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Downloads Home » Recorded Games » Portuguese vs Russian - Waking of Russian Bear

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Portuguese vs Russian - Waking of Russian Bear

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Sonora
Map Size: Normal
Game Speed: Normal
Starting Age: Discovery
Game Type: Supremacy
Cheats Allowed: No
Total Game Time: 45:48
Player 1's Name: EradicatorX
Player 2's Name: RIP_UNDERTAKER
Game Version: TWC
Impossible to rush Portuguese with ff and 3 TCs with organs guns and halberds shipped. But don't wake the russian bear! Very GG! Also bad idea to revolt against russians.

Had to use market a lot since he always aged faster than me. Luckily i had land grab and sevastopol cards. He had me on defense entire game but he made the mistake of letting me build my economy in the little space that i had. This game shows how russians can mass armies in age 3-4 that makes it look like you have infinite resources.
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Sir Snoopy KAZAM!!
1v1 EradicatorX (portuguese)vs. Rip_Undertaker (russian)


(+) good early hunt herding and Villy micro
(+) nice job using the sword with the outlaw (I like the little things)
(+) You thrashed his foward base!
(+) Good fort placement

(=) Good spyglass use
(=) Your second TC was placed in a strange position. I would go for resourses or a TP
(=) Remember to keep ALL of the TC's pumping Villys


(-) Build your first house in the BACK!! It'll make your life much easier.
(-) He's Building strelets! Why halaberders? Get muskets if you are worried about cav!
(-) No offence, but petards were a really dumb idea.
(-) Lots of population space issues
(-) Why did you just sit and mass?! That game could have been 14 minutes long! Not only did I sit at a computer for 90 minutes, you lost! That was very poor.
(-) This is allways debated but revolting is a bad idea. If you must, be smarter with your troops and flank him.

For playing, I'm going to give you a 2/5, because I think you can do much better than this. You lost because you sat there and let the Russian Bear get awake and warmed up to fight. You had map control, a higher score, a better eco, and more troops. You would have killed me, but you lost this game. Rip_Undertaker didn't win it.

[Edited on 07/18/07 @ 07:55 PM]

Sir Snoopy Viola!

Rip_Undertaker (Russian)

(+) Good early hunt herding and micro
(+) Kept the food and the villys pumping. Even when rushing. If this had bb code, I'd give you a smile.
(+) That early base was something to admire, I was saddend when you lost it.
(+) Good job protecting your cannons in the battles.
(+) I love the Strelets!! Have you read my thread about them? Tell me what you think. http://aoe3.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=ct&f=15,33362,0,20

(=) OK villy managment. (I saw some standing arround)
(=) You must have been laughing your head off when he used petards.
(=) Ransom the explorer? He didn't do much good at all!
(=) Are you sure melee does much good against artillary?
(=) 32 mins: You might have gotten away with another Foward Base in the North East.

(-) Naming your deck "strelet horde"?
(-)The cav shipment for early raiding might have been better than the Strelet shipment, imo
(-) The cav would have also might have helped with the organs, I don't know, the halaberders. It depends on your micro confidence.
(-)You should have put some more pressure early.
(-) I didn't see very many Grenidiers, why did you upgrade them?
(-) so much wood... how some defences?

Playing 4/5
I think you got lucky, because you were dead at 12 minutes. Some very nice playing. If I see you on ESO, I'll whisper you so you can teach me some of your skills. Good job, and thanks for the rec.

[Edited on 07/18/07 @ 07:57 PM]

Sir Snoopy
Rating: 4
(Very nice watch, I learned a lot from it. I hope someone watches it.)

Additional Comments: Keep the recs comming. This is fun!
File Author
Thanks for the rating and comment Snoopy!

Though you mixed up the civs, i was using Russians, EradicatorX was ports :)

At first i thought he would mass cassadores so i upgraded the grenadier and made a bunch, then i saw he went all out artillery (horse artilleries, organs, mortars) i switched to strelets. Funny ha :)) Though i had no gold, and food flowing in abundance, so i figured i could stall him with the food i had with a strelet horde back up by some culverins, until i built my eco. The infinite strelets did indeed keep him busy until i finally got some gold to make more cossacks, that's also when the tides turned and he kept losing.

Although EradicatorX couldn't handle the last strelet+cossack horde i have to admit he played excellent but got maxed pop a lot due to artilleries he had. But he had some nice cards in the stack and could have rolled over me in 15 mins if he paid more attention. Very good ff he did imo.
Sir Snoopy oops, I'll fix the mixup.
< fixes >
3 questions.
1. If I see you on eso, will you help me? I love Russians, but I suck. It's like I know the game really well (enough to give a good review :) ) but I just freeze ingame. I don't know what to do. Maybe you can help me.
2. I'd like to see some more games from you. Preferably on a map with more food.
3. Did you look at the url I talked about earlier? It's a good read, If I do say so myself : )

[Edited on 07/18/07 @ 07:56 PM]

SirGrotius Really enjoyed watching this match. I, too, thought the Ruskies were finished about 13-15 minutes in.

Nice comeback.
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
i cant see it plz explane how to see the recorded games
Ultra_Janissary ??? If you can't see the recorded game how did you post a rating??take off that rating until you see it lol.
MusketKing LOL
POHA Oh, no... Such a cowardly game on the part of EradicatorX... That's a defeat well deserved.
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