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Topic Subject: South Seas Expansion
posted 02-22-11 06:29 AM EDT (US)   
I had an idea for an AoE III expansion, of the South Seas.

Civilisations would be:

Papua New Guineans (Good at guerilla warfare, they can train Doppelsoldner with all upgrades. This is because of German New Guinea.)

Australian Aborigines (Good at hunting, their units have lots of hitpoints.)

Maori (Good at hand to hand combat. Have unique heavy warships.)

Gilbert Islanders (Gain XP quickly.)

Samoans (Strong economy.)

Marquesans (Good at naval warfare, ships build faster.)

Tongans (Can train Musketeers with all the British upgrades from the Barracks. This is because Tonga was a British protectorate. That is also the reason for the Gatling Guns, which train at the Factory.)

Tahitians (European ships, because Europeans would often come to trade with Tahiti.)

Hawaiians (Good at defense)

Units would be:

Waka Tiwai (small but resilient canoe, good at fishing and transport. Equivalent of a Caravel)
Waka Tawa (giant heavy warship)

Ihe Spearman (Armed with a short stabbing spear)
Pololu Spearman (Throws a javelin)
Laaupalau Clubman (Armed with a long club, similar to Mapuche natives)
Assassin (Armed with a Ka'ane, or strangulation cord, and a Pahoa, or wooden dagger. Similar to a Spy)
Ma'a Slinger (Similar to Aztec Macehualtin)
Ko'oko'o Soldier (Fights with a long stick)
Wahaika Clubman (Armed with a wahaika, a short, thrusting, dagger-like club)
Patu Clubman (Armed with a short jabbing club)
Kotiete Swordsman (Elite Maori warrior, powerful against most units. Armed with a violin-shaped Kotiate, or club-sword)
Taiaha Spearman (Armed with a spear-shaped Taiaha, which is used like a fencing sabre)
Mere Clubman (Can kill most infantry in one blow, but very expensive to train)
Gatling Gun
Archer (similar to Seminole but stronger and costs population)
Clubman of Kuklikimoku (Strong Clubman. Kuklikimoku is the Polynesian god of war.)
King's Bodyguard (Strong rifleman with lots of hitpoints. Good against cavalry.)
National Guard (Armed with a Nife Oti, a Samoan club with spikes on. Good vs Tongan warriors apart from the King's Bodyguard.)
Clubman of Kuklikimoku (See Tongans)
Priest of Tagaloa (Can bring down a thunderbolt from the heavens to smite an opponent. This is a special attack on the unit's abilities panel, but would work like the Bolt godpower in AoM, except it would be reusable, after a while.)
Papua New Guinea:
Shaman (Can improve units' attack, like the Pharaohs in AoM empower buildings. Can heal allies.)

And that's my last word on the matter.

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posted 02-23-11 12:51 PM EDT (US)     1 / 6  
Hmm... interesting. Who cares about historical accuracy anyway?

I had my own ideas for a civ, don't know what it would be though...

They have a 2 tier eco, can train vills that only gather hunts, wood, gold and berries and another vill type that gathers faster, costs more (maybe 2 different types of resource) and has a lower cap.

Their Military is composed of a HI unit that spawns from their 250 wood houses, which hold 20 pop and another 5 spaces for the unit they spawn. An artiliary foundry (garrisons units) makes weaker gren like units that are better vs HI and cost 1 pop, available age 2. The cav is a more expensive and stronger hussar, maybe area damage.
Age 3 - Barracks is a Age 3 building, and gives a expensive, fast, area damage melee HI unit, a strong skrim like a cree cracker and a ranged strong area damage Musketeer. The Age 3 cav is a more expensive and longer ranged dragoon, good vs vills. Strong, unreasonably expensive Falconets at arty.
Age 4 - Culvs avalible, Mortars train from factories.

Ships - No Frigate, stronger caravel type ship, higher build number.

Edit: Shipments allow for two cards, but only 1/2 as effective, i.e. if I were to get a shipment, I could send 350 wood and 350 gold, or 350 wood and 350 wood. shipments in this way can be sent twice. you can also send age 3 troops in age 2, and age 4 troops in age 3. (less of them of course) And the troops that spawn out of houses improve when massed, and one or two are granted when the house is built.

Anyway, Just an idea, I like yours too.

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posted 02-26-11 04:00 AM EDT (US)     2 / 6  
Sounds cool, moon22. But what civ do you think it should be?

I think they should have a Sweden civ, as Sweden were very militarily active at that time.

Oh, also I had an idea that for the campaign of South Seas, there could be an Australian civ. That would be like, convicts and stuff, and the settlers from Britain.

Oh, and there would be kangaroos as a new type of huntable animal.

And that's my last word on the matter.
posted 02-26-11 04:07 AM EDT (US)     3 / 6  
Paco, are you maybe Greek?
posted 02-26-11 04:23 AM EDT (US)     4 / 6  
I'm Welsh. But my middle name is Francisco, and the Spanish shortening of Francisco is Paco. My family lived in Spain for 5 years when I was small.

Did you think I was Greek because of the name?

And that's my last word on the matter.

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posted 02-26-11 07:02 AM EDT (US)     5 / 6  
No, just because you posted something for Hellenes in elpea's site. In the Greek alphabet.

could you maybe give me your mail? if you don't want to reveal it in public, send me a mail here:

I wanna speak with you in private

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posted 03-05-11 06:16 AM EDT (US)     6 / 6  
Moon, I also thought of Belgium as a good country for AoE3, with Leopold II as head of state. There could be improvements such as La Force Publique, where 5 Congolese Militia spawn from every house (after it is researched, you can train them from houses), and the home city could send 'Vlaamse Stoofkarbonaden', which grants 1600 food.

Congolese Militiaman (Special Musketeer from the Congo. Can only be sent from the home city or from houses when La Force Publique is researched.)


Schermutselaar (Skirmisher with good speed and attack, but fairly low hitpoints.)

Houwitser (Artillery with an extremely long range, very effective vs. villagers and light infantry. Unfortunately, very weak against cavalry of any sort. Cannot fire when close to its target.)

Also, there should be a Korean civ in T.A.D. Maybe your idea could work out as Swedes, Belgians or Koreans?

And that's my last word on the matter.

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