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edit: fixed. Replace truck cheat with nuketrooper

Author File Description
MuRRay Jnr
File Details
Game Version: TAD
before downloading it's important to understand that installing this mod while another is
installed will cause undesirable effects.

if you would like your existing mod merged with this one email me at snowmen_r_us_inc@hotmail.com
and i will provide further instructions.

also this mod changes data files making this UNPLAYABLE online unless all other players have the mod.

also this mod is designed for the asian dynasties expansion. it can be made to work in the other versions without too
much effort. email me if you want me to do this for you.

this is a very simple mod which will replace the cheat unit 'the tommynator' with an
extremely skilled modern day soldier.
orriginally it was going to be an aoe3 version of the aoe nuke trooper but i got inspiration for something more
awesome half way through.

artwork is not complete but completely the new skin and all the coding is done.

this new unit is created via the 'tuck tuck tuck' cheat which created the tommynator orriginally.
my unit features some pretty cool abilities.
first and most boring is the heal ability.
the next ability is just the ability to throw a grenade which takes out alot of units in one throw.
the third 'surveylence' is almost the same as the portugese 'spyglass' but lasts far longer.
and the final one is something that took a bit of coding. its basically gives the ability to plant an explosive
anywhere within you's or your ally's LOS but abiding to the rules of not too close to your enemy.
the explosive works like a proximity mine. exploding when an enemy walks past killing all enemies in a large area.

this new unit does not use standard tactics. i created some new ones which are way more awesome. instead of having a volley
and a stagger for example, the new tactics are used to switch weapons.
my unit can use 3 different weapons.
ak-47: which takes out most units quickly. slow reload makes it not the most effective against large groups of units
but the quick fire rate is excellent for taking out a few enemies.
magnum sniper rifle: the high range which keeps him out of distance. excellent for taking out villagers inside the
enemy base when used with the surveylence ability.
shotgun: my personal favourite. cause's massive damage and an area effect. downside is low range and inaccurate.
there is a chance that it doesn't hit anything at all or takes out 4 units in one hit. excellent against massed enemies.
knife: there is no meelee tactic but in addition to each weapon the nuke trooper will use a knife in meelee which is instant
kill in most situations.

this unit will also be now avail in the scenario editor.

provided with download.

suggestions, comments and definetly ideas for what i can turn the other available cheat units into are welcome.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Art and Sound5.0
Playability: 5
very fun and innovative, good scripts with the troopers' abilities, makes him feel versatile in all ways.

Creativity: 5
abit of modern warfare is always fun.. especially in an era like aoe3

Art and Sound: 5
a well polished off model, not a cheap version like many units before it.

Installation/Instructions: 5

Story/Description: 5
Art and Sound5.0
Playability: 5
Very fun, especially with Magnum LR's Flag mods, its now possible to reenact ww2 ^.^ I honestly thought that the weapon switching would work in game, I've been dis-proven.

Creativity: 5
A very unique idea, and a very nice one. Though I'm still unsure why you called it "Nuketrooper" I'd say its more of a Super soldier?

Art and Sound: 5
Very nice design and sounds, the sniping is a lot more realistic then the explorer's.

Installation/Instructions: 5
Well thought out installation instructions, so easy a cave man could do it (provided he could read).

Story/Description: 5
You summarized the unit nicely, though a screenshot would be nice.

Additional Comments:
Possibly one of the best unit mods I've ever seen. Makes ww1+2 reenactments more realistic! The Ak-47 seems much more like a sub machine gun.

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Art and Sound5.0
Favorites: [Who?]4
Size:3.13 MB