posted 03-21-16 12:41 PM EDT (US)   
What's it all about?
Throughout history, Mankind has always taken two sides, between those who defend the world and those who support a dark lord in destroying it. From the ancient sands of Egypt and Palestine right into the luminescent cities of 21st century New York and Tokyo, the two sides have clashed.

There are two different kinds of playable major factions: monster hunters and cultists.
The monster hunters have a technological feel to them while the cultists have a dark magical feel. You age up through the game via tiers. Each tier gives you access to more powerful units. The resources in the game are food, credits and a unique resource that gives access to the most powerful units: the monster hunters have signal which allows them to call in their most powerful units via radio.
The cultists have souls which they harvest from killing civilians on the map, souls allows the summoning of dark forces.

Monster Hunters:
Engineer (tier 1) (builds buildings like cafes, banks and barracks)
Rookie squad (tier 1) (group of rookies armed with rifles and smgs)
Sappers(tier 1) (military construction unit that builds advanced structures like turrets and radar stations)
Swat van (tier 1)(light transport vehicle trained from vehicle depot)
Helicopter (basic police copter, initially unarmed but can be garrisoned with infantry, summoned by radar station) (tier 1)
Infantry squad (strong infantry that rely heavy machine guns and rocket launchers, backbone of the monster hunters) (tier 2)
Humvee (light assualt vehicle with machine gun) (tier 2)
Sniper squad (elite soldiers that can take units out with one shot, they have a bonus going up in a helicopter) (tier 2)
APC (armoured personal carrier that has heavy damage as well as transport capacity)
Specail forces (best infantry in the game, summoned by radar station with powerful machine gun attack as well as being able to destroy buildings with C4 explosives. They come in by para drop) (tier 2)
Apache (Very powerful air unit fitted with missiles and machine guns, adept against practically anything that the enemy sends except for maybe Cthulhu, summoned from radar station) (tier 3)
Chieftain (Among the strongest monster hunting units in the game but is very slow) (tier 3)
MLRS system (strongest non radar station unit, can devastate armies but is vulnerable at close quarters) (tier 3)
F-22 raptors (Fast and destructive unit that reaks havoc upon cults if summoned in by radar) (tier 3)
B-2 Stealth bomber (good anti building air strike)
Nuclear submarine missile (WMD of the monster hunters, on maps with water it may be possible to see the submarine surface) (tier 3)