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Modpacks » Gatling Guns for All!

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Gatling Guns for All!

Author File Description
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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD

Gatling Guns for All!

Author: Snake
Date: 8/16/2013
Web: www.SnakeByteStudios.com
Contact: www.SnakeByteStudios.com/about

Requirements: Age of Empires 3: The Warchiefs OR The Asian Dynasties (All Versions)

1. About

In a nutshell, this gives all European civs access to the Gatling Gun unit without needing to revolt.

I found that since TAD's release with all the quirky new Asian civs and strategies, the European civs were feeling a bit bland. And since I never revolt because it seems too risky, I thought I could liven them up by enabling the revolution-only Gatling Gun. Besides that, the Gatling gun can also be improved by more technologies and is more effective against light infantry and cavalry. However, it is still weak against artillery, ships, and buildings and is best countered by artillery.

True to the mod's name, this version of the mod features a universal installer that will work regardless of what version or existing mods you have!

2. Installation

There are two methods by which you can install this mod.

Method 1: Installer (Recommended)

This is a .Net program (GatlingGunMod.exe) containing all the data and logic necessary to mod the game independent of what version you have and whether or not you have existing mods. You should try to install using this program first.

If for some reason you can't use the installer, then you can try the manual installation method below.

Method 2: Manual

If you have no other mods installed and have a matching version of The Warchiefs or The Asian Dynasties, you may manually extract and replace existing files from the appropriate included archive.

You will need one or both of the following expansion versions to install manually:
  • The Warchiefs v1.06
  • The Asian Dynasties v1.03

Extract the appropriate archive to your \Age of Empires III directory. This will make sure the files go in their correct directories. Make sure to back up the protoy.xml, techtreey.xml, and stringtabley.xml (replace the y with an x for TWC) files in your \Age of Empires III\data directory in case you want to remove the mod. DO NOT INSTALL THIS MOD MANUALLY WITH ANY VERSION OTHER THAN THE ONES LISTED ABOVE!

3. Changes

  • Gatling Guns can be built in Industrial Age at the Artillery Foundry by any European civ (except Portugal)
  • Gatling Gun portrait art was replaced with custom art (was the Organ Gun)
  • Gatling Gun AI prioritizes human targets over buildings now
  • Gatling Guns are now upgradable in Imperial Age with the Organ Gun "Imperial Rebaulds" tech
  • Gatling Guns can be upgraded with Gunpowder Unit upgrades
  • Gatling Guns are now affected by the Engineering School card
  • Gatling Guns have more realistic damage bonuses
    • Cavalry from 0.5 to 1.0
    • Light Infantry from 0.5 to 1.5
    • Villagers from 1.0 to 1.5
    • Buildings from 0.5 to 0.25

4. Changelog

  • updated installer
    • support for Windows 7
    • made sure installer adds a slash to the end of install path
    • added an uninstall feature
    • source included
  • better portrait art
  • tested with TAD 1.03
  • updated the TAD manual installation to 1.03
  • updated the TWC manual installation to 1.06

  • made a universal installer program
    • works with every version of TWC and TAD, modded or no
    • can select to mod all civs or just European ones (default)
  • fixed a manual installation bug with the tactics directory
  • updated the TAD manual installation to 1.01a
  • added a TWC manual installation for 1.04
  • removed base damage increase
  • added a name for the upgraded Gatling Gun

  • fixed the only known issue with Gatling Gun AI prioritizing building targets
  • added Gatling Guns to the Engineering School card

5. Known Issues

Because of the way .NET handles XML output, all the modded XML files will have some significant formatting changes; however, none of these have any affect on the compatibility of these files with AOE (as far as I know).
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
StarlightSuicide I already have a modded protoy file. Is there any way to add this without changing that file?
JbMcfee Okay... So gatling guns cannot enter the fire mode, only stay in movement mode, cannot be told to go somewhere on the minimap that you cannot see and cannot fire at enemies. And now I can't get rid of them... Great. Any way to remove this mod? I thought I backed the files up, but I guess I didn't.
File Author
my apologies to JbMcfee and everyone else that downloaded an earlier version; i had accidentally put the tactics directory in the wrong location in the archive. to fix this, just move the \tactics directory into the \data one or install using the new version.

[Edited on 05/31/08 @ 12:39 AM]

Alex7545 this mod is sweet! ive always wanted gatling guns without revolting. thanks :D
fapalermo How do I remove the mod?
File Author
To remove this mod, delete protoy.xml, techtreey.xml, and stringtabley.xml from the \Age of Empires III\Data directory and remove the .bak extension from the backups (i.e. rename protoy.xml.bak to protoy.xml). I should have probably added an uninstaller function to the installer, eh?
kalmajovet The Damage of Gatling guns is 0........ any solutions?
File Author
No idea. Need more information--could be civ-specific.

In the future, if anyone needs support with this mod, post a comment on my website so I'm notified: http://www.snakebytestudios.com/projects/mods/gatling-guns-for-all/

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