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For the final half of the twenty first century, Mankind went to war. A war that ruined most of the world. Only South Africa remained neutral. It stayed unscathed but welcoming to any refugees and civilians from the fighting powers. Eventually South Africa was the last candle of civilisation in a dark cruel world, where the consequences of our fiddling with mother Nature and AI are to going to bite very hard.

There are four factions in the game, that is the humans, reptilians, Apes and AI.

South Africa is the last candle of civilisation but it is not going to blow out any soon. Thanks to the sheer amount of refugees, it has become a melting pot of cultures and societies. In the dark planet, the humans require metal, food and energy. Food is gained by either hunting or building farms. The humans are very creative when it comes to war and can produce many different units. The humans have the best airpower, are reasonably skilled in ranged combat but are weak when it comes to melee, the hp of their units is lower than other races.

Human units
Teir 1
Engineer vehicle: A mobile crane that constructs buildings.
Hunters: Basic infantry squad that can generate food from hunting.
Rangers: Backbone infantry squad (Have uniforms and equipment similar to Delta squad rangers), reasonably strong in large numbers.
Buggy: A buggy that is armed with a machine gun. While it is weak and flimsy, it has a good attack and is very fast making it a good scout.
Sniper copter: Basic air unit, it is a transport helicopter that is mounted with an armour piercing sniper. Can take out infantry with one shot.

Tier 2
Heavy ordnance squad: Infantry with very heavy weapons like rocket launchers and grenade guns
Flamethrower: Heavily armoured melee unit with high damage, can set of forest fires and bush fires to flush out enemies.
Assault jeep: Basic jeep with light armour and high attack against infantry. Assault jeeps can also be used to transport one squad.
APC: Heavily armoured vehicle that can transport infantry and launch a tow missile in order to take out tough enemies.
Chinook: Huge helicopter with weak attack but strong transport capacity
Light gunship: the human's backbone air unit, resembles the french Tigre gunship, it is a reasonably good unit.

Tier 3
Exo squadron: Heavily armoured infantry squad with powered armour (Like out of Edge of Tommorrow), they are armoured missiles and machine guns. They have jetpacks to help them leap over obstacles.
Mecha suit: A biped vehicle with a minigun
Tank: A huge heavily armoured vehicle that is very slow. Has a cannon, two machine guns and can launch smoke cannisters, acts as both a siege unit and cavalry unit.
Heavy gunship: A very powerful flying unit that has missile and machine gun attack. Also very expensive

Human buildings:
Headquarters: trains engineers and hunters. Teir evolving is researched.
Bootcamp: trains rangers and heavy ordnance troops
Tech centre: Research is done here and so is the training of Exo squadrons and Mechasuits
Manafactuary: Trains ground vehicles
Heli port: Trains air units
Strike station: Gives powers like paradrops, Jet airstrikes and bombing
Farm:generates food
Wind station: Produces energy slowly
Power station: Quicker production but requires oil
Nuclear plant: Produces tonnes of energy but leaves radiation if destroyed
Ore extractor: generates metal, needs to be placed on a metal site.
Outpost: basic defence for humans
Bunker: lower vision then outpost but puts up a better fight than outpost.

The Apes
Perhaps the most idiotic thing scientists have ever done was to try brain enhancement on apes. As a result, these idiots turned the once peaceful and gentle gorillas and chimps into violent savages. They destroyed the laboratory and went to the jungles of Africa, After World War three, the Apes started to establish a brutal Mesolithic society that enslaved horses and humans. In game, the Apes have three resources, food, wood and iron. Food is gathered from berry bushes (They are vicious but they aren't carnivorous), wood is used for building structures and iron for weapons. The apes carve their structures out of the trees, they can move across the trees. The Apes are a hit and run faction but their warriors are almost unbeatable in hand to hand combat and they are very good marksmen. They lack an airforce and heavily armoured units but they can capture enemy vehicles by killing the driver.

Ape units:

Tier 1
Slave: an unlucky human, dressed in a loincloth, can be male or female, these are the basic labour units of the Apes.
Mounted chimp: A basic chimpanzee that can ride on horseback, he is the basic scout.
Spear warrior: backbone warrior of the Apes who can throw his spear from the treetops.
Archer: A chimpanzee armed with a bow and arrow, basic ranged unit, doesn't do as much damage as guns but can fire over obstacles

Tier 2
Beserker: A wild and crazy Gorilla with no weapons, he just charges at the enemies and takes them once he gets too close to them. Vunerable to heavy ranged units.
Mounted archer: Chimp archer on horse back, is faster and quicker than normal archers
Rifle warriors: Gorillas armed with rifles, very good snipers but weak towards heavy ranged units once exposed.
Lancers: Gorillas that can ride on horseback and can give enemies a nasty surprise.

Tier 3
Mounted rifle warriors: Ape riders with guns, strongest cavalry for the apes.
Shaman: A tribal shaman that can summon other animals like Lions to battle.
Cannons: Makeshift artillery based on old mid twentieth century designs, used by the Apes to destroy buildings.
Repeater rife warriors: These apes have scavenged old arsenals and have gotten grenades and machine guns, best infantry for the apes.

Ape buildings
Chieftain's lodge: Trains slaves and scouts. Tier research is done here
Granary: Food is dropped off there
Mining camp: Used to get metal.
Lumber camp: Used to get wood.
Warrior's hut: All ape foot units are created here
Corral: Ape cavalry is trained here
Smithy: Upgrades and artillery are trained there.
Shaman's hut: The shaman is trained here.

The Machines
Perhaps the most powerful faction and expensive faction in the game, the robots were built as Nato's weapons of war. After the war, they rebelled and currently plan to dominate the western hemisphere but are now marching down towards Africa. The Robots have the toughest vehicles and the toughest infantry. They have a very weak air force in contrast to the humans and they require power for the faction to operate properly. The main resources of the machines are metal, oil and power.
Oil is gathered by drones from oil deposits, metal is mined and power is gained from power generators.

Machine units:

Tier 1
Drones: basic construction and gathering bots.
UAV: Flying scout that is unarmed
Robot soldiers:Backbone infantry of the robots Strong metallic infantrymen armed with shotguns (similar to what you see in Chappie), are vulnerable to heavy weapons.) (All robot units need heavy weapons to defeat)
Light assault robots: Biped robots with machine guns

Tier 2
Strike drone: Backbone air units that launch missiles
Terminators: Large metallic skeletal robots with miniguns.
Hover tank: A flying tank that is difficult to shoot down. Vunrable towards air units

Tier 3
Robotic tanks: Huge robotic tanks that are heavily armoured and can pack quite a punch.
Heavy assault walker: A quadrupedal robot armed with a cannon, missiles and machine guns.

AI centre: builds drones and is responsible for tier upgrades
Robotics factory: trains robot soldiers and Terminators
Drone factory: trains machine flying units
Heavy robotics facility: Trains all machine heavy units.
Fusion core: A massive reactor that is required to give the base power, A machine base cannot function without it.
Oil refinery: Sends out a tasked drone to gather oil
Robotic turret: Heavy machine gun turret, is at a massive advantage is doesn't have to be manned like other the races base defences.
SAM installation: Anti aircraft turret, machine turrets need power to work.
Ore drill: A drill that harvests metal.

The Reptiles
While Nato focused on AI for fighting WW3, the Eastern alliance developed genetically modified dinosaur like creatures. The Western AI defeated them in every engagement, but many of these Reptiles survived the war and went to Africa where they assaulted the local Ape clans. Their race has been heavily reduced after its unprovoked attack on the humans there. Probably the hardest faction to play as, the Reptiles have no ranged weapons. However their units are much cheaper than that of the other races. Reptiles also completely dominate the melee combat of the game and are very fast. The main resources of the Reptiles are food and materials. Food is harvested from wild animals and enemy (human, ape or reptile) corpses while material can be harvested from bushes, trees and rocks.

Reptile units:

Tier 1
Raptor pack: backbone infantry of the reptiles, triples as a warrior, hunter and gatherer all in one.
Dimorphodon: Small flying reptile that serves as a basic scout.
Allosaurus: Large Bipedal beast that is reasonably strong.

Tier 2
Galliminus pack: Strong very fast infantry, difficult to shoot down and can take a lot of hits but vulnerable to heavy units.
Triceratops: This creature acts as a siege unit for the reptile
Pteradon: Basic flying reptile that can only take on air units.

Tier 3
Tyrannosaurus: Largest and strongest unit of the reptiles but vulnerable to heavy ordnance.
Ankylosaurus: The tank of the dinosaurs, as a result of its armoured shell, only heavy weapons can kill it.
Dragon: Strong air unit that can attack both ground and air, would be very effective until humans showed with gunships.

Predatory nest: Does tier research and trains all carnivorous units.
Herbivorous nest: Trains all herbivorous units
Flying reptile nest: Trains all flying units

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