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sp Trigger set V.3

Author File Description
loard of peace
File Details
Game Version: TAD
sp Trigger set V.3

made by Spielbubi

special thanks to Mr SCP for helping and teaching me xD

Shop SP
sp easy colloseum shop
sp Shop gold (4 players)
sp Shop food (4 players)
sp Shop wood (4 players)
sp Music Player launcher
Easy Shop

shop sp (unit create multi)
shop sp (Modify Protounit)
shop sp (Modify All Protounits)
shop sp (Set Tech Status)
shop sp (Grant Resources)
shop sp (Fire Event)
shop sp (Forbid and Disable Unit)
shop sp (Convert)
shop sp (launcher) (reduce lag)
shop sp message
shop sp check start
shop sp check end

sp easy nuke
sp (easy nuke end)
sp easy killcounter massage
sp set Animation with list (SPC units)
sp Set HC Access for Players
sp easy attack upgarde (foot units)
sp easy attack upgarde (cav)
sp easy hero levl up effect (heros by food)
sp easy colloseum effect
sp Shop (4 PL.) unit create multi
sp Shop (4 PL.) Set Tech Status
sp Shop (4 PL.) Modify Protounit
sp Shop (4 PL.) Grant Resources
sp Shop (4 PL.) Modify All Protounits
sp Shop (4 PL.) Forbid and Disable Unit
sp set QV to zero
sp Bank System: Deposit
sp Bank System: Give Interest
sp Bank System: Pay Out
sp Music Player

Easy Shop Set Tech Status
Easy Shop Modify All Protounits
Easy Shop Grant Resources
Easy Shop Unit Create
Easy Shop Modify Protounit
Easy Shop Unforbid and Enable Unit
Easy Shop Change Unit
Easy Shop Unit Create Multi
Easy Shop Setup
Easy Shop Define Shopper
Easy Shop Define Spam Location
Easy Shop Unit Create Multi at Unit
Easy Shop Define Spam Unit(Location)

set costs for all Units to zero
set costs for Unit for all Players

Send Chat As String with Player name
Create Random Unit Multi


Easy Shop:
At First I take no credit for This Shop Trigger!
I just edited Angryzor's SIMSTools and made them easier to use. Also i added a setup where you can define more than 1 Shopper per player.

The Easy Shop Trigger works like SIMSTools so you have to make a seperate Trigger where you can choose for how many Players the Shop should be working.
And than define the Shopper for each Player.
Than make a 2. Trigger:
Use as Condition Easy Shop: you can choose there the costs,the "shop point" and the Timeout.Than use as effect one of the Easy Shop effects.

Condition: Always
Easy Shop Setup (EG:4 Players)
Easy Shop Define Shopper (4 Times)

Trigger 2: (looped)
Condition: Easy Shop
Effect: Eg: Easy Shop Set Tech Status

Note Trigger 2 works for ALL Players wich you choosed in the Setup.

Easy Shop Define Spam Location:
You can define with this effect the spam location for every Player (So it alsows you to make more than only 1 Spam Location for all like in SIMS Tools).
The effect "Easy Shop Unit Create Multi" needs this effekt before you use it

Special Note to the Shop Version:
The Shop version just defindes the Shopper.
Eg you choose 1 it works the shop only for the Shopper wich you define as Shopper of the Shop version 1.
Important: you can have max. 1 Shopper for 1 Player at one Shop version!

Shop sp Condition:
You just have to select the unit that'll choose the unit, which want you to spawn, the costs for the item or whatever and finally the "shop place".
and at least the Shop ID.
and then the shop sp effects as effect, which needs the same shop ID as the Condition to work!

Notes:This condition doesn't need any timer, because it has already an automatic timer (3 sec.), so you can run it without adding any timer.

You can use the effect while it is looped and also while it isn't looped.

Condition:shop sp
Effect:shop sp unit create multi

note: Use the same ID for one sp shop trigger

sp Shop Check Start & sp Shop Check End:
These effects are allowing you to use normal effects in a sp Shop trigger. But just when they are between the sp Shop Check Start and sp Shop Check End effect!!!

Condition: Shop sp
sp Shop Check Start
unit create multi
sp Shop Check End

(u have to use always the same Shop ID for one shop sp trigger)

sp easy attack upgarde (foot units)&sp easy attack upgarde (cav):
These are very useful effects, because just have to choose the attack bonus and the units will get it then.

Note:These effects base on the set tech status effect so it wont be exactly the attack bonus wich you have choosed.
example: you choose 100 as attack bonus,so the unit/units will get a attack bonus chlose to 100 eg: 98 or little bit more

sp easy colloseum shop/effect:
quite usefull for colloseums,because you just have to use 1 condition and one effect to let a unit spawn at 4 locations for 4 players

Condition: sp easy colloseum shop
Quite useful for colloseum scenarios, because you just have to use 1 condition and one effect to let a unit spawn at 4 locations for each player.
Note: Use the same shop ID for one trigger (like in shop sp)

sp Shop (4 players):
This trigger works the same way like my "shop sp" trigger but it is for 4 player,you also have to chose an ID (the condition and the effect have to be the same ID).

condistion: sp Shop gold (4 players)
effect: shop sp (unit create multi)

you can make the trigger looped or not looped.

Note:The timer is automaticly 3 secs.
Important: This Effect is just for the first 4 players so have to be Player, 1 Player 1 and Player 2, Player 2 and so on...

Send Chat As String with Player name and Create Random Unit Multi:
I have no idea whether the effect "Send Chat As String with Player name" already exists,so i take no credit for it.
To "Create Random Unit Multi" I just fixed the effect "Unit Create Multi Random" (not sure about the name),cause the effect was bugged.

sp Music Player:
This is a useful trigger if you don't want to hear the "boring" standart Music or when you are to lazy to use Music Filename...
This Triggers plays 1 of 14 diffrent Music tracks from the aoe3 like the Revolootin Music and many more...
Try it ;D

I take credit for making for all this conditions and effects except few exceptions :P

Info: Mr SPC made the effects:shop sp check start and shop sp check end

the last update on the 24. August 2011 fix sp bankk system pay out cuase i forgot to set the QV to zero.

To my Banksystem: Special thanks goes to Muketeer925 for helping me

Last Update 10. September 2011

I will update it maybe later with some new effects.

PS:Pls contac me if you have an idea for a new shop effect or when you find a glitch or has some other criticism.

And it would be quite nice,when you rate this trigger set :P

loard of peace
or Spielbubi
AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
loard of peace
File Author
Thank you, maxulino for you rating ;D
loard of peace
File Author
Btw i hope u mean trigger set and not trigger guide :P
loard of peace
File Author
thx for your raiting :D
btw wich triggers do u like at most?
onfiregun17 i like Easy Shop the most

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