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Unit Additions 2.01

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3
This mod includes the Unit Texture Pack by Imperiosus. It should be installed on a unmodified and updated version of Age of Empires III.


- Ironclads
This new naval unit can be trained in the Imperial Age. It has been slightly modified but works the same way as in TWC.

- Petards
Functions the same as in TWC.

- Sakers
A new cannon that can be trained in the Industrial age. The bouncing cannon balls make it highly effective against infantry.

- Transport Balloons
They can be trained at the town center and can hold up to four units (infantry, explorers, pets and passive units only).


This mod may cause issues with TWC or TAD.

To remove this run the uninstaller and you're good to go!

Feedback would be appreciated.
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File Author
Changes in version 2:

- added missing Petard explosion sound effect.
- added missing Ironclad sound effect.
- added Saloons
- added Gatling Guns (obtained via a homecity shipment)

Changes in version 2.01:

- ottomans no longer have access to gatling guns
- numerous bug fixes
- balance
- added uninstaller

[Edited on 08/04/12 @ 12:26 PM]

mandosrex Well, if this mod basically adds TWC stuff to vanilla, then I think you forgot the Spy.
Plus, TWC also adds some new techs and cards to Euro civs, so you might wanna add those too.

If you do then this mod would become something really spectacular for vanilla fans.

I am also waiting for your AI to get released.
Read on the forum your working on one and it sounds awesome. I hope it's not a dead project.

I know the Draugur AI is now under today's standards, but I'm no AI expert so I'd like to use yours or murdilator's AI in my Improvement Mod, if you don't mind.
murdilator About the file:

This is a good idea, to let people who play Vanilla try certain units from TWC, etc.

I've also come to agree that the Draugur AI could get some direction of what to upgrade rather than upgrade something if it has enough of that unit. But in short, I actually would favour keeping both rules; make a separate one that makes a civ always upgrade certain upgrades, or favour more towards them, and maybe modify the techtree to upgrade early techs when the player/computer reaches lategame.

Note, I've also managed to get the computer to build two layers of wall - one defensive and one aggressive, and managed to get them to always build them Industrial+.

To Mando:

Hey, Mando, if you use my AI file, just say that I was the original author, and that I based it on the Drauguer AI, and that you have modified in the ways to fit your modification. Other than that you may use it and modify it to your liberty.

A few tips about the AI for improvement mod: they like to gather around the trade route, so often they lose a lot of their unit to the oncoming traffic of the train. It might be best to remove the train doing damage/stage coach and travois doing damage, especially as forts are also placed generally close to the Trade routes on maps such as Araucania. Although it is a cool feature, it is quite problematic otherwise, leading human players to constantly avoid traffic of the oncoming trade routes. I know this was a feature you wanted to include, but in heinsight, I'd scrap it until you can find a fair way of implementing it into the game.

Also, remove the wood cost for aging up to Discovery Age, and make crate gathering increase back to normal rates upon hitting Colonial Age.

Other things, if you have reduced gathering rates for units, I would highly advise bringing it back to normal.

Privateers in water is cool but I think some things could be made more interesting. This ought to be tested more. Also reduce ship length/radius slightly; it is a bit too long (I tested and experienced this in previous versions of my own modification, so max for Galleon should be 2.49 X, 4.09 Z, for instance).

Some have asked me to enable Trade Route sockets to be buildable, and it seems quite easy to do so; just need to put a build limit on them and enable them through a tech for teh Explorer.

Pardon Emperia that this comment included more info for the Improvement mod than the unit addition to Vanilla.

Anyways, about the file, a great addition!

FallenKingX Emperial,i have an awesome idea for you,make FPS mod in all the age of empires explansions and the normal one,i mena in TWC and TAD and AGE OF EMPIRES 3,it's gonna be very cool belive me,everyone will download it you will have like a billion downloads!
CrazyMan19878 I'm sorry, but I don't see an uninstall, It's not in the folder, where is it??
Art and Sound5.0
Playability: 5
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Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Art and Sound: 5
(Insert Art and Sound analysis here)

Installation/Instructions: 5
(Insert Installation/Instructions analysis here)

Story/Description: 5
(Insert Story/Description analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Nice mod! It gives players who don't have The Warchiefs expansion to use some of the units from TWC

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Art and Sound5.0
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