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Campaign Civilizations�FP Compatible v2.0a

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File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
PLEASE NOTE: Due to ongoing health issues since 2012, I'm not around much, and I haven't had the time or energy to devote to modding...which includes doing more with this mod (although I would like to continue it at some point). If you have questions/issues, email is better at the moment, and I will help you if I can. Otherwise, enjoy...and happy modding!


Mod by narchibald84
Flags by Lord Tahattus
Unit Upgrades mod by Xentelian
Post-Game Revolution Flags mod by CptGralFrancisco
TAD Building Rotator mod by Elvarg_Flame
Knight Templar portrait (c)2008 Les Still

Thanks to bobtheboy, stripe1000, Bloodcrypt and
Ken Musante for suggestions and bug fixes


REQUIREMENTS: Age of Empires III + The Warchiefs expansion + The Asian Dynasties expansion + all OFFICIAL patches (up to TAD 1.02) + FP 1.1a

Thanks for downloading my mod. I got the idea for a Knights of St. John mod after playing Act 1 of the original Age of Empires III campaign, and discovering that the Maltese civilization wasn't playable in skirmish mode; playing later campaigns made me want to have an American mod as well. I've endeavoured to make the Maltese and American civilizations as historically accurate as possible within the confines of the games, and I must say I'm rather pleased with what I've accomplished. I hope you like it as much as I do.

In addition to adding the Maltese and American civilizations, this mod also includes Xentelian's Unit Upgrades modpack, CptGralFrancisco's Post-Game Revolution Flags modpack, and the TAD Building Rotator modpack by Elvarg_Flame. Finally, I've corrected some spelling errors in the techtreey.xml file; increased the number and realism of names available for ships, forts, AI explorers, and explorer/war dogs (in the randomnamesy.xml file); modified the names of some unique units to better reflect their native spelling; and fixed various in-program bugs. Please note that most of the changes introduced in this mod do NOT affect the campaigns from Age of Empires III. Rather, it uses material FROM the campaigns to create entirely NEW civilizations--the Maltese and the Americans. I had originally attempted to modify the campaign civilizations themselves, but encountered too many difficulties due to certain techs and units being locked in the campaign.

Note that v1.0 of this mod is equivalent to v3.2 of the "regular" version (http://aoe3.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=2436). Also, unlike in the "regular" version, the only bugfixes included in this mod are those few I'd made which do not appear to have been implemented in FP. As users point out other bugs not corrected in FP, I will endeavour to implement them; one in particular I'm looking for help on is the fact that some archers do not fire flaming arrows when attacking buildings.

This mod makes the Maltese civilization from Act 1 of the original Age of Empires III campaign fully playable in skirmish. You have a real explorer (Morgan Black from the campaign, complete with Oberhau attack; you can even unlock his flagship "St. Elmo" as a home city shipment), full home city (135 home city shipment cards available), and all standard ages available (Nomad through Imperial). Half of the politicians are unique to the Maltese (including the Knight Commander, Swiss Guard, Prior, and Grand Master), and many of the others modified.

Also, while I have endeavoured to keep the Spanish "feel" ES gave the Maltese, this mod has units which are more appropriate to the Maltese/Knights of St. John civilization. The Rodelero has been replaced with the Man-at-Arms, the Lancer replaced with the Knight (one of Malta's Royal Guard units), and a new ranged infantry unit (the Carabinier) added. All units (including the Hoop Thrower, another Royal Guard unit) now have upgrades; the Crossbowmen have their Royal Guard and Imperial upgrades unlocked through a home-city shipment card available at age 40. Further, all nine European civilizations now have both Coastal and Imperial upgrades for naval units.

Other features of this mod include sound for all units, a proper post-game flag (full credit goes to Lord Tahattus for the excellent workmanship), a new "light set" for the home city so that water looks blue instead of brown (this is, after all, on the Mediterranean--NOT the Red River), and the Auberge, a new building unique to the Maltese, which combines features of both the Saloon and the Asian Consulate (neither of which is available to the Maltese), allowing the player to ally with certain European civilizations to gain a bonus plus free units, and train mercenaries (which vary depending on the ally you choose) beginning in the Fortress Age. Units trained at the Auberge have a unique Maltese Cross "decal" underneath when selected.

This mod adds an American civilization which is fully playable in skirmish, combining elements from Acts 2 and 3 of the original Age of Empires III campaign, Act 1 of the Warchiefs campaign. You have a real explorer (George Washington from the campaign), full home city (145 shipment cards available), and all standard ages available (Nomad through Imperial). Half of the politicians are unique to the Maltese (including the Puritan, the Director, and Presidents Lincoln and Grant) and many of the others modified.

One difficulty I faced in adding the Americans was their presence in three different Age campaigns with two different home cities (Boston as John Black's Mercenaries and the Black Family Estate, and St. Louis as the Falcon Railroad Company), plus being featured as a Revolution option under Washington. So, in order to establish a suitable "feel" for the civilization, I considered the eight base civilizations present in Age of Empires III, and decided that of these, the nationalities most responsible for the establishment and growth of the United States as a country were the English, Germans, Spanish, and Dutch (in order of importance). I hope that you can see aspects of each of these civilizations in the Americans.

In the end, I decided to use the home city from John Black's Mercenaries. I have renamed the homecity, however, to Philadelphia (an early capital of the United States), and tried to add authenticity by naming each of the five home city buildings after real locations in Philadelphia. Similarly, the military units and upgrades have names which ring of revolutionary and civil war battles in American history--patriot militia, foot guard grenadiers, partisan dragoons, casemate ironclads. You'll also notice that, in place of Imperial upgrades, the United States has Union upgrades. (Unfortunately, I was unable to change the name of Age V without causing problems...so you'll still advance to Imperial Age.) The Skirmisher has been replaed by the Army Ranger (looks like a Caçador, but can stealth), the Culverin with the Gatling Gun, and the Monitor with the Ironclad. Due to its association with voyages of exploration, I've removed the Caravel, and enabled the Flat-bottomed Boat as an alterate means of transport with (I hope!) a ranged attack that increases as more units are garrisoned inside. Also, considering their importance in the settlement of the American West, I have enabled cows (instead of sheep) at the Livestock Pen. (I tried to have Americans build a barn instead...but ES didn't include all the necessary files.)

At some point, I would like to add a Revolt option. The difference from other Revolutions, however, is that you would have no choice as to what you became when you revolted--you would automatically become the Confederates. This tech would then enable Confederate upgrades (effectively "Imperial", but having a different name), although otherwise it would behave the same as a normal Revolt. At present, however, this has proved impossible; not only do I lack the flag files, but I'm not sure if it's even possible to have the Revolt tech work properly without two options...in fact, I have heard that it is impossible to have more than eight revolutionary leaders, and I'd rather not remove any.


New with this version:
...fixed bug: Man-at-Arms and upgrades now have display text again.
...fixed bug: American home city U.S. Cavalry, mortar, cannon, petard and l'Expédition Particulière shipments can now be sent again in the Imperial Age.
...fixed bug: American settlers can no longer build banks when you advance in Age using The Director.
...Explorer Washington's Swashbuckler attack now does 150 damage (up from 100) in an area of 3.5 (up from 3), with 3x bonus against Guardians (up from 0). This brings it more in line with Explorer Morgan's Oberhau attack, while still acknowledging the difference between weapons; as a Knight, Morgan would have used a broadsword (or similar), while by Washington's time officers carried sabers (much lighter, and only one sharp edge instead of two).
...Mining camps now increase gather rate by 1.25 (down from 1.5) and miners shipped from the home city now cost 100W per miner. Also, miner build limit changed to 4 in Colonial Age, 8 in Industrial Age. Miners will still be the best gathering units in the game (but by 0.05 instead of 0.30), but will hopefully be more balanced.
...Sheriff Holme (from Texas Rangers tech) now trains Rangers instead of Desperados


If you have previously installed any version of the FP-compatible Campaign Civilizations mod, you do NOT need to overwrite the savegame files "sp_Philadelphia_homecity.xml" or "sp_Valletta_homecity.xml".


Installation Guide:
* You must have FP v1.1a installed before you install this mod; if you haven't done it already, install FP v1.1a. If you don't want to use the fan patch, please download and install the "regular" version of my mod instead (http://aoe3.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=2436).
* Go to the "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III" directory, and make backups of the following folders: Art, Data, Sound, RM, RM2, RM3, Startup.
* Copy the following folders *from* the ZIP file *to* the Age of Empires III program directory: Art, Data, Sound, RM, RM2, RM3, and Startup. Click "Yes to All" in the "Confirm Replace" dialog box that comes up.
* Copy "sp_Philadelphia_homecity.xml" and "sp_Valletta_homecity.xml" into the "My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\Savegame" folder.
Assuming these instructions have been followed EXACTLY, you are now ready to play. When you run Age of Empires III, you should see the new homecities
of Philadelphia and Valletta listed in the "Manage Home Cities" dialog box.

Uninstallation Guide:
* Delete "sp_Philadelphia_homecity.xml" and "sp_Valletta_homecity.xml" from the "My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\Savegame" folder.
* Delete the following folders from the Age of Empires III program directory: Art, Data, Sound, RM, RM2, RM3, and Startup.
* Move the backup copies you made of the ORIGINAL "Art", "Data", "Sound", "RM", "RM2", "RM3" and "Startup" folders into the Age of Empires III program directory.
Assuming installation AND uninstallation instructions were followed EXACTLY, the mod has now been removed. Please remember that this removes ONLY the FP-compatible Campaign Civilizations mod, NOT the Fan Patch itself.

NOTE: Directory names are the default names used by Age of Empires III during a typical installation. If you specified different directory names during installation of Age of Empires III, modify the above paths as appropriate.


Known Issues:
* The new home city makes the "Select Home City" and "Delete Home City" dialog boxes act oddly; specifically, the selection window "jumps" over Philadelphia as you scroll, and while Philadelphia is set as your home city it will not show up in the five cities automatically displayed when you enter the dialog box (but will show up if you scroll down). I'm not sure why this happens, and would welcome any suggestions to fix this annoying issue. Aside from being annoying, however, it does NOT affect gameplay (all home cities work as normal).
* The fourth mercenary unlocked when Malta allies with the Langue of Aragón is the Dunkirk Privateer. It trains at the Dock instead of at the Auberge.
* The Knight and Ranger have the icon/portrait of the Elmeti and Caçador, respectively. I'm still working on this.
* All Maltese units (except Morgan Black and Alain Magnan) use Spanish voices. I hope to eventually have all units (except Morgan Black) use Maltese or Latin voices instead.
* Maltese upgrade techs in the barracks occasionally shift one box to the right when the "Genoese Crossbowman" home city card is used. This does not actually affect gameplay (as all upgrades still work as normal), it just looks weird. At present, I don't know how to fix it.
* The Maltese home city manufacturing plant appears to have a wall partially obscuring the vent fan. Apparently this is NOT fixable.

Also, please note the following:
* IF YOU USE THIS MOD, YOU CANNOT PLAY ON ESO. This isn't just an issue with this mod...ALL mods that affect data.bar, proto.xml, techtree.xml, etc., cause mismatch errors when you attempt to log on to ESO. (This may no longer be an issue as long as both players have the same mods installed.)
* If you have other mods installed, I would recommend removing them BEFORE installing this mod. I did *NOT* have any other mods installed when I created this mod, and canNOT guarantee what will happen if you try to mix it with other mods (other than the AgeSanctuary Fan Patch).


If you have any questions, suggestions, etc., or just want to tell me what you think of the mod, you can reach me at nlterrace(at)hotmail(dot)com or leave comments below.

Enjoy...and please rate/comment!

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File Author
The "Fan Patch" is an update—made by fans, for fans—for Age of Empires that fixes bugs and perceived balance issues not addressed by the official game patches from Ensemble Studios and Robot Entertainment.

The current version (1.1a) of the Fan Patch can be found at http://agesanctuary.com/index.php?portal=TAD&showtopic=126425

If you're not interested in installing the Fan Patch, a "regular" version of my mod can be found at http://aoe3.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=2436

My apologies for not making the above addresses links—I've never quite figured out how to do that in a comments section.

[Edited on 10/24/09 @ 08:40 AM]

Yokom The Civilizations work fine and are good but with the maltese any units from the consulate have a light blue square underneath then when they are not selected and when they are can you tell me how to fix this?
File Author
I'm not sure what would be causing this problem; Auberge units should have a Maltese cross underneath which lights up in the player color when the unit is selected.

My best suggestion at the moment would be to reinstall the CC mod. You should be able to just re-copy the CC files into the Age of Empires proram directory (overwriting the ones already there) without needing to do another backup, as this is simply a fix of an already installed (and hence previously backed-up) mod. Let me know if this works.
Yokom yep that fixed it thanks.
Jelmer Could you also make a hmecity of the Circle but then with cards of boneguard and other units not the normal british stuff
Jelmer i updated the game with update game and now want to insatall the mod ist that ok? or do i have to download the patch somewhere else?
nctrne I got all the patches done, have all three games, and i have all the files installed, but my American and Maltese civs can't build buildings and age up. whats wrong?
File Author
@Jelmer: I had initially considered making pirate and Circle home cities as well, but rejected the ideas at the time as ES did very little to develop either civilization, and modders need to work with what's in the game in terms of models and mechanics. Pirates, for example, should be able to steal ships, but there is no game mechanic that would allow such. As for the Circle, unfortunately the only unique units ES gave them were the Boneguard and the Boneguard Age 2, so there's not much to build on unfortunately. That's why I gave Malta (the only civilization to ever deal with the pirates and the Circle) the ability to hire privateers, Boneguard, and Templar Boneguard (the renamed Boneguard Age 2). Another issue with making pirate and Circle civilizations is that ES did not give them their own unique home city (they mooched off of the British and German home cities instead).

@nctrne: I'm not sure what the problem could be, although I expect it may be an issue of the order of installation. To have everything work properly, you need to first remove all patches, THEN update the game, THEN install the fan patch v1.1a, THEN install my mod. (Installing files in a different order means the stuff that the various mods require isn't all there.) If you did install everything in this order, then my suggestion would be to uninstall both my mod and the fan patch, and reinstall them. Also, note that any mods installed AFTER mine may conflict with it due to having the same files edited.

Thanks for the comments!

[Edited on 01/31/10 @ 11:13 AM]

talkinrock Excellent mod narchibald!!!

Anyway, I don't know if you are going to read this, as this mod was posted a while ago, and the last comment was made last year, but I'll go ahead and ask my question anyway:

Are you willing to make a version that's compatible with WotTA, or at least tell me what I have to do in order to do so? Also, what I'm specifically asking for is a version with JUST the civs alone; not the other mods you included. Also, I know WotTA has the USA as a civ, but I would like to try yours, as well.

So, if your not willing to make a version of this with JUST the civs, I'm perfectly okay with that (though I would be forever grateful if you did), however could you please just give me some tips on how to do it myself, though? Thanks a million!!
File Author
@talkinrock: Thanks for your comment. I do still check this page periodically, although it has been a few months since I did anything with AoE3.

As for making a mod that works with WotTA, I have never used the WotTA mod and don't know if I ever will. No, I don't have anything against it, and it looks like a very interesting mod. (Lord Tahattus, who I believe had been/may still be involved with it, actually helped out with this mod, by making the flags for me.) It's just that I like playing AoE3 as it is.

Now, you're probably wondering why a) I made a mod if I like playing AoE3 as it is and b) why I made a version of my mod compatible with the fan patch. The answer to the first question is simple--I liked the Maltese and the Americans when I played them in the campaign, and wanted to keep using them in skirmish. As I described in the outline to my mod, I originally tried to modify the campaign, but that didn't work due to hidden lockouts whose removal is beyond my ability--so I just created new civilizations based on the ones I liked in the campaign. Other than that, my changes to the game were minimal, and designed to fix bugs that I found to be minor annoyances--such as blowgunners firing arrows, Native hunters throwing bullets, multiple ships having the same name--as opposed to actually changing gameplay. As for the second question, the reason I created an FP-compatible version of my mod, it was because there was significant demand for it. (Don't ask me what "significant demand" means, as I don't remember any more how many people asked me for it at the time--I just know it was quite a few.) What I *do* recall is that creating the FP version was a pain because I had to start (almost) from scratch due to all the coding changes made by the fan patch itself.

So, is it possible to make a WotTA-compatible version of my mod, or at least the civs in my mod? Definitely. Will I likely make such a version? Probably not. (As memory serves, it took me about a month of my free time to make my original mod FP-compatible, and the FP doesn't change much. From what I've seen of it, WotTA changes a LOT of stuff, so I expect it would take much longer.) Would I mind if someone else made a WotTA-compatible version of my mod? No, feel free to--so long as you give proper credit.

As for suggestions on how to do so, I'd suggest starting with homecitymaltese.xml and homecityamericans.xml, and making sure that all techs referred to are in techtreey.xml. That will then require making changes to protoy.xml, stringtabley.xml, civs.xml, randomnamesy.xml, politiciandata.xml and homecityprops.xml, plus possibly buttonsets.xml. You'll also need to modify abilities.xml.xmb and powers.xml.xmb, and copy in or modify the eight appropriate .tactics files. You'll also need a lot (if not all) of the stuff in my Art and Sound directories, plus the two sp_(cityname)_homecity.xml files. Sound easy? It's not...but have fun modding!
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