNdErBoLtZ)
  • Age of World Wars (by strategy noob)
  • American Anarchy: Tribes at War (by Lord Iarune)
  • City of Gold (by KrakenBits)
  • Days of the East (by Empror)
  • Legends of Lost Earth (by Shala)
  • Lore (by skystrider)
  • Man of War (by Cassador_Chris)
  • The New USA (by NotInvolved)
  • Prehistoric: Dawn of Civilization (by Empror)
  • Sand (by NotInvolved)
  • World War 3 (by Empror)


    Civilizations being designed at the moment

    Khmer (by Usac)
    Burgundian (by Usac)
    Magyar (by Usac)
    Mughal (by Usac)
    Toltec (by Usac)

    Current civilizations

  • Berbers (by Usac)
  • Hungarians (by Ghosthic)
  • Incans (by Novoa20)
  • Incans (by Usac)
  • Russians (by King_Ali_Skahir)


    Civilizations being designed at the moment

  • Sioux (by Hiawatha II)
  • Polynesians (by Lord Iarune)
  • Indians (by KrakenBits)
  • Polish (by KrakenBits)

    Current civilizations

  • Aborigines (by Yamato Take)
  • AKS (by Mash_Kig_Sima)
  • Ainu (by skystrider)
  • Atlanteans (by Empror)
  • Aztecs (by Compa_Mighty, Rodya_255 and Zalpacuiztli)
  • Babylonians (by SilentScreams)
  • Carthaginians (by Yamato Take)
  • Celts (by SilentScreams)
  • Celts (by chosenone)
  • Chinese (by Natus)
  • Egyptians (by Empror)
  • Etruscans (by skystrider)
  • Filipino (by Yamato Take)
  • Finns (by Yamato Take)
  • Hawaiians (by skystrider)
  • Hebrew (by chosenone)
  • Hi'anger (by Mad Jacks)
  • Hindus (by Thot_Celay)
  • Hittite (by skystrider)
  • Inca (by GoForGoldenJarls)
  • Indians (by chosenone)
  • Inuit (by Yamato Take)
  • Iroquois (by skystrider)
  • Japanese (by Sp3ctre)
  • Japanese (by Zappos)
  • Japanese (by chosenone)
  • Java (by skystrider)
  • Koreans (by skystrider)
  • Maori (by ScreamingHippo)
  • Mayans (by Underpants Man)
  • Minoans (by skystrider)
  • Mongols (by skystrider)
  • Native Americans (by Yamato Take)
  • Norse (by skystrider)
  • Nubians (by Yamato Take)
  • Persians (by skystrider)
  • Romans (by Theris264)
  • Slavs (by Mahdi)
  • Slavs (by skystrider)
  • Sumerians (by just_attack)
  • Taino (by Yamato Take)
  • The Valar (by Yooda)
  • Tibetans (by Yamato Take)
  • Tupi-Guarani (by TatsuEnguia)
  • Vanir (by TheJohnmeister)
  • Welsh (by skystrider)
  • Zulu (by skystrider)


    Civilizations being designed at the moment

    Civilizations/X-pack Ideas
  • African civs (by Coach shogun 20)
  • Back to the Old World Expansion (by Jaguar6)
  • Chinese (by Cy Marlayne)
  • Colonial Resistance (by CheTzu)
  • Italian States (by Jaguar6)
  • Italy (by Custergrant)
  • Japanese (by Yamato Take)
  • ori (by NotInvolved)
  • Mughal Empire (Yamato Take)
  • Native Races (by Yamato Take)
  • Northern War Expansion (by SupaCrunk19994)
  • Opium Wars (by Innovan)
  • Polish (by SilentScreams)
  • Pirates (by ThEOldCoW)
  • Revolutionaries (by Novoa20)
  • Sweden (by ofaloaf)
  • United States (by King_Ali_Skahir)
  • X-Pack Civ Ideas (by Devon_)
  • X-Pack Civ Ideas (by Novoa20)

    Current Civilizations


    Keep in mind, that this is a guide for beginners, so if you have designed one or two proper civilizations yourself, this guide will not be of much use to you.
    In this guide I will try to put some emphasis on the
    why and the research part of the how, for both are, in my opinion, the most important aspect of civilization designing.


    You should always consider why you are doing this, because you have to be prepared that only a few dedicated civilization designers will read your civilization design.
    Although you will end up in the above list when you have designed a civilization, do not expect too much enthousiasm: there are few other civilization designers out there, and your purpose should not even be to try to make people think what a genius you are on civilization designing. Nobody cares.
    Rather, the best way to consider such a design is as a practice, a practice for doing research and learning the basic principles of translating this research into gameplay. I suggest you make one or two civilization designs, and if they are good, go on and start to make your own game ideas and try to convince a modding clan (or maybe a gamescompany ) to turn your ideas into a modpack or game. But beware! You have to be really talented and be willing to put a lot of time into your projects in order to achive such.
    But, not everything needs a purpose. It can also be plain fun to design the civilization you wanted for Age of Mythology (or Age of Empires).

    Step 1: research

    This is the most important part of civilization designing: research, research and more research. When you do proper research, you will find out the actual civilization designing is far less time consuming than this step. (although often both steps -research and the actual designing- take place at the same time, and not after each other)
    Good research is time consuming, and can often be frustrating, but if you want to design your own civilizations you have no choice.
    Before giving you some sources you could use for your research, I will first give you some general tips on researching itself. There are two ways to do research: the first way is like: go to Google, type the name of the civilization you want to design, and read the first ten hits. This, obviously, is the wrong way. The other way is far more time consuming, but gives you far better result. The most important thing you need to know about this is that your sources can be untrustworthy or biased. The Internet gives you the most and easiest results, but also the least trustworthy: everyone can say anything they want on the Internet. If you run into a two sources saying something completely different on a subject, decide which one is the most thrustworthy, or do more research.
    Some good sources of information are:
  • Your history teacher: he/she can give you good sources (books, websites, etcetera), and he/she will give you sources you can trust.
  • Other persons you know of, that know something about history: if any of your family members or friends is a historian, or knows a lot about history, consult him/her.
  • Your local library: Encyclopedias, history books, links to good websites and books on history, you can find all those in your local libray. But beware! Consult trustworthy books: encyclopedias, books written by historians, and so on. Not books like: "The Middle Ages -a children's encyclopedia" (although you can find some interesting things in books intended for children, you are more likely to find what you are looking for in a more adult level book).
  • The Internet: As been said before, beware of information on the Internet! There are a lot of good information sources there, but even more really bad ones. Some good sites are:
  • a very good site on a lot of mythologies around the world
  • a site that gives comprehensive information on world history. You will not have much use for this site when doing in-depth research, but it can give you some general ideas of the civilization you want to design and its history, and it gives really good references to books on the subject.
  • The National Geographic Society: a very respective organisation, which provides lots of information on cultures all over the world and their history. If you know someone who is subscribed to the National Geographic Magazine, well this is a wonderful resource.
  • AoMH's very own mythology forum: this forum is visited by quite some mythology fanatics, so maybe they have some answers to your questions.
  • HeavenGames' very own history forum: this forum is visited by quite some history fanatics, so maybe they have some answers to your questions.
  • Wikipedia: THE online encyclopedia: by and for users, this is one of the most non-specialized encyclopedias on the web.</ol>

    Step 2: translating the research into game elements

    I am really sorry, but for this, I cannot give some simple tips: you need to be creative and have talent. Just make sure you do not include some overpowered options like: Godpower Apocalypse: destroys all your opponents units.
    To get some general ideas and inspiration, again, see the above list.
    Keep in mind though, that you want to design an Age of Mythology civilization, so consider the following:
  • a unique resource gather system
  • a unique way of getting favour
  • a unique way of getting heroes
  • a unique Titan
  • military starts in second Age
  • fortress-like stucture and almost all military units in third Age
    And if you are designing an Age of Empires civ, make sure:
  • civ has the same power level (not overpowered or underpowered)
  • unique units/techs/buildings (if its going to be exactly the same, why even bother)
  • a fair and balanced economy and military
    But the most important thing, in my opinion, is trying to 'break' the outline for civilizations as provided by EnsembleStudios: the best example of this is the multiple Godpowers for the Atlanteans in AoM's oficial expansion pack. Make sure though that your changes remain subtle: removing or adding an Age for a civilization, for example, will make that your civilization is no longer an Age of (whatever) civilization.

    Step 3: presentation

    In this section I will deal with how you should organise your thread or website on your civilization, which can be more important than you think: if you have the most wonderful design, but a poor presentation, no-one will read it.
  • Use counters or weaknesess against other civilizations to make it sound fair to fit in with each other.
  • When using images, use simple, conceptual images, so people can see how the unit would be like in the game. For some good examples on this, see Sp3ctre's Japanese civilization.
  • Put in some references to history, so people can easily see that it fits with history why you gave a certain unit a certain weakness or bonus. Good examples of this can be found here.
  • Use colours and different letter types to organise things, but do not overdo them.
  • Provide some technology trees, preferabbly at the beginning of you thread, so people can see in one view what it is all about.
  • Use the whisper format:
    This way it is more easier to read, and people can scroll trough your text faster.

    Step 4: you are never finished!

    When your civilization outline is finished, expect some comments from fellow civilization designers. Use them to improve your design.

    Thanks to Theris, who used to monitor this post.

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  • Replies:
    posted 04-01-09 04:02 PM EDT (US)     301 / 328  
    'Empires of Steam' maybe, or 'Steamtech'.
    posted 04-09-09 09:18 AM EDT (US)     302 / 328  
    Just a taste of an upcoming project of mine.

    The Old West
    Set in the 1800s, TOW takes place in the North American west. It features such conflicts as the Indian Wars, the Texan Revolution, the Mexican-American war, the war of Mexican Independence, and the American Civil War.

    You will be able to play as one of eight civilizations - the four countries which shaped the old west; and four of the most influential and powerful native tribes of that era.

    USA - CSA - Mexico - Canada - Apache - Lakota - Cheyenne - Comanche

    The Republic of Texas and Spain will appear in the campaigns, but will not be playable in ordinary games.
    posted 04-09-09 12:50 PM EDT (US)     303 / 328  
    A bit of constructive criticism. The CSA might be the greatest of choices. They only lasted about five years and I'm guessing this'll span about 1840s to either 1890s or 1900. They're in my thing becuase that's an alternate history where they won the Civil War so continued being a nation. They would certainly be good for a campaign. The Mormon Kingdom of Utah might be good for the capmaign(s).

    Old Bachus, Napoleon of Spam turned half decent forumer
    >>Winner of Most Improved AoMH Forumer '09<<
    ~If you can read this, thank a teacher. If it isn't in Danish, thank King Alfred.~
    >>My work<<

    "Once you've stooped to Cash4Gold type stuff, you no longer are a celebrity." - Mozzy
    posted 04-11-09 04:26 PM EDT (US)     304 / 328  
    Forgive me, but when you say "my thing", what are you referring to?
    EDIT: Never mind, I found it. I was looking for a thread, not a post in this thread. It looks good!

    And while the CSA was short-lived, I can't see a western-themed game working without them. While I'd never heard of the Mormon War before now, it does seem like a good idea for a campaign. Thanks!

    By the way, TOW is set in approximately 1810 - 1900.

    [This message has been edited by NotInvolved (edited 04-11-2009 @ 04:27 PM).]

    posted 04-11-09 05:02 PM EDT (US)     305 / 328  
    And while the CSA was short-lived, I can't see a western-themed game working without them. While I'd never heard of the Mormon War before now, it does seem like a good idea for a campaign. Thanks!
    The major expansion into the West wasn't until after the War is the problem. Of course I guess all the other ES games have civs that where in their hayday at different times and in some cases don't coexist. Seems like each installment gets shorter and shorter in time span.

    Old Bachus, Napoleon of Spam turned half decent forumer
    >>Winner of Most Improved AoMH Forumer '09<<
    ~If you can read this, thank a teacher. If it isn't in Danish, thank King Alfred.~
    >>My work<<

    "Once you've stooped to Cash4Gold type stuff, you no longer are a celebrity." - Mozzy
    posted 04-17-09 07:27 PM EDT (US)     306 / 328  
    Of course I guess all the other ES games have civs that where in their hayday at different times and in some cases don't coexist.
    Yep. Spain was in its heyday in the 16th century, by the 19th it had lost it.
    posted 05-18-09 02:31 PM EDT (US)     307 / 328  
    The Old West
    Set in the 1800s, TOW takes place in the North American west. It features such conflicts as the Indian Wars, the Texan Revolution, the Mexican-American war, the war of Mexican Independence, and the American Civil War.

    You will be able to play as one of eight civilizations - the four countries which shaped the old west; and four of the most influential and powerful native tribes of that era.

    USA - CSA - Mexico - Canada - Apache - Lakota - Cheyenne - Comanche

    The Republic of Texas and Spain will appear in the campaigns, but will not be playable in ordinary games.
    That actually sounds like a good candidate for AoE IV. By ES' habits, the next one SHOULD start out during the industrial revolution and play through the whole wild-west-to-civil-war thing.
    posted 05-20-09 11:51 AM EDT (US)     308 / 328  
    I doubt that AoE4 would stick to just one area of the world. This would just be a little stand-alone game.
    posted 05-26-09 03:37 PM EDT (US)     309 / 328  
    Just a thought - I'm killing the Cheyenne (they're too similar to the Lakota; and the Lakota were more important.)

    So who should replace the Cheyenne? I'm thinking Seminoles or someone from up north. Obviously the Seminoles are an eastern tribe, but they were involved in wars with the US right up to 1858, so they were important during this game's timeline.

    And the Pacific Northwest / Aleut / Inuit tribes are much more different to the tribes already featured, so I think they are also a good option.
    posted 05-27-09 07:17 PM EDT (US)     310 / 328  

    Old Bachus, Napoleon of Spam turned half decent forumer
    >>Winner of Most Improved AoMH Forumer '09<<
    ~If you can read this, thank a teacher. If it isn't in Danish, thank King Alfred.~
    >>My work<<

    "Once you've stooped to Cash4Gold type stuff, you no longer are a celebrity." - Mozzy
    posted 05-31-09 11:46 AM EDT (US)     311 / 328  
    I like that idea, but I was going to use William Holland Thomas' Cherokee Riflemen as Confederate UUs.

    Any ideas for a replacement of these?
    posted 06-03-09 08:56 AM EDT (US)     312 / 328  
    Here i have a suggestion, the Polish (I know there are already Polish, but i thought, they could be better)

    The Polish

    -Settlers are created automatically by movable Tabors.
    -Royal Guard Units: Uhlan and Wojsko.
    -Settlers created by Tabors are 5 per Tabor, you can have 10, upgrade in age2 increases that to +1, in age3 +1, in age4 +1.
    -The Polish have no towncenters, no artillery foundry, no factories, but Tabors can produce ressources in age4 (with card).
    -Tabors and age-ups are possible in every building except walls and lifestock pens.

    This civ idea is based upon the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, a personal union between those two states that had existed from 1386. The Commonwealth was one of the largest and most populous states in Europe and for over two centuries successfully withstood wars with the Germans, the Mongols, the Russians, the Ottomans, and the Swedes. The Commonwealth was notable for its political system, which was a precursor to modern democracy and federation; for its remarkable religious tolerance; and for the second-oldest codified national constitution in the world. Its economy was dominated by agriculture.
    Click here for more info:

    The Duchy of Courland was the smallest nation to colonize the Americas with a short-lived colony in Tobago during the 1654–1659, and again 1660–1689. Courland was established as a Duchy in 1561, a fief of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, in the modern Latvia. It had a population of only 200,000. Goods exported to Europe included sugar, tobacco, coffee, cotton, ginger, indigo, rum, cocoa, tortoise shells, tropical birds and their feathers.

    The Polish should use the Eastern European building set.

    *Economic System
    The Tabor is a large wagon, trained from ANY building except lifestock pen and walls at cost of 370 wood. Build limit is 10. It automatically produces free villagers, one after another settler. Stops training villagers when it has produced 5, amount can be upgraded to 6 (age2), 7 (age3), and 8 (age4). When settlers are killed, it produces more.
    Has around 2800 hitpoints and has to be attacked with torches like any building.
    From age2 on, it can garrison villagers, from age3 on, it can garrison military units, who get 100% armor, as long as the tabor is alive and can shot from inside it with 75% of their normal damage. When the Polish reached age4 and send a card from their homecity, Tabors that have produced their villagers, start creating a chosable ressource (at a rate, that 8 produce as much as two factories - the Polish don't get factories).

    Upgrades researchable in them:

    Serfdom age2 - Tabors produce +1 settler
    Freedom age3 - Tabors produce +1 settler
    Democracy age4 -Tabors produce +1 villager

    Shelter age2 -Tabors get +800 hitpoints and a 30% resistance against artillery fire.


    Polish have a good cavalry, Uhlans (which become Tchapka Royal Guard upgrades). Also, they have the Pancerny, which is the ranged cav and ONLY artillery counter with huge bonuses against artillery.
    Their musketeer replacement, the Wojsko, is cheap, fast, but has low hitpoints. The Pancerny is a ranged cavalry, good against infantry, VERY good against artillery and melee cavalry, is countered by ranged infantry and by pikemen in melee (Pancerny is not as fast as Uhlan or Hussar is) but has a LOT of range.

    available age2

    Wojsko(50F, 20G), low hitpoints, good attack, 14 range, good speed, can defeat cavalry in melee mode.
    Skirmisher(50F, 65G), Polish get these, because they need a 2 ressources-army in age2.
    Uhlan(50F, 100G)

    available in age3

    Veteran Wojsko upgrade costs 100W, 200G
    Veteran Skirmisher upgrade is free and automatically
    Veteran Uhlan upgrade costs 200W, 200G
    Veteran Pancerny(160F, 60G)Ranged cavalry, good against heavy infantry, artillery and melee cavalry.

    available in age4

    guard upgrades for all units, Uhlans and Wojsko become royal guard units.

    *Homecity cards

    Normal 300, 600, 700 and 1000 F,W,G crates, explorer upgrade card.

    Military shipments are 10/9 Wojsko(age2), 15/13 Wojsko(age3),
    6 Skirmishers(age2), 8/7 Skirmishers(age3), and 5/4 Pancerny
    (age3), 9/8 Uhlans(age3).

    Eco shipments they have are economic theory, the normal 25% F and G upgrades, schooners and plant and mill upgrades.

    Unit upgrades they have are 15% infantry attack/hitpoints(age2) and 15% both(age3). Also 15% cavalry attack/hitpoints(age2) and 15% both(age3).

    Other cards are the normal navy cards, 3 fishing boats(age1), 6 and 5 fishing boats(age2) and 9 fishing boats(age3), mercenaries available are black riders, Hackapells and hunters.

    Their colonial militia card doesn't give the towncenter more attack, it gives Tabors more ranged attack, when villagers are garrisoned and let them call small amount of minutemen(age1)

    The card "Supply waggons" gives Tabors the ability to produce ressources. You can choose, which ressources they should produce(age4).

    Polish start

    The Polish start with 7 villagers,1 outpost wagon, 400W and 2 explorers like the japanese ones (ranged attack, ability to stun treasure guardians).

    Polish Politicians

    age2: 500 food; 400 wood; 1 Tabor; 1 Tower and 200G
    age3: 6 Skirmishers; 8 Wojsko; 800W; 5 Uhlans
    age4: 12 Skirmishers; 10 Uhlans, 8 Petards; 1000 Gold, 20% Upgrade for Gold gathering.

    Polish strategies

    Polish have a good colo, a good early tabor boom (700W and 600W shipments are needed), and also a good rush because of Wojsko, but they lack a cavalry shipment in age2.

    They can Fast Fortress well, in age3 they get good shipments.

    Always keep your Tabors near you hunting settlers, so that they can garrison like in villages.

    -Polish have no towncenter, but every building except outposts, church, walls and lifestock pen can produce Tabors.
    -Polish don't get artillery foundry or factories.
    -Their settler limit is 80, but the Tabors produce enough ressources in age4 with the card, so it is equal to 99 settlers.

    So, that's it, hope you like it.

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    posted 06-18-09 01:37 PM EDT (US)     313 / 328  
    Quick question: What would be a good pair of CSA unique units? I have searched for some, but I can't find anything that's really good. Hopefully someone has an idea.

    [This message has been edited by NotInvolved (edited 06-18-2009 @ 01:39 PM).]

    posted 06-28-09 07:56 PM EDT (US)     314 / 328  
    posted 09-07-09 07:27 AM EDT (US)     315 / 328  
    Skystrider- I see you already have two or more versions of the Celts civilization. Do not forget I have also made one. Please look into it.


    Sorry for the change. I am redoing all my work.

    [This message has been edited by Montsmash (edited 09-08-2009 @ 07:22 PM).]

    posted 09-14-09 11:53 AM EDT (US)     316 / 328  
    Just giving everyone a heads-up:

    That WWII thing you all helped me with won't be arriving for quite a while.

    posted 09-29-09 00:12 AM EDT (US)     317 / 328  
    I just checked out the "Chinese" section of the "AoM new civs" part, and I am pretty sure that Guan Ying (Kuan Ying?) isn't a goddess. He is a god, but appear in form as a woman. Please give credit to History, and if i'm wrong, please correct me.

    Here is the source... It is in Chinese:
    Anyone understands?)

    Anyways, here it is recorded that Guan Ying is a PRINCE, or 太 when the Buddha was 轉, which i dunno how to translate... but roughly meant the holy emperor or

    [This message has been edited by A_Taiwanese (edited 09-29-2009 @ 00:17 AM).]

    posted 10-14-09 00:25 AM EDT (US)     318 / 328  
    I just checked out the "Chinese" section of the "AoM new civs" part, and I am pretty sure that Guan Ying (Kuan Ying?) isn't a goddess. He is a god, but appear in form as a woman. Please give credit to History, and if i'm wrong, please correct me.
    I can't view the chinese characters, is this the same entity as Kuan Yin, goddess of mercy?

    What else does the divine "tech tree" look like?

    Crunkatog on ESO
    Bart331 balance suggestion: aztec: remove civ
    Voltiguer: Ender, Sioux in 1.04 will be a top civ, no matter how many layers of Sioux goggles you put on
    schildpad on Elephants: ...their mansabdar unit sucks so hard it looks like a black hole
    Crunkatog on Steam.
    posted 10-15-09 01:43 AM EDT (US)     319 / 328  
    yes i meant Kuan Yin... sorry for the typo... I mean, the translation is almost the same.
    posted 02-10-10 05:29 PM EDT (US)     320 / 328  
    Just wanted to make an announcement:

    The "Wild West" era will NOT be AoE4. That is a simple fact: the Civil War and Western expansion era is already covered by Age of Empires III, even though they never added in the dang Americans.
    posted 05-02-10 04:14 PM EDT (US)     321 / 328  
    Hey, Skystrider, I got a new game idea-,28526,,20

    Call it Age of Mythology 2- Age of Conquest


    Oh, also, I plan most of my own civilizations to fit this new game's format but if other people are willing to edit their civilizations they've already created to match the Age of Mythology 2 format, that'd be cool too.

    ~Bugen ze Hot Pockets~

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    posted 07-19-10 11:12 AM EDT (US)     322 / 328  
    Will the stupid forum never let me login without creating a new profile?!

    Anyway, I couldn't help but notice that much good content was lost with the tragic end of GeoCities. Any luck recovering some with the WayBack Machine?
    posted 07-19-10 09:38 PM EDT (US)     323 / 328  
    I've also noticed that and have been a little bit worried about it. Most of the people who used to do great game designs have been gone for over a year now, and unless they have those original designs saved, they may be lost to time...
    posted 02-13-11 06:39 AM EDT (US)     324 / 328  
    I'm trying to make a Russian Villagers native subciv for aoe3, for my Russian Civil War campaign.
    posted 02-13-11 09:06 AM EDT (US)     325 / 328  
    Try the modding forum.

    This month I have mostly been playing Zelda Breath of the Wild
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    posted 12-02-15 02:53 AM EDT (US)     326 / 328  
    Age Of Empires 2 Civ
    Order Empire
    Defensive Civilization
    Infantry/Archer/Cavalry/Villager +10 HP Dark,+20 HP Feudal,+30 HP Castle,+40 HP Imperial
    Light Cavalry +10% Speed
    Spear Infantry +10 Attack vs Cavalry in the Imperial Age

    Unique Unit:
    Blade Hussar (Low Hitpoints but high attack light cavalry)

    Unique Tech:
    Light Cavalry Regiment ,Light Cavalry +3 Attack
    Militia Training ,Barrack Units +2 Armor +1 Pierce Armor

    Militia => Man at Arms

    Scout Cavalry => Light Cavalry
    Knight => Cavalier

    Archery Range:
    Archer => Crossbow
    Skirmisher => Elite Skirmisher
    Hand Cannoner
    Thumb ring

    Siege Workshop:
    Ram => Capped Ram => Siege Ram
    Mangonel => Onager
    Scorpion => Heavy Scorpion

    All Tech Available

    All Available Except Siege Engineers

    All Tech Available

    All Tech Available

    Mill,Lumber Camp,Mine Camp:
    All Tech Available

    All Tech Available
    Overall :
    This Civilization is not OP,even though it civ bonus sounds OP,but the Extreme Civ Bonus just became more HP and Less Attack Units,and also it misses a LOT of units upgrade

    Order Empire Post Imperial Units
    -Man at arms
    HP : 85
    ATK : 10
    ARM : 5/6
    HP : 85
    ATK : 7 (+25 Attack vs Cavalry +17 Vs Camel +40 Vs Elephant)
    ARM : 5/5
    -Light Cavalry
    HP : 120
    ATK : 11
    ARM : 3/6
    HP : 180
    ATK : 16
    ARM : 5/6
    HP : 70
    ATK : 8 (8 Range)
    ARM : 3/4
    -Elite Skirmisher
    HP : 70
    ATK : 7 (8 Range)
    ARM : 3/7
    HP : 80
    ATK : 3
    ARM : 1/2
    posted 03-17-16 09:34 AM EDT (US)     327 / 328  
    I can't access the welsh civilisation plan for age of mythology. For some reason I'm blocked by this "small business" Yahoo site. The same goes for the Zulus.
    posted 03-26-16 11:38 AM EDT (US)     328 / 328  
    After the end:
    In the late 21st century, a solar flare hit our planet knocking out our ultra modern forms of communication and transport, what followed was chaos. Governments collapsed and society mostly disintegrated into chaos, and from this darkness four kinds of people arose. A large force using courage and mental discipline stuck onto what civilisation they had left, mainly architecture and weapons. They became known as the Remnants or Rems. Many, wreaked insane by the horror that descended upon the world formed small and violent bands who relied heavily on drugs and heavy metal music. Some peaceful people accepted their loss and formed peaceful tribes. The crew of the ISS, severed from the earth used their last shuttle to get to Mars where they established a colony that lived as if it never it had been affected by the solar flare.

    What is unique about this game is that although it is standard age of empires instead of researching new technologies, you are harvesting relics (in the form of old technology) and bringing them back to be reverse engineered in order for you to use them from your workshop. You also harvest old hand weapon relics to re-modernise your equipment. A majority of the game play takes place among Great Britain and Ireland so the regions you would be exploring will have either be lush woodland, fields or ruined cities and towns.

    The factions:

    the Remnants:
    Some men much like myself would never let civilisation fade into the past without a good long fight...that's who these men were. Very hardy and courageous the Remnants took shelter in the great castles of Scotland and Ireland where they used the winds and waters to their advantage using it to rebuild their electric supply power. Tribes people looked in awe as the Remnant's castles lit up with bright lights. But that was only the beginning, the Remnants set out to rebuild civilisation using their gear. This faction starts out as an Edwardian like civ but evolves into 1980's looking civ by the end of the game.

    The bandits:
    Driven insane by trouble that followed the solar flare hitting the earth, the people formed ruthless gangs of punkish looking people who indulge in drugs, especially cigarettes and they listen to a tonne of heavy metal music. The bandits faction was heavily inspired by the punkish raiders of Mad Max and Doomsday in order to make them serve as a foil to the clean cut, civilised looking Remnants. They use less relic tech but use a sure amount of makeshift technology.

    The tribes:
    Not everybody was traumatized by the loss of technology. Some accepted it and formed peaceful and primitive tribes. These people are not a playable faction but appear on the map where they are often popular targets for bandits. Though on strained relationships with the Remnants, they gladly accept the protection offered by the Remnants and as a result the two peoples often coexist peacefully. The tribes have a strong influence from various tribal cultures but from the stone age in general.

    The Martians:
    When they lost contact with Mars, the crew of the ISS went off to found a new society on Mars where they preserved their technology. And they modernised it. What is unique about the Martians is that they don't just build buildings. They develop a beacon network in order for their ultra advanced hover tanks and hover jets and so on to be transported. On the other hand, they are an expensive faction but they can overpower their enemies with exo suit soldiers and hover tank detachments as well as star fighter craft.


    Castle: town centre of the Remnants trains engineers and villagers. Villagers gather resources and farm food while Engineers build buildings and many relic units.
    Barracks: trains riflemen, grenadiers and tripod machine gunners. Using scavanged technology, riflemen can be upgraded to SMG infantry and later either snipers or marines, Grenadiers can be upgraded to grenade gunners and later either anti-tank rifles or rocket launchers and tripod machine gunners can be upgraded to miniguns.
    Farms: Used by villagers to gather food
    Mining camp: Where villagers mine either stone or ore, gathering relics can allow you to upgrade mines to have drills and bores.
    University: Trains scholars who go out to collect schemes and the remains of vehicles in order to reverse engineer them at your university so that your engineers can build them.
    Hydroplant: produces electricity for the Remnant faction
    Workshop: Advanced relic units are built here.
    Relic units:
    Artillery pieces
    Light helicopter
    Attack copter
    Jet (Harrier jet)

    Bandit camp: trains slaves and mechanics
    Slaughter house: Slaves bring animals into it to gain food.
    Scrapyard: Trains relic units and retrievers who retrieve lost technology
    Camp: trains chainsaw warriors, crossbow warriors and Saw gunners
    Relic units:
    Combine harvesters
    Logging machine
    Truck mounted with saws

    The Martians:
    Main beacon: trains construction bots
    Drop pod zone: trains space marines and ion ray soldiers as well as Exosuit soldiers
    Dropship port: trains hover tanks and recon speeders
    Landing bay: Assault gunship, frigate and starfighter
    Replicator: quickly generates all resources.
    Satellite radar: allows you to unleash satellite strikes and orbital bombardments.

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