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The ancient astronaut theory is one of my favourite topics and has fascinated me for a long time so often wanted to make a game out of it. The concept is that the ancient gods and goddesses were aliens with advanced technology who were misunderstood as divine. So this what this game is about. It is set in ancient times but you play as alien empires with advanced technology trying to take over the world.

You have three major resources: food, metal and energy. Food is used for units, metal is used for buildings and heavy units while energy is used for mainly to power defences and vehicles.

There are four major races to play as:
Reptilian: Strong proud warrior race that is made of cold blooded lizard creatures that landed in the South American rainforest and enslaved the Aztec and Mayan people to their rule demanding blood sacrifices from them. The reptiles rely on organic biotechnology and as a result practically all their units cost food.
The Reptiles have the strongest infantry and their buildings build themselves.

Homonoids: Homonoids look like beautiful and handsome humans in appearance. A cultured and highly advanced civilisation, the homonoids landed in the Mediterrean where they defended both the Greeks, Romans and Palestinians from the insectoids and Reptilians, thus giving rise to the belief in both the angels and the greek gods. The homonoids mainly rely on anti-gravity vehicles and require a lot of energy. Also the homonoid soldiers can attach artificial jetpacks that have wings to their backs.

The Insectoids: The Insectoids are a very menacing race that landed in Egypt spreading their influence there. The Insects were known to build ultra advanced buildings and weaponry.

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