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Fort Wars 4.1

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: TAD
FORT WARS by pftq
Based on Matei's Norse Wars from Age of Mythology
Special Thanks to Elpea and TBMike


For Age of Empires III Definitive Edition, download in-game on Tool > Mods or go to: https://www.ageofempires.com/mods/details/50510/

- Go to My Documents > My Games > Age of Empires 3 > RM3
- Copy and paste the following files into that folder:
Fort Wars 4-1.xs
Fort Wars 4-1.xml


Hello! Welcome to Fort Wars 4.0! We hope you enjoy this map as much as we did - and get good at it too!

For information, updates, and comments, go to the following sites:

Great guides and tips can be found at those websites! :)

Depending on how many good ideas we may come up with in the future, we may or may not release a newer version. If we do, it won't be soon. In the meantime, enjoy 4.0!


- Edited by pftq
- AOE3 TWC+TAD 1.03, May 6 2011
- Forgot to "unlock" the map in the last version so people can host it. -_-

- Edited by pftq
- AOE3 TWC+TAD 1.03, May 3 2011
- Civ bonuses for Chinese, Japanese, and Indian are the same as Aztec, Sioux, and Iroquois respectively (at least until more players are around again to help test and balance new civ ideas).
- Changed instructions font to be cleaner and less serif-y.
- Fixed Tech and Unit Class IDs changed by the TAD expansion.
- Fixed unit stats for AOE3 TAD:
- Cassador HP increased to 105 from 85.
- Grizzly Bear HP at 220 HP instead of 300.
- Kanya Horseman at 285 HP instead of 270.
- Fixed Iroquois rams not receiving speed changes due to having the same ID as railroad workers.

- Edited by pftq
- AOE3 1.13, April 27 2011
- Fixed unit stats changed from patch 1.11-13: Dopplesoldner HP with 30HP increase.
- A few more balances from patches might exist; primary focus of this release was to just keep current with patches.

- Edited by pftq
- AOE3 TWC 1.06, April 26 2011
- Fixed spawning no longer working, caused by the latest game patches changing a number of Unit IDs.
- Fixed unit stats changed from patch 1.04: Dopplesoldner HP with 30HP increase, Bow Rider with 25 less gold.
- A few more balances from patches might exist; primary focus of this release was to get FW working again.

-Editted by pftq
- AOE3 TWC 1.02, March 10 2007
- Fixed rare glitch where Portuguese and French players have civ bonus requirements linked together.

- Editted by pftq
- AOE3 TWC 1.02, December 26 2006 to March 4 2007
- Dutch merc reverted to Hackepell (was most balanced at that point).
- Mortar HP fixed from being doubled.
- Iroquois Rams cost lowered from 6 to 5 coin.
- Spahi cost raised from 6 to 7.
- Russian reinforcements have Lil' Bombards instead of Great Cannons.
- Age detection enabled and non-Age1 games automatically end.
- Ronin gain 500 base HP to reduce vulnerability to Rifler tech.
- Super Bolas Warrior cost decreased 60 to 50 coin to boost popularity.
- 800 kills award gives 2 bolas instead of 1.
- Computer Players automatically move Alain to help skip instructions.
- Computer Players automatically spawn infantry units.
- Computer Players choose a random choice out of the 3 when they reach an award.
- Skip Instructions fixed (broke when Nomad Age introduced)
- Updated HP stats to those of patch 1.02
- Instructions redone.
- "Revolt" Special added at 50 coin cost, changes units to Outlaw Musketeers.
- 250 kills award changed from 2 range to 3 range for artillery, 1 building upgrade to 2.
- Stopped coin from counting when players are dead.
- Sioux cutoff bonus message fixed.
- French bonus typo fixed.
- Nomad 75 coin unit start changed to 50-75 coin units, to add variety.
- Scatter Bear Special added, which scatters units when the bear dies.
- Base Fort Attack (affects upgrades) tripled to give slightly better fort.
- Llama scatters units in center and resets stealth units to default stance every few minutes.
- 1500 kills award: Omniscience (Spies), Revolution (All Spawned Units to Fusiliers), Blessing of Arkantos
- Gaining 15000 XP or more in one kill automatically cancels out.
- Wardogs disabled
- Nomad fixed gun removed.
- Spawn triggers converted to XS and combined using kb functions; ingame lag reduced significantly.
- Highlanders cost raised from 8 to 9.
- Portuguese bonus changed: ranged infantry get 2/3 attack upgrade every 2 bought; less speed.
- Award text recoded more efficiently. (faster load time)
- Store Island triggers optimized for load time.
- Island units anti-grouping (ES has autogroup units) effect optimized to reduce load/lag.
- Arrowknights removed from spawn.
- Fixed bug where French Oprichniks do not receive HP bonus.
- Iroquois ram HP +50% base and cost made 3 for 12 coin; cavalry get 50% seige boost instead of 25%.
- Aztec Bonus changed to: Spawned Heavy Infantry are faster and have 30% more HP but no Cavalry spawn.
- Aztec Merc changed to: Arrow Knights; reinforcements come with Skull Knights.
- Replaced 7500XP: Special Duration with RR Worker Special, which changes Spawned Units around Buffalo to RR Workers.
- Coin limit on Llama removed and increases indefinitely to 120xp per sec.
- 600 kills award changed from 4 oprichniks to 5 oprichniks.
- Added return function to automatically move George Crushington and Bolivar away after seeing instructions.
- Petards population down to 3 from 5; costchange of 5 coin changed to 3.
- Newly discovered arrays put into use and filesize greatly shortened.

- Editted by pftq
- AOE3 TWC 1.01, October 28 2006 to November 24 2006
- Arrow Knights added to level 4
- Techs fixed
- Due to ES's tech changes, All natives have 100% more base HP than before
- Native Awards and prices adjusted accordingly.
- Medic Special removed and replaced with buyable healers.
- Added Horse Artillery to level 3
- Added Light Cannon to level 3
- Added Gatling Gun to level 2
- Added Petards to replace towers award
- Buyable towers and upgrades removed
- Petards lowered from 225 base hp to 150.
- Hussar moved down with Uhlans.
- Tashunke Prowlers added to level 4, gain 1 pop to balance limit.
- Sioux get speed upgrades every 50 kills and dog soldiers for a merc, but coin decays 1 per second.
- Game starts at Age 1 to avoid extra starting techs.
- Surgeons improved healing (+9x).
- Cetan Bow unit added to level 2.
- Stats fixed according to TWC 1.0
- Stats fixed again according to TWC 1.01
- Aenna added to level 1
- Forest Prowler added to level 3
- Skull Knights added to level 4.
- Jaguar Prowler Knights added to level 3.
- Award added: Pick a warchief to empower your armies.
- Iroquois have buyable Elite Rams as mercs, light cannon and Melee Tomahawks for Reinforcements.
- Reinforcements now come every 3-5 minutes, instead of 5-6.
- Aztec start with an Aztec Warchief and get 5 arrow knights per reinforcement for artillery. No Los for spawn. Fusilier merc.
- Sioux Warchiefs get attack aura.
- Sioux get no artillery reinforcements but more mercs.
- Warchiefs have 4x stats of HP.
- Bow Riders added to level 3.
- Musket Riders added to level 3.
- Kanya Horseman added to level 1.
- Puma Spearman added to level 1.
- French gets 1/2 hp upgrade for all cavalry per number of upgrades.
- Mortars cost 25 (again).
- Llamas in Fort Nomad removed.
- Sioux Dogsoldiers get 1.0 more bonus vs infantry.
- Skull Knights receive -100 hp base.
- Improved autogrouping by ES, which causes units to group together and move on their own, has been countered!
- Russian fast-spawn bonus nonexistant in previous versions. Now fixed.
- Morale removed due to lack of use.
- Iroquois get stronger reinforcements, buyable rams, and hand cavalry have bonus vs buildings.

- Editted by pftq
- AOE3 patch 1.09, October 16 2006
- Oprichnik stats and upgrades fixed.
- Random Bonuses:
-- George Crushingtons removed.
-- Learicorns removed.

- Editted by pftq
- AOE3 patch 1.09, October 9 2006
- Fixed 150 coin and pop cap on Nomad Age.
- Costs not reduced until new cost added (avoid free units).
- Forbidden units disabled earlier on to avoid being trained.
- Nomad bonuses declared earlier.
- Reinforcements come at 5-6 minutes instead of 7 then 6-7.
- Portuguese also gets more expensive LOS.
- Aztec Chief Super Unit replaced with Nootka Warchiefs.
- Ronin HP Boosted due to light infantry being stronger in 2.x
- Build Limit on towers.
- Spawn no longer auto-selects in beginning.
- Removed several unit stat imbalances from Age Up techs.
- Morale HP boosted from 30% to 45% for 35 seconds instead of 45.
- Medic (Heal) Optimized to almost always fully healing.
- Random Bonuses:
-- Two ronin per reinforcement.
-- 50% faster spawn.
-- Center Cannon.
-- All players get 3 George Crushingtons
-- All players get 3 Learicorns
-- Longbowmen range and Lancer bonus removed

[2.0 from 1.5 Summary]
- Editted by pftq
- AOE3 patch 1.08, April 12 2006 - August 18 2006
- Updated accordingly to all patches including patch 1.08
- Autoformations removed. NO SYNC ERRORS after game, but island units may randomly move.
- Starting the game in Nomad Age gives the map fun random changes each time. (list further below)
- Spawn is slightly faster overall.
- Starting Music mutable.

- Revamped civ bonuses to include large main strength and small weakness.
- Spanish receive 25% cheaper everything but have a 85 coincap.
- British start the game with 1 of each upgrade and two extra Towers but nothing else.
- French receive an extra HP upgrade to their Cuirassiers with every 1.5 upgrade made but have 25% less building hp.
- Dutch receive 25% faster coin rate and 10 higher coincap (more coin per kill and xp) but 10 less pop.
- Portuguese bonus changed to: 3 LOS upgrades with +2 range and 10% attack (tech, here it's 1/3 upgrade) for ranged cavalry every 2 upgrades but weakness of -1.5 speed.
- Russians get 40% faster spawn and 10 more pop but 20% lower hp on spawn units and their upgrades.
- Germans can spawn fast mercenaries at 95 coin but everything is 15% more expensive.
- Ottoman gets 20 lower coin requirements for spawning but no artillery spawn.

== STAT CHANGES ========
- Counter infantry rifling gives light infantry with firearms more bonus vs hand infantry.
- Attack and HP scaled up from 2.2 to 4.0 (4 times normal stats), making upgrades only 7.5% effective
- Fort HP scaled from 55000 HP to 25000 HP and set to 7.5% HP upgrades instead of 10%. Repair time from 500 to 400.
- Tower hp scaled from 4600 to 1800.
- Fort attack now included in scaling and upgrades.
- Tower attack remains tripled from supremacy to give instant kill attack (10.0 scale instead of 4.0)
- Fort Attack and Tower attack upgrading is still 25%.
- BASE OFF REGULAR STATS...Spawned artillery lose 4 range and cost more pop. Heavy Artillery has less HP (little over falconet).
- Great Cannons given a 1.0 speed boost to match the speed of regular artillery.
- Cannons gain 1 pop (requested by The_Hunter)
- Manchus gain 1 coin cost (requested by The_Hunter)
- Ronin and Bolas are 1 pop, Great Cannons are 3 pop.
- Outpost Wagon base HP increased by 300.

== BUYING ========
- Upgrade purchases ramps all unit upgrades. Ramps halved.
- Speed upgrades increases upgrade costs by 2 but adds 0.3 to unit speeds.
- Cost increases are displayed in purchase texts.
- Bolas Warriors made a superunit costing 60 coin, goes up 5 every purchase. Similar to Circe in NW.
- Ronin now cost 40 and goes up by 5 every purchase and made similar to Hersir in NW.
- Tower upgrades made regular store item.
- Tower upgrades give no HP (building HP already does).
- Building HP upgrades costs 25+4.
- Mortar costs 20 coin instead of 25.
- Great Cannons cost 30 +5 coin.
- Super Speed costs 40 coin but doesn't increase.
- Morale Special - 30% HP boost for 45 seconds. 30 coin
- Medic - Heals all units but vulnerable for 10 seconds. 40 coin
- Removed buying over pop cap.
- Reset purchase delay to 5 seconds - no need since mercs bought in groups.
- Surgeons removed.
- Posts and Explorer Removed.
- Fort Repair lowered to 80.
- Fort made units cost only 2 coin now.

== NOMAD AGE BONUSES (one each time) ========
- 10 speed boost
- 75 coin starting units.
- No cost increases.
- Coin comes 2 times faster.
- Reinforcements come every minute.
- Spies tech enabled
- Super range longbowmen and high bonus lancers vs infantry.
- The map is shrunk.
- Forts contain Llamas instead of Sheep.

== MAP LAYOUT ========
- Unbuildable terrain forming a spikey disk in the center of the map prevent towers from holding onto the llama.
- Outlying islands now given cliffs to maximize area (islands look bigger and cleaner).
- Swamp environment enhanced to be more like a swamp.
- Llama gives 1 coin of XP every 8 seconds to start. Faster every 5 min by 1 second.
- Explorer dogs removed for pointlessness. (no Explorer)
- No rain or snow due to lag with slower PCs.

== AWARDS ========
- Awards changed and re-arranged. Several new awards added. Awards made less powerful to not put the enemy so ahead.
- 600 kills now: 4 Oprichniks, 4 Towers, 3 Mortars
- 800 Kills now: 2 Ronin, 1 Bolas Warrior, 2 Great Cannons
- Added Buyable +1 Special Duration as third 7000XP Award (starts at 20 coin).
- Spawnable awards no longer kill existing units due to conflict with German's mercenary spawning.
- No game enders.

== TECHNICAL ========
- Archer attack tech replaced with Guard techs due to giving merc and native archers double upgrades.
- Merged all store island buying functions into one to reduce script size and make more efficient (faster load).
- Merged various other parts of the script to reduce filesize and loadtime.
- Script further optimized for less lag/load time.

- Editted by pftq
- AOE3 patch 1.07, June 26 2006
- Removed Wardogs due to techs causing problems.
- Fixed several exploits.
- Obfuscated script with a program written by Matei to prevent hacked/editted Fort Wars versions.
- Switched 50 coin and 25 coin heavy infantry units.
- Super Speed cost goes up by 5.
- Speed upgrades decreased to 0.1 delta from 0.5
- Take out 3 ad 5 upgrade awards to speed up load time. Shift 1250kills 5 ronin... award down to 1000 and change to 3 ronin, 3 GC, and 7 lakota
- Grenadiers cost 1 more pop, Organ Guns cost 2 more, and cannons cost 3 more pop.
- Cannons have 4 less range and 8 less LOS.
- Reduced starting lag by spreading it farther apart.

- Editted by pftq
- AOE3 patch 1.06, April 30 2006
- Updated various stats changed in patch 1.06 including costs, such as negative coin costing cavalry archers.

- Editted by pftq
- AOE3 patch 1.05, March 26 2006
- Spanish Swiss Pikes spawn extremely slow below 50 coin and take 3 pop instead of 2.
- Dutch receive 30 XP (1 coin) every 9 seconds.
- French Cuirassier HP capped at 30 minutes.
- Germans receive 25% cheaper units instead of 20%.
- Russian bonus changed to 2 Great Cannons per reinforcement and 1000 Fort HP every minute for 30 min.
- Super Award displayed at end of instructions to show up when skipping instructions.
- Players are told to run the Fort Wars Fix map to avoid out of sync errors.
- Wardogs take no pop. Max set at 10.
- Crossbowmen removed as too weak.
- Rockets removed as too weak.
- 800 Kill Award Pop Bonus lowered to 15 to accomodate smaller pop.
- Llama now trickles 1 coin worth of XP.
- Spawn delay no longer resets when switching from one unit line to two and vice versa.
- Fort Repair now set at 90 coin instead of 100. Not 80 cause Mike thinks it's sooooo cheap.
- Desert Cliff variation removed due to lagginess.
- Great Cannon pop raised to 4 to avoid massing.
- Abus Guns spawn faster.
- Player names with special characters no longer freeze the map.
- Reinforcements start at the beginning of the game.
- Upgrade messages now display the amount of upgrades you have purchased.
- Number of upgrades displayed next to coin cost when pointing at the unit.

- Editted by pftq
- AOE3 patch 1.05, March 5 2006
- Smaller Map
- 100 pop cap
- Faster Coin: 1.25 kill or 30 xp
- Llama LOS only encompasses pit
- Load text and tooltip when pointing at map icon
- Faster Island response (buys occur instantly)
- Cliffs removed
- Swamp lake minimized to avoid open cliff edges
- Field hospitals enabled and given tower hp
- Outpost LOS too big now - lowered to 8
- Slower llama coin trickle compared to gameplay
- Player bases are the same size on in any number of players game
- Costs fixed that were changed by ES in 1.05
- Manchus removed
- Explorers get 50% attack; Portuguese get 30% of their super stats
- Oprichniks made super (15 coin a piece)
- Mortars made as an XP Award in place of Explorer award (25 coin a piece)
- Retrieve Explorer replaces Building HP Award
- Building HP made always upgradable
- German mercs bought in sets of 3 for 5 coin
- Nootka made cost (6 coin) and now have 3/4 less hp instead of 1/2
- Trade Route removed, but Trading posts can still give 40 (2 coin) XP every half min
- Tower upgrades ramp up less (3 to 2); slightly more effective attack (3/2x); less hp effect (10% instead of 30)
- Culverins added to unit line spawn
- Culv pop reset to 4; Great Cannons set to 3 instead of 2, as coin is worth less now.

- AOE3 patch 1.04, February 5 2006
- Faster Load.
- Seven Samurai removed for balance issues.
- Fort HP lowered
- Upgrades are now 13%
- Organ Guns spawn slower and switch ranks with grenadiers which also spawn slower.
- Germans have cheap island units and barbary corsair mercenaries.
- British get 20 coin instead of 23.
- Coin is based off XP and Kills combination: 40 XP or 2 kills
- Slower 0 coin unit spawn.
- Cheaper healing units.
- AOE3 patch 1.04, January 28 2006
- Spawn units are now different every game
- Abus Gun moved to top of line anti infantry
- Cassadores moved in with skirmishers
- Trading posts upgraded to include trade routes and better natives
- More unique civ bonuses
- Attack and HP upgrades less effective
- Other upgrades more effective
- Upgrades have more ramp
- Better Awards
- Old super units deemed useless; new one added Super Ronin
- Specials Seven Samurai and Super Speed
- Added Swamp and Jungle environment, all environments now include cliff variation, cliffs added to mainland as variation

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cyclo5 Hey pftq,

Any plans on making a new fort wars???

Loved it, brought me back to the olden days of Norse Wars.

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