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Age of Mythology ideal factions: the Adventurers:

Faction overview:
Probably the most modern and most powerful faction to make its appearance in Age of Mythology, the Adventurers faction is a homage to the good old adventure movies set in the mid twentieth century like Indiana Jones, The Mummy and the Rocketeer. The faction takes influence from various western groups, like the foreign legion, the British army, the Nazis and the US military of the 1940s.
Yes, when you play this faction you will be using various vehicles and contraptions as your myth units. You gain favour by getting your archaeologist to gather relics and garrisoning them in your Museum to increase favour.
(I made this faction for fun, I really doubt it will introduced into AOM)

Employee (standard worker unit, has come from California for employment) (belle epoch age)
Archaeologist (looks like Indy, hero unit that gathers relics and can kill myth units, weak against large numbers of units) (Belle epoch age)
Rifleman (stronger rifle wielder, can use a bayonet against cavalry, doubles as a pike man) (Prohibition age)
Mortar (Archer unit that has the longest range in the game but is very inaccurate and doesn't always hit its targets) (Prohibition)
Flamethrower (armoured melee unit, vunerable at range, gained at age three) (Depression age)
Ranger (US infantry, strong melee and ranged attack with his Thompson smg, gained at age four) (Atomic age)

Recon bike (simple motor bike, acts as an unarmed scout) (Prohibition age)
Armoured car (strong cavalry unit, good in melee and well armoured, vunerable against myth units) (Depression age)
Tank (Strong, heavily armoured and slow ranged cavalry unit, vulnerable against myth units, can double as a siege unit too) (Atomic age)
General (Another kind of hero unit, created by promoting an infantry unit. Drives a jeep. Has a weak attack but units around him fight stronger.)

Machine gun (light siege unit supplied by the French army that can take out infantry and cavalry, weak against siege units and naval units) (Prohibition age)
Field gun (The 12 pounder field gun, powerful against buildings, weak against cavalry) (Depression age)
Supply truck (resource gathering point) (Belle epoch age)

Naval units:
Duck boat (naval transport that can go on land) (Prohibition age)
Gun boat (light frigate, strong against any ship but weak against myth units) (Depression age)
U-boat (strong naval unit good against myth units but vunerable against siege vessels, and it can stealth) (Depression age)
Battleship (large naval siege unit) (Atomic age)

Observation balloon (Flying scout, has machine gun attack) (Belle epoch)
Helicopter (Early cold war helicopter that can attack ground and naval units but are vulnerable to air units and ranged myth units)

Myth units (actually machines):

Prohibition age:
Side car (light cavalry unit with machine gun attack) (Henry Jones Senior)
Double decker bus apc (Transport unit that looks like a London bus with a machine gun) (O’Connells)
Jump trooper (strong machine gun armed infantry that can leap over terrain) (Cliff Secord)

Depression age:
Gyro copter (scout unit with missile attack, little Nellie) (Q)
Tank drill (Mark five like tank that can tunnel anywhere on the map) (David Innes)
P-40 Curtiss (flying unit with strafing attack, good against air units and infantry) (Sky Captain)

Atomic age:
Astro Martin (Very strong myth unit that is essently a car which can turn into a submarine or a hover jet) (James Bond)
Nuclear submarine (Huge naval unit that acts as a stealthy siege unit which can launch a missile and launch torpedoes, vulnerable to myth units) (James Bond)
Imperial tank (Huge vehicle that has a flamethrower and a missile launcher mounted on it (Colonel Olrick)
Sub glacier (Naval unit that is mostly stealthy but has the ability to go on land by appearing underneath the ground, attacks with torpedoes, can transport infantry) (Blake and Mortimer)
Golden Rocket (Strong air unit, good anti-air capacities) (Blake and Mortimer)

Town centre
House (provides more population)
Oil derrick
Vehicle factory (like the temple)
Museum (Where you garringson relics to gather favour)
Auto plant (Like the stable)
Canteen (produces food resource)
Out post
Bunker fort
Barbed wire
Eiffel Tower
Statue of Liberty
British museum of Ancient Antiquities
Aerodrome (Trains air units (Both normal units and myth units)

Flares (reveals the map)

Prohibition age:
The Holy Grail (heals units)
The book of the dead (resurrects fallen friendly units)
Supplies (Drops resources on the map)

Heroic age:
Zeppelin (A huge zeppelin (biggest unit in the game) makes its way across the map bombing targets)

Hollow Earth passage (opens a gate that units can use to get the opposite side)
Secret base (Hides your buildings from enemies)

Mythic age:
Nuclear bomb (Bomb that wipes out everything in the target area, leaves the area poisoned)
Bombing run (huge jet bomber carpet bombs the place)
Swordfish run (Fighters of the swordfish squadron swoop down and deal massive damage on the targeted area.)

Iron Giant:Giant robot from outer space

All units are ranged and have guns. This provides a defensive and offensive bonus.
Become almost unbeatable by the late ages of the game.
The Canteen produces an unlimited supply of food for the adventurers. While the oil derrick provides unlimited gold.

Units are expensive and have weak armour. This makes most infantry weak in melee.
Favour is difficult to get because it requires relics.

Employees don’t hunt but rather you build a canteen to generate food.

This is the third gunpowder wielding faction after the Chinese and Mariners.

Employees harvest wood and gold quicker than their counterparts but have a stronger attack as they use rifles.

Adventurer infantry have weaker hit points put have stronger ranged attacks.

This would be the most modern faction to AOM the second most modern would be the Mariners.

This would be the third multilingual faction, the first being the Christians and the second being the Transylvanians.

This is the only faction that doesn’t fish for food, however it is the only faction to have an amphibious transport.

The trade unit of the adventurers is a trade dirigrible. An airship that travels between markets.

This faction normally has a good guy overtone to its soundtrack and quotes. The sole exception is the imperial tank.

The campaign of the adventurers starts off with Rick, Evelyn and Indy trying to find Alex and getting him to am Sphere. When they get to Am Sphere, the four (Rick, Evelyn, Indy and Alex) are captured by Indy’s nemesis, Rene Belloq and are taken to the Greek islands. Alex however escapes and there is a scenario about him trying to free the adults with the aid of other soldiers. The next two scenarios involve a trip back to Egypt to retrieve the arc of the Covenant and lock it up in Area 51 (But not before Belloq opens it and kills himself and his goons). The next three scenarios take place up North with Rick, Evelyn and Hans Jerspersen trying to suppress the local giant and troll menace while rescuing Alex from Eric Byrnison. The last three scenarios depict a full grown Alex and an elderly Indy helping Alex’s friend Seosamh stop the problems going on between faeries and the local humans.

Indiana Jones is the “de facto” leader of the adventurers and will represent them on the faction choosing screen.

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