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Turtle War !

Author File Description
KoGar Turtle War!
Author: KoGar
Version: 1467.002 (I shall not release a mod before it's time..:)

This Mod is designed for single player use (has not been tested online). This is designed for people, like myself, who enjoy a longer game (Hence the name "Turtle)

I started working on this Mod because I got very tierd of building walls, and defensive structures, only to have a small enemy force destory everything I put up within minutes.
As a "Turtler", I like to build my defenses first, then build up my Armies for attack. Most RTS games are designed for "Rushers", and most RTS Developers create defensive structures more for "eye candy" than for real defense, or so it seems. I created this Mod to help give us "Turtles" a little better chance to enjoy our games, giving us the ability to build "working" defenses while we expand our "Empire"...:)

************************ DO NOT OVERWRITE ORIGINAL FILES, ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP OF THE ENTIRE DATA FOLDER BEFORE INSTALLING MODS!!! **********************************************

Step 1 (DO THIS ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE MADE BACKUPS): Place all files from the "data" folder in the .rar, into your C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\data folder (NOTE: This is the default directory, yours may be different).
Step 2: Start game as usual.
Step 3: Enjoy..:)


General Changes:
Mills: Limited to 4, working rate slightly increased.
Explorer: Abilities increased
All resources have been doubled (Trees, Animals, etc...)
Barracks: Build limit of 4 (Russian Blockhouses have the same limit as Outpots)
Stables: Build limit of 4
Artillery Depot: Build Limit of 2
Arsenal: Build limit of 1
Culverin, and Falconets cost slightly more.
All Healer Units: Cost Gold 200, Food 100, build limit of 6, but have no Population count. (Priests, Imam, Missionary, etc.)
Fishing Boats: Gather rate slightly increased, build limit of 20, cost 200 wood, but no population count.
Native Tribe unit counts set slightly higher (Multiples of 5).
Outposts and Blockhouses: Hitpionts, attack, and cost greatly increaed. Starting build limit of 14. (Using Cards *does* count towards the build limit)
Factories: Cost increased, work rate slightly increased, and can be built by Villigers. Build limit of 2 (Using Cards *does* count towards the build limit)
Walls, and Gates: Hitpoints, and cost, greatly increased.
Forts: Cost, hitpoints, and attack greatly increased. Can be built by Villigers, Limit of 2 (Using Cards *does* count towards the build limit)
Plantations: Build limit of 4 (See special note for Dutch Civ.)
Market: Build limit of 2.
Field Hospitals: Decreased their Obstruction Radius to 0.50 (Was 4.0, with a healing radius of, what seemed like, 4.01; now all units can get the benifits.)
Upgraded a number of Campaign special units (Ships, etc.)

All Civs:
Can now have up to 40 Cards in their deck, in Scrimmage mode.

Civ specific changes:
German: Removed Jaegers from "Wallenstiens Contracts"
German: Settler Wagons now limited to 10.
*Dutch*: Can no longer build Plantations, removed from their Tech tree. Removed Plantation improvement Card from their deck, added Merc Card to deck.

"New" Merc unit: UnterJaeger ("Enhanced" Jaegers):
Can only be built at City Centers. Cost 300 Food, 300 Gold, 3 population each. 2 upgrades available (Haupt/Uber), very exspensive, and each require an HC Shipment.

Any questions, comments, or concerns, please post on the AoE III Heaven "Modding" forums...Thank You
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Art and Sound0.0
Kogar---Instead of trying to explain how to get 40 cards per Civ, I have made a quick Mod with only that. Just check in "Modpacks" section.---

ok where? or what is it called? cause i see nothing but this one and i dont want all the extra nonsense just 40 hc cards in a game

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